New minister of mines Kabba and deputy take oath of office at State House

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 August 2020:

Newly appointed Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources – Musa Timothy Kabba and his Deputy – Mrs. Ann Marie Baby Harding, yesterday Monday took their oath of office in the presence of President Dr Julius Maada Bio at State House.

President Bio congratulated his new appointees and reminded them of the importance of the mining ministry to the government and the nation.

He expressed hope that they will do their best in “sanitising the ministry and get the necessary revenue to enable government fulfil its promises, especially its social programmes”. He also called for collaboration in achieving their goals.

Musa Timothy Kabba thanked the President for their appointment, saying that they are utterly privileged and humbled for the opportunity to serve the nation.

He assured that they will work with their staff to make sure that the New Direction manifesto of enhancing natural resources for the betterment of Sierra Leone is achieved.

“I promise solemnly that I shall remain faithful to Your Excellency and Government and to the people of this country in delegating my function with the sincerest of mind, with the sound support of every stakeholder of this country to make sure that we realise the New Direction aspiration – making the lives of the people better,” he said.

Before their new appointment, Mr. Kabba was the Director General of the Petroleum Directorate and Mrs Harding who is the wife of the ruling SLPP party chairman – Dr. Prince Harding, was the Deputy Director of the country’s Financial Intelligence Unit.

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  1. Well I am not someone that is known to wickedly cut down a tender seedling before it has fully become deeply anchored in its healthy soil without first giving it ample opportunity for its vibrant fragile green leaves to emerge from the depths without any form of hindrances. Congratulations to the new minister and his deputy on their new roles as public servants worthy of our praises,admiration and respect.

    Here’s the deal Monsieur Kabba – our nation is already firmly in the grips of ICC concerning a dispute arising from the large scale mining license between the government of Sierra Leone and SL Mining limited dated 5th December 2017 in the Agreement.(Case Number 24708/TO(EA). Mademoiselle please allow me to inform you also that there is currently an Emergency Arbitrary Order in place that was issued against our government with stern guidelines and their implications advising them to lift the temporary export order illegally imposed on SL Mining so that Ore exports can resume from the lucrative Marampa mines.

    Again it goes on further explicitly warning both parties to tread cautiously and refrain from taking any steps that might further aggravate an already complicated dispute. And did our disoriented government comply? Absolutely not! They acted like brigands and lawlessly decided instead to brush aside an equitable sensible judgment in favor of their inept visionless irresponsible political impulses. Its now in your hands to do the honorable thing and reverse this repulsive trend of indictable short-sighted behaviors that have now become prevalent in your government and help restore the credibility and integrity of our beloved Sierra Leone once again Worldwide. And remember the eyes of a Stargazer will always be watching you.

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