Opposition APC propaganda is driving away prospective investors from Sierra Leone

PUAWUI Dr Sama Banya: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 February 2020:

From a Bank surplus and debit free environment, the economy began to tumble soon after the Ebola crisis and a decreased demand for iron ore. Sierra Leone’s economy which had been rated as one of the fastest growing in Africa ( although it hadn’t been trickling down to the people) almost took a nosedive. From the proceedings of the Commissions of Inquiry, the reasons are not far to fathom.

The APC government was spending as if there would never be wet months or a tomorrow. People In positions of responsibility had their hands deep in the cookie pot, with impunity.

The President did all kinds of “India rope trick,” including musical chairs of moving his ministers and people dealing with our finances. None of the manoeuvres yielded the desired result.

Then the government formally introduced an austerity budget with stringent financial controls, or so it announced – including a freeze on new recruitment.

It reneged on all the measures it had agreed with the IMF and with itself, even before the ink was dry on the paper.

For example it surreptitiously recruited some 35 new personnel – mostly its supporters, into the Foreign Service through the back door.

At the end of the stipulated two years there was no statement as to the success or otherwise of its austerity measures.

Then came the Presidential and Parliamentary elections in 2018 which had been delayed by a year because the government was busy manipulating how to extend the length of the Presidential period; it included veiled steps to amend the constitution in order to accommodate their nefarious plans.

Statistics Sierra Leone released unrealistic increases in the population of certain areas, following which new administrative districts and new constituencies were created, all in a bid to give the APC an electoral advantage. To their uttermost dismay, things turned out differently.

Then stepped in President Julius Maada Bio and his New Direction agenda of human resource development, including Free Quality Education, improve an extended health care, and increased food Security.

There is a gestation period for even the most well-conceived and well planned programmes. With all the goodwill in the world, these take time and will never multiply like the Ebola or the current devastating coronavirus from Wuhan City of China.

In the meantime the people are going through very difficult times. There is no gainsaying about that. The ‘gron dry’ or the ground is very dry and almost arid. But the irony of this situation is that without any qualms the APC opposition have put the blame at the doors of the Bio administration.

In addition to hoping that the situation will deteriorate, they are using negative propaganda and falsehood to frighten prospective investors to the country as if the country is unstable and dangerous.

But their negative and destructive propaganda notwithstanding, there is today not only a light at the end of the tunnel, but a glow in the horizon.

Yes, both the World Bank, the IMF and the international community in general have expressed optimism in Sierra Leone’s economic outlook in both short term and in the future.

Umaru. Fofana is not just another pen pusher journalist but one who has acquired international reputation for himself. I have on occasions criticised his “herd instinct” when it comes to protecting some errant members of his profession. But who can fault his recent interview with the visiting deputy Managing Director of the IMF. It was vintage strong medicine. And in it the IMF expressed cautious optimism at the direction that President Bio and his team are moving in relation to our future prospects.

Tears may be present now but soon there will be smiles on the face of the common man.


  1. The rhetoric you people are trying to paint will not work. You have not rested one bit since this new government took power. Oh you can’t rest! You won’t rest! The explicit hate for this government and anything that is not APC or northern is written all over your actions. Yes, your accusations are all borne out of deep-seated hate and prejudice against this leadership.

    What human rights violations is this government committing that only you in the APC can see? Why don’t we see the same agitation from NGC, C4C, PMDC, ADP, Unity, etc, etc? Why only APC? Are you the only people living in Sierra Leone that all the so-called human rights violations are only suffered by you? Give us the people of Sierra Leone a break. You lost the elections, face it. Live with it. Give this government a chance to rule and deliver. Stop stoking tribal hate just because you lost power.

    We will continue to resist you all, because we the people of Sierra Leone have spoken with a loud and clear voice. We voted this government to power. You either accept that and respect the will of the people, or you expect to face us in your track to destroying this country!

    • Indeed. Let’s give APC a break and more importantly, the Bio Administration will not rest until they deliver the goods. They just have to clean up the excellent mess they have created. Period. If not, the huge and mighty APC political champion will kick their butts out of power in 2023. Abbee? Na True. Talking to myself.

      The only party headquarters that have suffered violence and barbarity by the SLPP, is the APC. Also, the only party whose members and supporters have been subjected to unlawful incarceration by the SLPP, is the APC. I don’t think any other opposition party will accept such acts of violence and barbarity against their party headquarters and supporters. The APC deserves praise and respect because, they have handled the situation all along with political maturity and discipline.

      So, it does not make sense comparing the APC with other opposition parties, when it comes to violence and barbarity against their members, supporters and headquarters other than the APC. Does Mr. Patrick Amara agree with me? Definitely. Argue/Denny. God bless and help the APC defeat the SLPP mercilessly come 2023 and may God bless Mr. Patrick Amara.

  2. President Bio led administration is doing everything humanly impossible to see that things get to normalcy in this country. During the presidential debate the then presidential candidate now the seating president, said during the debate, “that APC officials are spending like a drunken sailor”. The general public did not understand what he was saying at that moment. Immediately when he assumed the office of president he set up the Government Transition Team (GTT) investigation.

    The GTT report actually speaks for itself and the APC said that it is a witch hunt. One of the recommendations from that report was for a judge led commission of inquiry to be established. As soon as the commission of inquiry started we actually realized that, the APC were indeed a drunken sailor; and over and above that, they were not good for themselves nor the state.

    The only thing they have actually resorted to is driving away potential investors. They are doing this because they don’t love the people of this land as they are claiming. Also, one of their hate propaganda is that, if all things go well the people of this land will never vote for them again. We just have to continue to lift the president and his team for them to deliver on the promises of their manifesto.

    • Disappointing stuff. The APC does care about and love the people of Sierra Leone. Secondly, the APC is not the investors’ keeper. The SLPP are responsible for all what is happening under their watch. Bottom line, there is a total collapse of leadership. Discuss. Sierra Leone needs a very strong and decisive leader with international recognition and support to let the country negotiate with potential investors, to bring the billions of dollar investment the country needs.

      I don’t see that under the Bio Administration and leadership. All I know is, politicians like Chief Sam Sumana, Dr. Samura Kamara, Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, former High Commissioner to the UK Mr. Tamba Lamina etc, have the credentials to bring such massive billions of dollar investment in the country in the twinkle of an eye. That I will guarantee everyone. God bless the APC, Chief Sam Sumana, Dr Samura Kamara, Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, former High Commissioner Mr. Tamba Lamina and Mr. George Ngegba.

  3. The APC party succeeded in destroying our country during the first term of the late President Tejan Kabba by inciting some of their supporters within the military to topple the democratic government elected by the people after 25 years of APC one party dictatorship. The APC party felt very uncomfortable then by the progress late President Kabba made within a year so they decided to introduce “the scorched earth policy ”- to destroy anything that is useful for the development of our nation while they are in opposition.

    With the rapid progress of the new direction government in the fight against corruption and the free quality education, the current APC opposition under the leadership of the lifetime leader Ernest Koroma is doing whatever it takes to destabilize the country before the completion of the ongoing commission of inquiry, but my only concern is not only about scaring potential investors but the possibility that our nation will be included in the travel ban list of the USA as in the case of our main regional partner Nigeria.

    My only advice to the lifetime leader of the APC party is to be patriotic and accept or respect the will of the people who rejected your ideology through the ballot box. Sierra Leone is bigger than one man – as the Krio proverb says “ COW SAY E DAE PUELL ROAD BUT E NOR KNOW SAY NA E WAISE E DAE PWELL..”

    • Mr. Alusine Fallay should know this – It’s not the APC that is in power and condoning barbarity in the country presently. What is happening in our country presently is mainly due to lack of leadership and outsourcing presidential responsibilities to novices. Mr. Alusine Fallay has proactively started the blame game in case President Donald Trump bans Sierra Leoneans from entering the US.

      Mr Alusine Fallay must work with me and all other commentators including APC supporters to condemn the violence, unlawful incarceration and barbarity against the opposition, especially the APC on this glorious platform, if he is sincere about his concerns for Sierra Leone not to be placed on the US ban list. Trying to put the blame on the APC for something that has not yet happen is only for the birds.

      Personalities like President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Prime Minister Mark Rutte to name a few, have constant security briefings on what is happening allover the world each day. If you for example, are in the habit of perpetuating violence, unlawful incarceration and barbarity against your people and the opposition, they will not come and tell you outright because of diplomatic protocols.

      What they would do, in my view is, things like aid and other important development projects vital to the progress and prosperity of your country will be ignored. But, make no mistake, if your barbarity against your people affects their National Security and interests, then they will act swiftly. That I will guarantee you Mr. Alusine Fallay.

      So, I advise Mr. Alusine Fallay not to blame the APC if Sierra Leoneans are banned from entering the US. He should blame his party the SLPP if President Donald Trump makes such a decision. The SLPP is in power and Mr. Alusine Fallay knows that. Whatever happens under their watch is their responsibility and no one else. God bless President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prime Minister Mark Rutte for taking care of their people. Amen and Amen.

  4. I see no reason why the APC as one of the political parties in Sierra Leone cannot encourage development of the country rather they try to destroy it by driving away investors. Will they ever be positive for the country and the people? Unless they drop their hard core “to rule the country again” policy, they are poised to destroy everything our president is doing.

    APC, please work for the best of the country and stop pushing the country to another war or war mongering. We Sierra Leoneans are tired of war. We are working for the best of every individual Sierra Leoneans to develop and increase the wealth of the country. Please help the president to work hard for the development of the country. LONG LIVE SIERRA LEONE AND HER PEOPLE.

    • Mr. Abu Jalloh, will you please give me one example of any violence or barbarity caused/provoked by the APC during the tenure of the present administration that would support your point and I quote – “APC, please work for the best of the country and stop pushing the country to another war or war mongering”?

      Please let me know as soon as possible. It’s very urgent Mr. Abu Jalloh. Mr. Abu Jalloh there trying to convince me about the APC pushing the country that I love into another NPRC Junta part 3 war. Can you imagine Mr. Abu Jalloh how disappointed I am with your comment? God bless Mr. Abu Jalloh.

  5. By all indications, this is actually a great article by the elderly statesman Dr. Banya. At least this time around, there is a sense of patriotism and acceptance of the current predicament our nation is facing. While he pretty much steer off in holding this government responsible for some of the mishaps taking place in our nation, he managed to state some of the actions taken by the EBK administration that led to the economic troubles the nation found itself at the end of their tenure.

    Like I mentioned before, elderly statesmen like Dr. Banya should by all means retire from active politics and serve instead as mediators in our political system. A lot of bad things have happened within our political system that are the responsibilities of leaders on both sides of the spectrum. In order for peace to reign, we need our elders to serve as peace emissaries, not stoking more hatred and infighting.

  6. A bad workman usually always quarrels with his tools. One minute he says; “That spanner was totally rusted,and crooked that’s why I couldn’t unscrew the bolts and nuts you asked to loosen. And another – “the knife you gave me doesn’t have a strong,proper handle, so it was impossible to hold it properly,and quickly slice those fresh tomatoes,we needed for our family dinner (lol). Good for nothing SLPP leaders,knee deep in unchecked negligence,always making up excuses for their disgraceful failures and gross indiscretions. Lies,lies,crocodile tears, and more irresponsible lies. Pointing fingers and casting blame on the opposition for your poor judgement and stupidities is totally ridiculous and absurd.(lol)

    I have invited them many times to come on this glorious forum and defend their poorly advised positions,yet not one of these cowardly Caterpillars had the guts to take up my offers. (lol What! Saidu are you saying,that they are scared out of their wits,and unable to engage you in any sensible, and meaningful discussions? Damn right, they resemble unwrapped chocolates, easy for me to crunch,chew and swallow them down. (lol). Two years in power and nothing to show for it, except more suffering and added sorrow to the plight of struggling people of Sierra Leone. Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • Saidu Conteh —“A bad workman usually always quarrels with his tools. One minute he says; “That spanner was totally rusted,and crooked that’s why I couldn’t unscrew the bolts and nuts you asked to loosen. And another – “the knife you gave me doesn’t have a strong,proper handle, so it was impossible to hold it properly,and quickly slice those fresh tomatoes,we needed for our family dinner”

      Hahahahah, hahahahaa; boy oh boy, don’t kill me with laughter bro. The intellectual Mr. Conteh at his best with a spice of humor on this one. Keep it up sir, couldn’t agree with you more.

  7. I respectfully disagree with Dr. Banya with the headline of his article “Opposition APC propaganda is driving away prospective investors from Sierra Leone”. As I always say, Dr. Banya is a wise politician who must be respected. I agree with him sometimes but, sometimes, I don’t. That is how we play the game of democracy.

    One of the biggest admiration and respect I have for Dr. Banya is this – He was one of the SLPP party members who placed party ideologies on the corner and joined the APC during the one party era in the name of peace and national unity. People like the late Mr. Salia Jusu Sheriff, Alhaji Sanussi Mustapha etc did the same. May their souls rest in perfect peace. Amen. And may all say Amen!

    So, I know Dr. Banya is not tribalistic and does not condone violence and barbarity. That I can assure everyone. The problem we have in our country presently, is provoked by the very SLPP Dr. Banya has always supported. That I can understand. So, Dr. Banya, the reckless, violent and barbaric actions and attitudes of some SLPP hoodlums and tyrants are driving investors away from our country and not any APC propaganda.

    My best advice to the wise Dr. Banya is, for him to plan a winning strategy for the SLPP, for life after a SLPP merciless election loss to the APC come election day in 2023. I’m afraid and sad to tell Dr. Banya, again respectfully that, the present SLPP administration has lost control of everything from leadership, economy, politics, security etc of the country.

    The president has outsourced all his powers to people who are just novice in politics and have reckless and barbaric DNA. Can Dr. Banya imagine what tyranny can cause in the hearts and minds of investors? I hope he does. God bless and protect our wise and noble Dr. Banya at all times. May the almighty God grant him long life to continue to contribute on this glorious platform. Amen and Amen.

  8. The blame game has to stop and fake news must now end. President Bio is expected to build a national cohesion and tribal free employment, political tolerance and freedom for people to protest peacefully. There are lots of political violence and killings reported during the presidency of his excellency president Bio. The economy has worsened and majority of Sierra Leoneans are suffering.

    The increase in food prices and the proverty index for Sierra Leone has increased so high under the SLPP. Its good to fight corruption but one must take off dirt from one’s own eye before trying to clean another man’s eye. Ok lets talk about the recent Sierra Leone audit report, it clearly tells you that the SLPP government is underperforming and this report clearly tells Sierra Leone most of the SLPP government workers have a lot to account for the people’s monies. Proverty has increased so much. Please let president Bio focus on building the economy but first peace and political tolerance must be intact.

  9. PUAWEI, I will answer you with the words of John Legend in his song HEAVENS: “There you go with the same old things. When things go wrong, you always seem to blame me. Now I would like to find what secrets hide in your mind”- John Legend.

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