New Chief Administrators appointed for Freetown City Council and Western Area Rural District Council

Dr Doma: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 01 November 2023:

In a significant development in Freetown this week, Festus Kallay – the Chief Administrator of the Freetown City Council (FCC), has been relocated to the Western Area Rural District Council.

Rahman Tom Farma, formerly the Chief Administrator of the Western Area Rural District Council, has taken up his new position at the Freetown City Council as Chief Administrator.

The transfer of Festus Kallay from the FCC to the Western Area Rural District Council is especially welcoming due to the long-standing conflict that transpired between him and Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr.

This protracted discord within the FCC significantly impeded the Mayor’s efforts in implementing crucial development initiatives. Festus Kallay, in his role as the Chief Administrator at the FCC, appeared to have been stifling many of the Mayor’s ambitious projects, creating an impediment to the city’s progress.

This strategic move, facilitated by the Executive Secretary of the Local Government Service Commission, signals a progressive shift in the country’s political landscape.

The decision not only highlights the Government’s commitment to political reconciliation, but also signifies an important step towards a more harmonious and cooperative Sierra Leone.

The fact that this decision was reached and implemented is indicative of a fundamental shift in the dynamics of Sierra Leonean politics today.

The government’s decision to transfer these officials to new positions, Kallay to the Western Area Rural District Council and Farma to the Freetown City Council, underlines their commitment to fostering peace, reconciliation and cooperation.

What is particularly noteworthy is the widespread relief expressed by many Freetonians in response to this decision. This collective sigh of relief suggests that this move was not only anticipated but also desperately needed to address a pressing issue particularly at the FCC with Festus Kallay as the Chief Administrator.

It also underscores the fact that citizens are aware of the challenges posed by Kallay’s official presence in his former role.

Furthermore, the support for this decision is not limited to national borders. The United States Ambassador in Sierra Leone also lauded this strategic move, further emphasizing its significance at this crucial democratic and economic climate.

The fact that an international representative has commended the action adds a layer of credibility to the notion that the transfer was not just a political manoeuvre but rather a necessary step for the good of the region.

In a broader context, this shift in roles serves as a testament to the just concluded dialogue between the Government and the Opposition APC. It sends a powerful message that peace and reconciliation are values that transcend political affiliations.

The willingness of both sides to acknowledge and act upon the need for change in the best interest of the nation sets a valuable precedent.

As we reflect on the implications of this decision, it’s evident that it not only addresses immediate concerns but also lays the foundation for a more cooperative and peaceful Sierra Leone.

The collaboration between the Government and the Opposition APC for the good of Freetown and the Western Area Rural District, showcases the potential for constructive political engagement.

It is perhaps a testament to the Government’s commitment to fostering change for the greater benefit of Sierra Leone, particularly Freetown and the Western Area Rural District.

This decision demonstrates that above all else, the well-being of the nation must be  paramount.

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