National Grand Coalition of progressive politicians in Sierra Leone – the birth of new hope

NGC Media & Communications Team

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 October 2017

The long-awaited registration of the National Grand Coalition was completed today at the Sierra Leone Political Parties Registration Commission after overcoming delays by bureaucracy and objections.

The good news came a day after a strong NGC delegation, headed by the party’s Interim Chairman and Leader, Dr. Dennis Bright (Photo), met with PPRC and responded to objections that delayed the registration of the party for a week after its gazetted period expired on October 11.

The news was welcomed by Sierra Leoneans as a birth of new hope. Young people in Freetown and other parts of the country spontaneously took to the streets, without any planning, shouting the party’s slogan, “United We Stand, We Stand United.”

The excitement on the streets were led by youths on motorbikes who chanted “We yone party, we yone party (our party, our party).”

A press conference followed immediately at the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists, where the party’s Interim Publicity Secretary, Imran Sillah and Chairman Dr. Bright presented NGC to the Fourth Estate and the public at large.

Chairman Bright explained the purpose for the establishment of NGC, meaning of the Party logo, colors of the Party, and the election of a flagbearer and other aspirants.

According to its Chairman and Leader, the National Grand Coalition was established to challenge the failed political status quo in Sierra Leone, which has been fostered by the two oldest political parties that continue to mismanage our resources and inflict poverty on our people.

NGC is here to end regio-ethnic politics that have divided our people for so long. NGC aims to provide an alternative for all Sierra Leoneans to end suffering with hope, opportunity and Transformation.

In the words of Dr. Bright: HOPE for a better tomorrow for all Sierra Leoneans; OPPORTUNITY for all, particularly the youths, to achieve their potential and contribute to the growth and development of the nation; and TRANSFORMATION of our country from its present beggarly status to a prosperous state with happy and contented people, serving as a beacon of light on the continent.

In defining the NGC logo, motorbike and rider carrying the scales of justice with an electric bulb on one side and a hoe on the other, the Chairman and Leader explained that it symbolizes enlightenment, education, energy, and dignity in labour.

Dr. Bright added that the motorbike and rider also signify speed and maneuverability. The decision to have motorbike and rider as part of the NGC logo was well thought out because the Party’s focus is the common Sierra Leonean.

The colours of NGC, according to the Chairman and Leader, are multi-coloured (green, red, gold, blue, black, and white). Dr. Bright, however, clarified that NGC is not interested in playing colour politics because such politics failed the country in the past 56 years and continues to be divisive.

The multi-coloured approach is a demonstration of inclusiveness and a call to focus on issues rather than cheap political divides.

The interim executive explained that the NGC Constitution makes clear how to elect its flagbearer and aspirants for Parliament and local government positions. The Chairman and Leader emphasized that NGC is interested in awarding its symbol to aspirants who have the support of their constituents.

Dr. Bright announced that Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella is the only person who has expressed interest in being the Party’s presidential candidate for now. The Party’s Interim National Trustee Council (INTC) will soon meet to elect its presidential candidate.

Members of the Press and the general public were thanked for attending a very successful press conference on the birth of a “new force” in Sierra Leone. The Chairman and Leader concluded by saying that NGC is prepared to challenge the failed establishments and win the 2018 presidential election.

Supporters of NGC continued to the Party’s office in Tengbeh Town, where the celebrations of victory will continue to March 2018, when NGC enters State House with hope, opportunity and transformation.


NGC Media & Communications Team


  1. The intellectual moral bankruptcy of Siaka Stevens, J.S Momoh, S.I Koroma, C.A Kamara Tailor, Foday Sankoh, Johnny Paul Koroma and Ernest Koroma (all from the Limba/Loko tribes except for Foday Sankoh) has brought a once wealthy nation to nothingness. The unpatriotic, criminal, heartless behavior and policies of the people in the APC party has led to the continued destruction of SL.

    It’s unbelievable, inhumane and pathetic. I will want to say that history will have to judge these seasoned criminals and human murderers very poorly for destroying SL, improvising the citizens, wagging wars and killing thousands with impunity but is there a written history in SL? Does the people care about history and human decency?

    Do they have principles to maintain?, do they believe in hardwork, sacrifice, truth and self reliance? Do they care about better living conditions, modern education and infrastructures? do they have the natural common sense and farsightedness to analyze things and put country first?, do they care about the future generations or the potential danger of recolonization and slavery? I am not sure they do but I am not given up on my people.

    Northern Blind loyalty to the APC, lack of common sense to analyze issues, put country first and vote on the issues rather than tribalism and their hate for South easterners is the root cause for Sierra Leone’s problem. The continued terrible governance, looting, hate etc was orchestrated by the criminal APC leaders and it’s a treasonable act but they don’t care.

    They don’t care because of the kind of people in SL (an old saying “the people deserve their leaders”). 56 years ago, SL got its independence. 56 years of horrible governance and backwardness turned S/L into a celebrated first hand beggar. After finished looting the banks in Sierra Leone, exhausted the blame game talking point, the clueless APC gov’t turned begging into a major policy law shamelessly swinging from one tree to another begging for almost everything under the sun.

    Today, S/L is not only the most corrupt nation in the world but an example of a failed state wherein drugs trafficking, lawlessness, intimidation, tribalism, hate and cavemen mindset have found its roots. 56 years of lost generations wherein children are left in the forgotten corners of the country fighting with each other over dirty edibles in dirty gutters and cabbage cans.

    In spite of the abundance resources S/L have, once the Athens of Africa and a hopeful nation for all its citizens is now the definition of a collapsed state full of fake culture and lies. Ernest Koroma and his vicious APC thugs have reduced the country to a laughing stock in Africa with worst infrastructure and worst environment to live in.

    Except for a hate-driven politician like Ernest Koroma and the APC criminals who enjoy living off the suffering of the masses, most citizens are ashamed and embarrassed of SL as such so many have fled and most have dissociated themselves from the country.

    This is the modern definition of self destruction carried out by the vicious political power drunks and most decorated brain damaged or know-nothing “leaders” in Sierra Leone. Ernest Koroma and his APC thugs have sold the people to the lowest foreign bidders and mortgaged the remains of SL to the Lebanese, Indians and now Chinese.

    As if the suffering of people is not enough, criminal Koroma and his APC thugs are bragging to stay in power until 2035 or forever. Ernest Koroma has no respect for the Temne people, the APC party and the entire people of SL. He’s a power drunk and a dictator. By putting it into action, Ernest Koroma single handedly appointed another Limba/Loko man and a Fullah from Guinea as flagbearers of the APC party.

    This is another slap in the face of the Temnes because the Temnes are either the second or first largest tribe in SL and the largest voting block for the APC party but a real Temne has never led the APC party and the country. So why has the Temnes allowed themselves to be used and misused by the Limba/Loko tribes?

    But the danger here is his appointment of a foreigner from Guinea to succeed him and run our country. Country mates, if we have our common senses, we love Sierra Leone and you’re paying attention to the direction of SL, then don’t be fooled, please think twice and get involved in the future direction of SL. Sit a minute and imagine the consequences of a Fulla from Guinea as vice president or president of SL.

    What will happen to the natural citizens in SL? What role will Guinea play to continue to impoverish the people? maybe they will take over the country and force the natural citizens into becoming mere laborers, dishwashers and or potential slaves. What will happen to the remains of the natural resources in SL? the price we will pay for being bystanders like it happened during slave trade and colonization will only not be stupid but dangerous, it’s dangerous for both short and long term so think twice otherwise the original SL will extinct from the globe and maybe you will not live to tell the story.

    I have nothing against the Fullas, I have Fulla friends but strategically, economically, developmentally and futuristically, it’s better for the natural citizens especially from the two biggest tribes to govern Sierra Leone. The Limba/Loko have dominated the politics for decades, they have destroyed the country, incite the Tennes against the Mendes and used the Temnes as violence force in the country. They have destroyed everything in that country so it’s hard time the nation allow the bigger tribes to lead. My take!

  2. Hello guys, I’m just a supporter of NGC and I am ready to donate. I am young but inspired by KKY achievements, that’s why I’m following him to win this election and see a better Salone. Please can I have the head office number for NGC in Sierra Leone? Thank you.

  3. It will be good to change the status quo of this country for the better. Sierra Leone has been stagnant in one place since 1961. Nevertheless, how can I become a member of NGC?

  4. I don’t think the Chairman meant nobody should contest for Flag Bearer. The NGC constitution is clear on the requirement and the election for Flagbearer. What the chairman meant is that at the moment only KKY has showed interest in the Flagbearership. Other interested qualified members are welcome.

    But what I know, KKY will at the end of the day emerge as the Presidential candidate for NGC. Plenty of us are in the NGC because we believe in his presidency. I will support a KKY and Andrew Keili candidacy for both Flagbearer and running mate. I want candidates with inspiration, people who can inspire the youth, my kids and so on.

    And to the best of my ability these two people possess such qualities that our kids will look and say I want to be like him. We need people who have made it for themselves in life and will focus in the betterment of the poor than personal enrichment.

  5. Please Mr Yamba, let’s try now to adopt political maturity. Why only Yumkella other than someone else to do the contest. There has to be flexibility in choosing a flag bearer. The ushering and appearance of a strong third force the ( NGC ) is a blessing and timely. Let’s not make this new party the personal property of a sole figure.

  6. Frederick Yamba, you got it right. We will rather try him first as he has sacrifice for all that he believes in, so like the former APC slogan goes: Nobody nor Tinap behen am. Kandeh Yumkella Tae Go!

  7. I love the competition the NGC will bring to the political process. Let public policy be discussed rather than name calling. If it was only between SLPP and APC, issues will not be discussed, as the APC will spin around the personality credentials of the opposition. But with Kandeh in the mix, the campaign is drawn to talk about bread and butter issues.

    The destiny of the nation is in the hands of Sierra Leoneans. If real change is needed, then vote NGC. You can still be supporting APC or SLPP but vote Kandeh as President.

  8. This is blessing for Sierra Leone that The National Grand Coalition Party is finally recognized instead of the APC and SLPP wagon with the same tricks. We as Sierra Leoneans are tired of the same, no water, no Electricity intermittently and backward in everything, compared to other west African nations – to say the least.

    We are fed up of the country going backward due to our leaders. Now is time to choose new leadership. And don’t forget the past thieves should not be involved in our politics. I don’t know anyone​ in the National Grand Coalition, but we have to give it a chance, instead of the same old politicians. Peace and love to all my people. Vote for change, instead of a bag of rice.

  9. According to Dr. Bright, Dr. Kandeh Yumkella is the only person that has expressed interest in being the NGC’s presidential candidate. I hope no one challenges Dr. Yumkella in becoming the leader of the NGC. If that ever happens, Yumkella will leave and form another party. It is either Yumkella or nobody else.

    • You know for sure that’s not true what you are writing. Let’s give KKY a chance, he will make the difference and YOU will also benefit from it. Mr. Yamba, believe me with him we are on the right track!

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