New Deputy Inspector General of Sierra Leone Police to be announced

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 25 August 2022:

The head of the African Union’s Multinational Police Force in Somalia – Sierra Leonean born and trained Augustine Kailie, is reported to have been approved this week by Sierra Leone’s Police Council to become the new Deputy Inspector General of Police of Sierra Leone.

According to reports, Kailie will shortly end his mission in Somalia to return to Sierra Leone to take up his new role, as morale and public confidence in the country’s police force reach an all-time low, following the killing of four police officers during riots across several districts which has now resulted in extra-judicial killing of those suspected of taking part in the riots by the security forces.

In the aftermath of the bloody demonstrations against the government which took place on the 10th of August 2022 by angry youths in response to rising costs of living in the country, President Bio announced the appointment of a new head of the military and labelled the main opposition APC party as a terrorrist group accused of planning and funding what the president referred to as an insurrection.

Commissioner Kailie (Photo), is said to have been responsible for the operational planning of policing of the recently concluded parliamentary and presidential elections in Somalia.

Elections are due in Sierra Leone in less than a year – a two-horse race between the ruling SLPP and the main opposition APC who lost in 2018 by three-percentage points to the SLPP.

Next year’s elections will be fiercely fought, both on and off the polling booths, and the outcome is expected to be more bloodshed.

The question is whether both the newly appointed Inspector General of Police Fayia Sellu, and his deputy Kailie – both from the political heartland of the ruling SLPP party, can rise above sectarianism and provide professional policing in the coming months leading to those elections, as well as the difficult days following the announcement of election results.

Kailie is said to have held various command and operational positions in Sierra Leone Police, before he was despatched to Somalia. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Sierra Leone and a Master’s degree in Peace and Development Studies.


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