My thanks and gratitude

Dr. Sama Banya (Puawui)

The Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 September 2014

Late Mrs BanyaSince the unexpected passing away on September 4 of my wife Reverend Kadi Rosaline of 40 years, I have been overwhelmed by the amount of sympathy and condolences from hundreds of family members and friends at home and abroad.

Because of the current state of health emergency, which places both Kenema and Kailahun districts under quarantine, coupled with the difficulty of overseas family members entering the country at ease, all such members and friends unavoidably stayed away.

But they joined everyone else with their constant voices and text messages, praying with me and urging me to stand firm and hold on to my faith.

The callers and sympathizers cut across the political spectrum of the main parties, and began with my distinguished “Nephew” and his wife the first Lady and my own niece Sia, the former Vice President and leader of the SLPP – Solo B, the national chairman and executive members of the party, and former colleagues as well as ministers of the ruling APC.

I was was momentarily saddened by the presentation made by separate support groups within my own SLPP party.

A group which almost moved me to tears, was the so-called “Area Youth Development Organization” which produced a calendar in memory of their mama and chief adviser.

It is interesting, because this part of the city has a very strong APC base.

Late Mrs BanyaMy late wife was an ordained Minister of the Bethel Temple International Ministries on Tower Hill, where a very moving vigil and a funeral service was conducted, at which the very spacious church was filled to capacity.

Most of us walked behind my late wife’s Casket from the Church to Ascension Town cemetery, where her mortal remains were laid to rest.

An otherwise very difficult time for me has been made lighter, because of the great show of support and solidarity.

Above everything else, God was in control because all who were present in church would not have believed that despite the heavy downpour throughout the service, there was not a single drop of rain, up to when we left the cemetery on that Tuesday afternoon.

Dr sama BanyaMy own Church – College Chapel Methodist Church, did not only visit me after every Divine service on Sunday, but the choir robed and made a presentation at the funeral service.

Members of the Freetown Dinner Club called to present condolences and the traditional ‘Kasanke’.

I could go on endlessly in an effort to express my deep feeling of gratitude, at such a great show of solidarity in my time of sadness and need.

How I wish there was a more forceful way of expressing it all, other than to merely say a BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE.

The Memorial Service, subject to the approval of the Bethel Temple International Ministries is planned for SUNDAY OCTOBER 19.

Once again, thank you all and may you be richly blessed.

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  1. 23~12~2014

    Dear Sir

    My sincere condolence to you and your family for the sudden death of your beloved wife. May Allah’s blessing be with her and may her soul rest in peace.

    Warmest greetings to all.

    With kind regards

    Haja Sonnah Allie Khan(Mrs)
    Trainee Accountant(UK)

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