Let us give the ACC Commissioner our fullest support – OP ed

Abdul Malik Bangura: 10 September 2019:

President Bio has apologized on behalf of the ACC for the public exhibition of teachers caught in malpractice during the General Mathematics private WASSCE.

However, I will implore that we all now use the same voice that made the President apologised to also call on the judiciary to conduct a speedy trial on these accused persons.

Presumably, in law, it is clear that “an accused must not benefit from his crime,” and that a statute does not aid the commissioning of crimes.

This means that there is nowhere in our laws that say they are now innocent after what they have gone through.

The fact that we opposed the process used by the ACC, especially in the area of presumption of innocence, does not mean that the act the teachers were involved in is a legal act. It is completely criminal.

Examination malpractice is killing the fabric of our educational system in Sierra Leone. Just last week, over 65 students were rusticated from the University of Sierra Leone and 9 expelled for acts of examination malpractice.

These students have all at some point gone through this same WASSCE in which these teachers were caught.

You may think that these students are the only ones involved in malpractice. Few years ago, our academic system was stunned by  news of a lecturer in the University of Sierra Leone by the name of  Mr Monrovia. He was caught spying in a Constitutional Law examination whilst pursuing his law degree.

He was a lecturer at IPAM but was pursuing his law degree at FBC. He was also rusticated and then the FBC administration had to re-do the exam for that module.

News of these examination malpractices have the propensity of discrediting our college certificates. Therefore, we need to be steadfast in upholding the virtues of our educational system.

ACC Commissioner – Francis Ban Kaifala is a patriot. Let us all join the fight against examination malpractice, which is killing our educational system in Sierra Leone.

Alleged criminals must never benefit from their crimes. So let’s give the ACC our fullest support.

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  1. The ACC team is here to stay and Lawyer Ben Kaifala will continue the fight against corruption and the undermining of our institutions through unpatriotic citizens. Mr. Saidu CONTEH continues to worship his ‘chairman for life’ for leading our country down the drains but ready to slaughter the ACC and the present government for the least mistake……very strange indeed!! For the genuine Salone People with concern for human rights, let’s hope that the ACC will learn from their mistake!

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