National Grand Coalition (NGC) Party – the institution Dr Kandeh Yumkella did not build – Op ed

Alan Luke: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 March 2023:

Five years ago today, NGC gained four Parliamentary Seats at the 2018 general election, one District Chairman, and took control of Kambia District Council.

The Party was attributed 6% of the total nationwide votes cast, by the National Electoral Commission, after massive vote rigging by both APC and SLPP.

Going into the forthcoming June 2023 elections, potentially riding on the crest of Nigeria’s Peter Obi’s success, NGC should have been looking at making gains, had the NGC leadership not made such colossal error of judgement on 28 January 2023, to align itself with the murderous kleptocracy of President Julius Maada Bio.

Going into the June 2023 elections, still embarrassed to elect a credible flagbearer, because it refuses to challenge the current government’s disastrous economic and democratic record, NGC is unlikely to achieve the required 12 percent under the District Block PR System, anywhere, including Kambia District – the party’s expected stronghold.

This reality should be making the three other sitting NGC MPs in Kambia, the District Chair and Local Councillors very nervous of facing an electoral wipeout, as a result of the loss of voter confidence in Kambia.

Public confidence generally in NGC, is rock bottom.

“Kandeh-mania” has lost its appeal even among okada riders; and voters are likely to punish NGC for abandoning its values, its ideology and its mantra of “Sa Lone Fos” on June 24.

NGC is no longer the party of “We wae dae suffer, nar we borku”.

To add insult to injury, yesterday 6th March 2023, the party received further correspondence from the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC), in response to the party’s failure by its National Elders and Trustees Council (NETC) to amicably resolve the petition against the outcome of the National Delegates Conference in December 2023.

Prior to his resignation as National Chairman and Leader, Dennis Bright had ensured that the NETC was constituted and had reached out to Joseph Maada Kpulun, including inviting him to observe the NEC Meeting on 28th January 2023, as part of the reconciliation effort.

It appears that following the NEC Meeting and the party’s decision to enter into strategic alliance with the ruling SLPP, NETC Members took their eyes off the ball, and consequently failed to resolve the petition.

Any intervention now by PPRC, may fatally affect NGC’s chances of contesting the June 2023 general and presidential elections.


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  1. By the way who is Alan Luke?? Mr. Luke you can go ahead and continue to forster your alliance in the COP. Take all your followers with you and work for the betterment of Salone. My advice to you, please leave KKY in peace. He has made his decision and you have to respect it! As an NGCian, I’ll follow KKY!!

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