Opposition APC parliamentarians to start regular press conference to promote accountability and transparency

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 4 May 2024:

As concerns grow among supporters and members of the main opposition APC party about the party’s seemingly lack of leadership and ability to mount and sustain a strong opposition against the ruling SLPP following the June 23, 2023 elections, which by all accounts now appear to have been rigged by the electoral commission in favour of SLPP, the leadership of the APC in parliament this week announced that they will now start a monthly public engagement and information dissemination to promote accountability and transparency.

This political strategy by the opposition APC parliamentarians comes, as sections of the APC party membership accuse the executive leadership of the party of sell-out and pandering to the wishes of President Bio.

Early this week, President Bio in desperation to save his government following the withdrawal of financial support by the international community until President Bio can demonstrate his commitment to inclusive governance and democracy, sent a letter of invitation to the opposition APC’s 2023 presidential candidate – Dr Samura Kamara, inviting Samura to State House for political dialogue.

“Realising the trap that has been set by President Bio, Dr Samura Kamara did not attend the meeting with Bio,” a source close to the APC leadership told the Sierra Leone Telegraph.

But critics say that President Bio is working hard to undermine the National Peace Dialogue Tripartite Elections Review Committee that has been set up to investigate the conduct of all elections held in the country since 2007, including most importantly, the controversial elections held in June 2023, the results of which are yet to be published by the electoral commission despite having declared President Bio the winner.

With the APC parliamentary leadership now taking the initiative to go public on a regular basis to inform the citizens about how they are being governed, it is expected that this will raise the political temperature and level of government transparency and accountability.

According to the leader of the opposition in parliament – Abdul Kargbo, “the APC Parliamentary Group will commence a monthly Press Conference which aims at providing policy alternatives and governance strategies proposed by the opposition. It will also hold the government accountable on its responsibilities to the nation.”

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