Let us give the ACC Commissioner our fullest support – OP ed

Abdul Malik Bangura: 10 September 2019:

President Bio has apologized on behalf of the ACC for the public exhibition of teachers caught in malpractice during the General Mathematics private WASSCE.

However, I will implore that we all now use the same voice that made the President apologised to also call on the judiciary to conduct a speedy trial on these accused persons.

Presumably, in law, it is clear that “an accused must not benefit from his crime,” and that a statute does not aid the commissioning of crimes.

This means that there is nowhere in our laws that say they are now innocent after what they have gone through.

The fact that we opposed the process used by the ACC, especially in the area of presumption of innocence, does not mean that the act the teachers were involved in is a legal act. It is completely criminal.

Examination malpractice is killing the fabric of our educational system in Sierra Leone. Just last week, over 65 students were rusticated from the University of Sierra Leone and 9 expelled for acts of examination malpractice.

These students have all at some point gone through this same WASSCE in which these teachers were caught.

You may think that these students are the only ones involved in malpractice. Few years ago, our academic system was stunned by  news of a lecturer in the University of Sierra Leone by the name of  Mr Monrovia. He was caught spying in a Constitutional Law examination whilst pursuing his law degree.

He was a lecturer at IPAM but was pursuing his law degree at FBC. He was also rusticated and then the FBC administration had to re-do the exam for that module.

News of these examination malpractices have the propensity of discrediting our college certificates. Therefore, we need to be steadfast in upholding the virtues of our educational system.

ACC Commissioner – Francis Ban Kaifala is a patriot. Let us all join the fight against examination malpractice, which is killing our educational system in Sierra Leone.

Alleged criminals must never benefit from their crimes. So let’s give the ACC our fullest support.


  1. The ACC team is here to stay and Lawyer Ben Kaifala will continue the fight against corruption and the undermining of our institutions through unpatriotic citizens. Mr. Saidu CONTEH continues to worship his ‘chairman for life’ for leading our country down the drains but ready to slaughter the ACC and the present government for the least mistake……very strange indeed!! For the genuine Salone People with concern for human rights, let’s hope that the ACC will learn from their mistake!

  2. It is very good to fight corruption but also difficult to fight it on all levels, in all political parties, global business companies, etc. But this process must always run under the laws of the country and under democratic rules. And Mr. Kaifala as a lawyer ought to have known better. He must step down.

  3. In my personal opinion, I believe that Francis Ben Kaifala is the GENERAL in the WAR AGAINST CORRUPTION; and the incident that occurred should be regarded as COLLATERAL DAMAGE which can happen in any theater of war. But thankfully The COMMANDER IN CHIEF of the war against corruption has apologized on behalf of his GENERAL. Now, they have to re-strategize by continuously hitting the legitimate target which is the past APC government officials that laid the foundation and are responsible for the destruction of our nation within the past 10 years.

    Since most APC supporters are insisting that our general in the fight against corruption should have waited to name and shamed the suspects after their trial, even though they have been caught red handed in committing the corruption, general Kelfala now have the opportunity to shame past government officials found guilty after the Commission of Inquiry. May the Almighty continue to bless and strength GENERAL COMMISSIONER FRANCIS BEN KAIFALA to win the WAR AGAINST CORRUPTION.

  4. Today, the Anti-Corruption commission (ACC) boss, Francis Ben Kaifala, has been used as a scapegoat for the abuse of human rights in the country. But the fact is that human rights abuses have been going on since this paopa SLPP outfit took the reins of power about 18 months ago. The parading of the teachers around the famous Cotton Tee area, for alleged examinations malpractices, is just the climax of this filthy and obnoxious trend.

    Maybe, the unexpected apology by the President is the turning point of this barbaric act permeating across the country. Since the President has started talking … he would have to do more than just an apology in order to rectify the injustices that have taken place, all along. It is obvious that Mr Kaifala was just following a pattern. The question is, who are the main perpetrators?

  5. The ACC may have done wrong and this was confirmed by the President’s apology to the nation and the alleged victims. I equally shared the view of Human Right Abuse and a whole lot of what Dr. Emmanuel intimated in his generous submission to this discussion. However, Saidu Conteh’s utterances are vicious, undomesticated and untamed. If your approach to national issues that does to favor your emotions is insulting then you are just an abuser. We are done playing politics or partisanship.

    When was the last time a Sitting President apologized on behalf of an MDA in Sierra Leone accused of violating basic rights? If your attack is on the people of Sierra Leone or better still the ACC or Presidency then you should have a rethink. The ACC will continue to fight corruption and Ben Kaifala will; having consulted the drawing-board, devise strategies that will ensure Corruption is made an Expensive enterprise in Sierra Leone. The Presidency will continue to provide the necessary leadership and ecosystem through which Unity, Freedom and Justice can thrive unabated.

    It is my firm belief that decent Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad together with MDAs showed genuine concerns and condemn the act of the ACC which further states the positive trajectory our democratic discussions has taken. I only hope and pray that we will continue to debate for better health, better economy, better schools, better wages, better water supply etc. etc. in the urban and rural communities in Sierra Leone.

    I will continue to have faith in the Anti Corruption Commission because they have done well over the last year and also because of the passion, commitment and temerity of staffs displayed over the same period. I therefore enjoined positive minds to support our Presidency and MDAs in Sierra Leone to succeed but even more, to be honest and in a decent way condemn any wrong-doings by such bodies.

    As Vladimir Putin puts it: ‘To fight corruption in a corrupt system, you don’t follow due process; you follow the necessary process’. I believe this and also believe that ‘Anyone accused of committing a crime is presumed innocent until proven guilty by a competent court of law’.

    Anti Corruption Commission I hope you follow due process going forward and also hope that teachers abide by their code of conducts. Salone Fos

  6. The individuals accused of exams in-appropriation have received their retribution, the violation of their civil rights, and for them to appear for trial can endanger them facing double jeopardy; the prohibition is not against being twice punished, but against being twice put in jeopardy; and the accused, whether convicted or acquitted, is equally put in jeopardy at the first trial.

    If this issue is raised, evidence will be placed before the court, which will normally rule as a preliminary matter whether the plea is substantiated; if it is, the projected trial will be prevented from proceeding. In some countries, including Canada, Mexico, and the United States, the guarantee against being “twice put in jeopardy” is a constitutional right.

  7. The truth of the matter is quite simple – this government is overcrowded with arrogant, lawless, corrupt officials. Seriously, the SLPP is a bunch of unbridled people,who adamantly frown upon,and wave aside, provisions safeguarding, individual liberties and freedoms in our Constitution. Forget it! Ben Kaifala is not a Patriot, but an undisciplined opportunist; a fanatical, ruthless henchman, that craves and enjoys the satisfaction that comes from inflicting pain and humiliation on others.

    He refuses to apologise to those he has hurt because his fragile ego can easily be shattered by any confession,or admittance of wrong doing. Its easy to see – this self proclaimed Tough guy is an unremorseful psychopath, a deranged one to be precise – a man on the rampage, anxious to brutally enforce the SLPP’s most mean-spirited,hateful agendas. Indeed, “Karma is a Bitch”.

    After all those illegal arrests,tireless scapegoating, witch hunts,insults,and unnecessary bullying of the opposition, Kaifala’s own wicked actions have come back to haunt him, armed, like Pirates,with drawn swords,desperate to make things even. (lol). Its time for him to go! Kaifala is not a Patriot, neither is his boss who once overthrew legitimate Power,and authority. The actions of the SLPP have tarnished the image our country abroad – the world is now laughing at us,fully aware that an authoritarian style of Justice now prevails in Sierra Leone.

    A simple apology from the President will not suffice – all the charges against those who suffered degradations have to be dropped,(asap) and they must be handsomely compensated,by government for the traumatic ordeal they been through. When will these guys ever learn to do the right thing. See what their own incapacity and amateurishness, have brought on them now – Shame,and Disgrace! Guys,You cannot run an effective government like a circus or a masquerade, where everybody is busy,doing their own thing – neither can you give backbreaking responsibilities to men afraid of lifting feathery burdens, as light as air. The clock is ticking – he that is down needs fear no fall; the APC is now on the sidelines,in the opposition carefully
    watching you climb the peaks of mountains….Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  8. The action taken by the ACC to shame those teachers without due process is a gross violation of basic human rights, as well as a great signal about the competence level of the ACC boss and team, with regards the laws of the Land. What a shame.

  9. There must be ZERO TOLERANCE for anyone who is engaged in any GROSS HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS in Sierra Leone. Whether you are a GREAT CIVIL SERVANT or not, does not matter. How can someone be considered a PATRIOT when he/she is engaged in such BARBARIC GROSS HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS? Is that person vigorously SUPPORTING his COUNTRY and FELLOW CITIZENS? AH BAYG YOU YAH! GOD BLESS PATRIOTIC SIERRA LEONEANS.

    • Sahr Matturi, please tone down your rhetoric. The president has apologized on behalf of the ACC and the ACC commissioner. It is time to move on. Why are you still demanding your pound of flesh? Is this political retribution on your part? Politics should have no place in this issue.

      The ACC commissioner has done a fantastic job in his short time in office. Sometimes in the discharge of their duties, people get emotional. But what the ACC man did is not barbaric as you contend. It also does not rise to the level of “gross human rights violations” as put it. Let’s give Francis Ben Kelfala a chance to fight corruption in Salone.

  10. The ACC will not get my support in this matter because it acted ignorantly and foolishly. They should know better. I in no shape or fashion support what the teachers “allegedly” have done. But we’re a nation with laws and the moment people or entities start taking the laws into their own hands or interpreting the law to suit their action, there will be no order. You don’t break the law to uphold the law.

    The ACC of all should know that, at end of the day, they represent order. If they start acting like this, how then can we call them Anti-corruption commission because they themself have engaged in corruption. Their action of not letting the law take its course but rather jumping to conclusion and passing judgment, even if those teachers are guilty, the law will have to be lenient toward them to maintain peace.

    Personally, I say let the teachers go and press charges against the ACC for acting foolishly. Or proceed with the case as normal and after bring up charges against the ACC for disorderly conduct to set an example.

    • I don’t think it’s worth replying to you Mr. Bilal Coleman. If you read my comments with cool head, you will teach yourself what it means not to be a HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATOR. No home for such people in Sierra Leone. ZERO TOLERANCE. PERIOD. Anyone who is engaged in such reckless behavior will meet the full force of condemnation.

      Mr. Bilal Coleman somewhere there pretending to like the ACC GENTLEMAN BOSS because of his GROSS HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS.
      I hope you have been fed with the truth. GOD BLESS YOU Mr. Bilal Coleman.

  11. Of course a mistake was made and I’m ready wholeheartedly to forgive this mishap. Lawyer Ben Kerfala and his team are doing a very good service to the nation. The fight against corruption and the undermining of our institutions have to STOP. Vote rigging, smuggling of our national resources and money laundering has also to stop!! Wishing ACC all the best of luck and strength to continue their good fight for the benefit of SALONE!!

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