Mr. President please don’t neglect the creative industry

Alhaji K. Tarawally (Laj-K): Sierra Leone Telegraph: 3 November 2020:

The Gambia and many other countries across Africa have already started hosting shows and organizing big local and international events.

With the major success already recorded in the fight against Covid-19 in Sierra Leone and as we fastly approach the festive season,  we would like to appeal to the government to permit show promoters and organisers to host musical shows and other events under Covid-19 guidelines.

By no fault of the government, we have been put out of business for a long time now since covid struck the world. We call on the government to urgently rescue our starving and dying businesses (record labels, film production companies, event management companies) that are employing thousands of Sierra Leoneans.

We are struggling to survive amid the entertainment lockdown that has lasted for several months now. Entertainment all over the world contributes over 50% to local economies and GDP. Nigeria’s entertainment industry alone is worth over 12 billion dollars – third highest contributor to the country’s GDP.

Mr. President, please don’t neglect Sierra Leone’s Creative Industry.

Let us please find a way to return back to business after eight months of patience, suffering, economic hardship and bankruptcy, liquidation -you name it.

Our shows were cancelled due to COVID-19 but we remain determined. We have endured it all with perseverance to help the government fight and end covid.

Our poor families believe the listening President and Government will not neglect our cries.

We can’t survive this any longer Mr. President. Please help us get a clearance to do our shows and events as other African countries are already doing. We’re just appealing to you as a listening government “norto by force” Sir.

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