Lawyers acting for Freetown Mayor Aki Sawyerr take legal action

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 02 March 2022:

The decision of president Bio’s government to shut down the Freetown City Council’s Mayor’s Delivery Unit with immediate effect,  has been met with a strongly worded letter from lawyers acting for the Mayor, who say that the minister of local government’s decison is unlawful.

This is what the letter says:


  1. This is clearly another example of chicanery by this government which is rightly being challenged. The laws of the land should be exercised fairly and not undermined by self serving political interests that will not benefit the residents of Freetown and the country at large. Government officials cannot wield power that do not have a test case for our legal history.

  2. The office of the ombudsman in the Republic of Sierra Leone was set up by “Subsection (2)of section 146 of the Sierra Leone Constitution, which also provides the function of the office. The current ombudsman Mr Leon Jenkins – Johnston on his appointment declared his mission statement as” To improve governance and promote the dilivery of public services in Sierra Leone by effectively responding to, and preventing maladministration abuse of office “. I wish he can investigate the deluge of complaints made against the Bio government. In the nutshell, the ombudsman should have taken the lead role in investigation the alleged maladministration that the Bio government claimed to have taken place at Freetown city Council under Mayor Akin Sawyer. As a lawyer and a high court judge, he was supposed to look in to the allegations presented to him and make the necessary determination if there is a case to be heard. By all accounts the ombudsman is responsible to decide which particular set of circumstances amount to maladministration.

    In general it is define as” administration fault by the body in jurisdiction, or fault in an action taken by a body acting on behalf of the body in jurisdiction “. In other words, the local government and rural development, minister Mr Tamba Lamina, in exircising his powers in disbanding the Mayor’s city of Freetown dilivery unit, he is not only guilty of maladministration and abuse of power, but in actul fact he is doubling as the minister for local government and rural development and also acquiring the powers of the ombudsman,which shows he either lacks the knowledge of his powers as given to him by the constitution, or as we suspected all along is a political witch hunt by the Bio government that will stop at nothing but to try and frustrate the good work of the Mayor. I certainly think the Bio government have a case to answer in a court of law never mind in the court of public opinion.

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