Letter to the Chief Justice of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 September 2019:

Sierra Leone’s main opposition APC party’s member of parliament – Chernoh Ramadan Maju Bah – aka Chericoco (MP), has written a letter to the country’s Chief Justice, regarding the undue delay in setting a date for the Supreme Court hearing of the 2018 general election petition cases filed by the opposition, languishing at the offices of the Chief Justice for several months, and in some cases, for over a year.

This is what he says:

My Lord Chief Justice,


The Parliamentary leadership of the All People’s Congress political party (hereinafter referred to as the ‘APC’) is concerned about the persistent delays in expediting constitutional and political cases in Court.

Since the end of the 2018 elections, the APC has filed several petitions and constitutional matters, most of which have taken over a year without being assigned to a Judge or panel of Judges for hearing. The cases that have been assigned are not expedited which has resulted to significant delays in the dispensation of justice, which goes against the principles of the Rule of Law and natural justice. Of note are:

● The Presidential election petition filed by the 2018 Presidential Flagbearer of the APC, Dr. Samura Kamara, against the election of His Excellency the President.

● The Presidential election petition filed by Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden against the election of His Excellency the President.

● Election petitions filed against elected Members of Parliament of the ruling party.

● Appeals filed by eleven APC Members of Parliament removed from Parliament by decisions of the High Court.

● The interpretation of Section 78(2) of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone and to review the decision of the Honourable Justice D. B. Edwards (JA, as he then was), sitting in the High Court.

● The challenge to the jurisdiction of the Commissions of Inquiry (COI) to operate without Rules of Practice and Procedure formulated by the Rules of Court Committee as provided for in Section 150 of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone.
Your Lordship will agree with me that the subject matters of the Court cases listed above have time value attached to them, given that they involve the petition of occupants of political offices that are tenured. It therefore behoves the judiciary to dispose of these matters expeditiously.

Specifically, let me direct your Lordship’s attention to the parliamentary election petitions filed in May 2018, which only got disposed of in May 2019, in breach of constitutional provisions that limit the hearing and disposal of Parliamentary election petitions to four months. The effect of this delay was manifested in the disenfranchisement of the electorates in having their duly elected Members of Parliament represent them in parliament.

This unfortunate development is repeating itself with the Appeals filed by the eleven APC Parliamentarians. The constitutional four months limit to hear and dispose of the appeals is almost exhausted, compounding the illegalities and constitutional breaches in these matters from origin.

It is the view of the Parliamentary leadership of the APC that the delays in assigning and/or disposing of the aforementioned matters negatively impact on our constitutional democracy. As such, the Parliamentary leadership of the APC, therefore, calls on your good office to give consideration to the above matters for expeditious hearing and disposals.

Please accept the assurances of my esteemed regard.

You faithfully,

Hon. Chernor R. M. Bah, Leader

CC:  ​The Honourable Speaker of Parliament; ​The Attorney General and Minister of Justice; ​The Secretary to the President; ​The Resident Coordinator, United Nations; The British High Commissioner; The United States Ambassador; The Head of Delegation – European Union; The Irish Ambassador; The German Ambassador; The Nigerian High Commissioner; The Ghanaian High Commissioner; The Secretary General, Mano River Union; The Chairperson, Human Rights; Commission, Sierra Leone; The Chairman, PPRC


  1. Friends of Freedom – There was once a Herdsman going on a long journey,that was desperately in need of someone reliable to take care of his cows,while he was away. Tirelessly,he consulted,and sought the help,and advice of many people in the cattle business,but none was found trustworthy,except one eccentric,old man,that was known to wear a symbolic head dress,a covering of Honor upon his head. So he went,knock on the man’s door and ask for his help.The man with the headdress,smiled,and agreed to assist him saying; ” Bring me your best cows,including the ailing ones,and I will take care of them for you – they will be just fine under my care.”

    So the travelling owner of the cows went away happy and ecstatic – overwhelmed,and full of joy he brought his cows,and left them under his care. The owner went away,on his long journey,hopeful,and brimming with contentment,knowing that his cows were now in safe,and capable hands. He was dead wrong! For that was not the case,at all – the man wearing the Headdress of Honor,neglected them,shunned,frowned,and refuse to feed them saying; “I have a friend,that has been kind,and generous to me that also owns countless herds of cows. If I let these languish,and die,then he will be able to sell his own quite easily,and at very prices. So he cruelly left them exactly where they were;as they were: And the next thing everyone saw was frightening – all of the cows had become miserable,and ailing – as thin as the strands of a woman’s hair. Neighbours saw what was happening,and tried to intervene,but it was all in vain,the man with the Headdress,adamantly drove them away. It didn’t end there – angry,little children,riding on their bikes will throw things,scream at him yelling: “Sir feed those cows,lest they will die “Old men,with grey and snow white hair on their heads pleaded with him to feed the cows;” show mercy to those suffering cows” they begged.But the Man wearing the Headdress ignored them,and not long after that,all of the cows died. My Friends,this is a simple story depicting the current dilemma of the APC.

    It is a story of negligence,indifference,cruelty,and corruption.in high places. The travelling owner of the cows represents the APC; And our eminent Chief Justice is the Man wearing the Headdress – the neglected cows are the petitions we have filed,being ignored – and the friend that the man wearing the Headdress referred to above,that had been generous to him is the man in State House – President Bio…Indeed,words capable of cleansing stubborn,and hesitant ears,are spoken by the wise in Parables!(lol)….Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  2. Friends of Liberty – heads up! Once again our fragile nation is under attack! It seems to me that lady Justice,the mother of our Democracy,is currently being held as a hostage somewhere. She is crying for help,wretched,and defenceless – mercilessly gaged,and bound with thorny,painful,prickly barbed wired – Yup she has been pinned down,and shackled,ruthlessly in iron chains,inside the bottomless Dungeons of this inglorious SLPP now in power.

    My good friends,our National security,Peace, Political,and moral interests,are now all at stake – And they are being strangled,and stifled on a daily basis,by a brutal assault made easy,and possible by our eminent Chief Justice of Sierra Leone. Enemies in a man’s house have I seen,but never a Father,willing to sell his soul, children,and grandchildren into slavery,and eternal bondage,because of short sighted delights,transient consolations,and selfish motives. When will the Chief Justice ever understand,that a cowardly approach – a cold-hearted indifference,and dismal attitude of unwillingness,towards critical matters of constitutional importance,languishing,and pending in the courts need to expedited,as quick as lightning,in the interest of ensuring a cordial,amicable political atmosphere, continues to exist in our beloved Sierra Leone?

    The clock is ticking,yet not a word from your Lordship,regarding many issues of national importance that he has sworn under oath,and obligations to the office he is holding,to uphold,sustain,protect,and validate. Its crystal clear to me now,that the well written letter from Mr Chernoh Bah to his lordship,has fallen on indifferent,stubborn,and deaf ears. But frankly, friends,things cannot,and must not be allowed to continue to go on like this unchecked – if the Chief Justice feels,and knows that he is incapable for reasons,known only to himself,that he cannot perform his duties to the state,then he must step aside,resign from that public office he is holding – asap.

    Someone else,equally as competent can easily do his job. Credible Institutions are the Pillar’s on which all democracies, old, young, and those still in their infancy hold on to for assurances, stability,and support.If the Chief Justice still doesn’t act responsibly,and judiciously in the next few months,a massive protests must be organised,for the purposes of throwing,and kicking him out of office…Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  3. This is what we called a DELEGATED LEGISLATION – no parking no waiting. I don’t actually understand what went wrong with Mr. Bah’s IQ. This is a surprising news to the whole world, even you yourself have to be ashamed to bring out this kind of news again to the media attention. For real more than a year ago, APC not accepted defeat in 2018 polls? These are the people you are referring to as peaceful Sierra Leoneans? Or APC just think like the country belongs only to them. Will this bring stability and prospect to the country?

    Mr. Bah, are you the one defending Dr. Samura Kamara or talking for the entire APC? We just trying to remind the people that, the 70s no longer exist. Now Democracy and the rule of law are in place. Constitution can be defined as a system of law, customs and conventions by which the country is governed, so why complaining? APC we are one people, one country, and one nation. We want peace for this country and may God bless Sierra Leone.

  4. Personally, the level of threats I have heard from the APC party since they lost the 2018 presidential election is unprecedented in the history of our nation. They have consistently threatened almost every institution through the radio, television ( AYVTV); social media, by writing letters and even comments on paper and electronics media. It’s even obvious that they are now ready to go on the rampage and intends to apply scorched earth policy.

    The international community has already confirmed that the election was credible, free and fair and they have been trying their best to work with the present government to painfully and slowly get our country back on its feet by focusing on the governing process. But unfortunately the APC leadership keeps on causing all types of noises just to cause distraction.
    I hope and pray that sooner rather than later they will have to grow up and accept defeat and get a life. SORE LOSERS!!!

  5. Chernor Ramadan Maju Bah (Chericoco) MP, once again called the attention of the Paopa Chief Justice to attend to the overdue petition cases that are gathering dust in his curb web infested shelves. The Chief Justice is forgetting that he is not a politician and has to act independently so as to protect the Rule Of Law.

    Mr. Chief Justice, please don’t forget that Justice delayed is justice denied. Please heed to the call of the Majority Leader in the House Of Parliament. Udat Sabi di Chief Justice duya una forward dis letter from the dynamic politician Hon. Chericoco.

  6. Bravo! Bravo! Honorable Chernor Bah, without any doubt you are my kind of guy – intelligent, sincere,thoughtful,and fearless. It is my hope, that such an invaluable letter will now serve as an energizer,a stimulant that will motivate the Chief Justice of Sierra Leone to recognize that its time to Put the Pedal to the Metal, in the interest of our ailing and fragile Democracy.

    So many petitions,grievances,appeals,and unanswered questions pending,regarding the legitimacy of this ineffective,corrupt government now in power,that urgently needs to be addressed. Does the Chief Justice really think it is right,proper,and acceptable,to treat the valid concerns and legal complaints of Citizens of our beloved nation with a cold shouldered indifference? Saidu Conteh wants to know! Whats going on? Are we supposed to wait anxiously like fishermen, preparing to drag their nets to shore, hoping it is full of fish,for ages and ages to come? Unbelievable!

    Again,in the interest of the poor struggling masses, allow me to make another enquiring observation,that keeps on bugging me – driving me nuts. Is it possible,that your lordship is waiting until 2023 approaches before action regarding these critical,pressing matters are hastily addressed,and then cast aside? If this is the case,then the Nation needs to know why justice is fast asleep,while lack of fairness has been given licence to roam free,without caution,and restraint.

    Again,the Chief Justice knows it is within his abilities,and powers to strengthen the Rule Of Law,and reinforce the Pillars of Justice,for the purposes of revitalizing our democracy,and keeping it robust,and alive. Yep,you can go the whole nine yards in the interest of Patriotism,if you wish to do so. It is all in your hands Sir! True.

    All in your hands to nurture and protect the flames of hope for a better future in Sierra leone, or to watch it,uninvolved as it flickers in the winds of despair in silence – as it struggles,trembles,and dies….Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

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