Opposition APC leader Samura Kamara accuses faith leaders of hypocrisy as political crisis deepens

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 July 2023:

Sierra Leone has become a de-facto One Party State, after the country’s main opposition APC refused to accept the results of elections announced by the Electoral Commission last month.

The APC party says the results were rigged, and they will not be taking part in any level of governance involving the ruling SLPP party, including the boycotting of parliament, until all polling station Results Reconciliation Forms (RRFs) are published by the Electoral Commission.

Meanwhile, Western countries have refused to accept the election results, and by extension – the legitimacy of president Bio’s second term in office remains in doubt.

As the political crisis deepens, with huge consequences for the economy and peace and stability of the country, the Inter-Religious Council has decided to open dialogue between the ruling SLPP and the main opposition APC.

But trust is in short supply. Throughout the election process which was seriously marred by violence, intimidation and abuse of power by the authorities, the country’s faith leaders remained quiet, prompting accusations of bribery and corruption.

Yesterday, the opposition APC leader – Dr Samura Mathew Kamara accused religious leaders of keeping quiet in the face of human rights abuses and violation of electoral laws by the government and Electoral Commission.

“My Fellow Sierra Leoneans, as you all are aware, we are currently in an extremely challenging post-election environment, marred with expressions of disappointment, anger, grief, and seeming hopelessness.

“Knowing that your votes were not counted and the fact that your electoral commission could not account for your ballots, many of you are questioning the efficacy of elections and by extension, democracy.

“In the face of such deliberate institutional failure and daylight fraud, others, including some “Men of God”, are busy running around, desperately preaching Peace. I am compelled to state that many of these “Men and Women” know the Truth; it is just that they are not bold enough to speak the truth where they should.

“May the Fear of God resurrect and prevail in their hearts as well as in those architects of such unprecedented electoral fraud. Meanwhile, let us, as good citizens continue to hold on to expectations of Peace, Justice and Truth, sooner rather than later. God bless the Republic of Sierra Leone,” Dr Samura said in a Tweet yesterday.

Sierra Leone is once again at a cross-road, with the Electoral Commission refusing to meet the demands of the international community and opposition parties, following orders from the ruling SLPP party not to revisit the rigged election results announced last month.

Former Attorney General and senior member of the APC party – Joseph F Kamara (Photo),  said: “The need for a justice redress mechanism in the face of brazen electoral malpractice cannot be underscored or shrugged off under the carpet. Voting has become meaningless and leaders not accountable to the people. Surely it will result in a Govt of kakistocracy. Impunity must end.”


  1. I concur with you word for word.
    There are more fishers of gold than fishers of men nowadays all clothed in religious attire.
    The true biblical teachings have been doctored and the true faith compromised out of selfish personal interests.
    Only God can intervene.

  2. The behaviour of religious leaders in Sierra Leone almost forces one to understand why some people frown on organised religion. It’s not that they don’t believe in the existence of the Almighty, it’s a case of being suspicious of Imams /sheiks and reverends/pastors. In some parts of the world the suspicion is increasingly leading people into
    atheism, especially in the West.
    These members of the clergy in Sierra Leone are not men and women of The Almighty anymore since they cannot dispense truth let alone confront it anymore. Simply put, they don’t have a conscience; they have been dragged away from their moral platform by money and worldly things. Sierra Leoneans should start reconsidering whether they should continue to stand behind or in front of such people anymore as they lie about their religious credentials; they may even have a limited understanding of their respective scriptures. Islam tells me, for example, that I must always stand for the truth even if it goes against a family member.
    Dr Samura Kamara has done an impeccable and insurmountable thing by openly criticising members of the clergy for praying and dancing in Bio’s pocket and turning their back on the fact that one of these days they will come face to face with their Maker, Who will question them about their stewardship. I wonder what their answer will be when the questioning turns to their current hypocritical behaviour, characterised by sycophancy. Bio did not win the elections, Dr Kamara did.

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