Opposition APC wins Freetown Constituency 110 – says NEC

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 December 2020:

The chief electoral commissioner of Sierra Leone – Mr Mohamed Konneh, has this morning confirmed the All People’s Congress Party (APC) candidate – Kadijatu Davies as winner of the re-run election held last Saturday in the Hamilton Constituency 110 in Freetown, after intense campaigning by both the ruling SLPP and the main opposition APC.

There were fears last night over allegations of the SLPP leadership leaning on the chief electoral commissioner, to suspend the announcement of the results until further notice while a recount is conducted.

Announcing the results on national TV and Radio this morning, the NEC chairman said that Kadi Davies  polled 51.73% with 9,354 votes, and the ruling SLPP party candidate – Josephine Jackson won 48.27% with 8,729 votes.

This is what the NEC chairman said:


Commenting on the results and sounding alarm bells for the government, an SLPP grassroots leader said: “These elections, especially Constituency 110 is a clear referendum on the 2023/24 elections in the western Area. SLPP is guilty and has always been a culprit of grassroot neglect. What pains me most is when some of us, especially some of our leaders Know what to do but are deliberately avoiding their obligations. I thank the First Lady and appreciate her effort and support but for those claiming to know the dynamics of grassroot politics, this is a clear manifestation of their ignorance.

“To say the truth, SLPP is in a comfortable position to support such elections. Thank you Mr President for the wonderful development steps in Constituency 110. Yes development is good and great but election is about one man one vote. Our target should and must be grassroot root oriented. Let this be a lesson to all of us. Some of us are in our little corner but we are not stupid or ignorant. At least we know politics. I rest my case.”

This is what Lahai Lawrence Leema, National Public Relations Officer of the SLPP said in reaction to today’s results:

“The Sierra Leone Peoples’ Party has noted the announcement of the final results by the National Returning Officer of the National Electoral Commission of the Constituency 110 parliamentary bye-elections which declared Kadie Davies of the APC as Member of Parliament elect. While we are disappointed with this result, let me on behalf of the party congratulate all our supporters for coming out and casting their ballots in a  peaceful atmosphere.

“We wish to maintain that we accept these results with our usual grace and consider this a victory, especially because we have secured 48% of the valid votes cast, in a constituency traditionally considered an opposition stronghold. This result, we believe, is indicative of the fact that the SLPP is winning the hearts and minds of fellow Sierra Leoneans across the political divide.
With this headway, we will work hard to maintain our political bases, while continuing our national development efforts.

“Let me at this juncture applaud the indefatigable and vibrant  Madam Josephine Jackson, the SLPP candidate for these elections. You put up a brave fight and lost with honour, dignity and respect for yourself and the SLPP party. Your determination to win this election left us on a very good footing to evaluate our chances to win 2023 elections without a runoff.
To our revered First Lady, Mrs. Fatima Bio, we thank you for your show of leadership and drive to succeed in the midst of innumerable odds.

“Thank you again to all my vigilant SLPP supporters for keeping a very high spirit and determination to win these elections. I entreat you all to keep the peace at all times and respect the ‘One Country, One People’ mantra of the party. Having said the above, let me reiterate that we honourably concede this loss and happily go back to the onerous task of leading Sierra Leone from the economic doldrums into which it was crashed by the APC.”

But there are questions today about the decision of the High Court to annul ten of the seats won by the opposition APC at the 2018 general elections which were then “illegally” taken over by the ruling SLPP to form a majority in parliament.

After the declaration of the APC as winner of the Constituency 110 re-run election this morning, many in Sierra Leone are now calling for the Courts to call for re-run of all of the annulled seats.

These are the results of all the elections held last Saturday in various parts of Sierra Leone:





  1. It is about time for the destructive APC party to have something to celebrate. After their shocking loss at the 2018 presidential elections which they are still contesting in the supreme courts, the loss of the Speaker Of Parliament because of their barbaric behavior during the opening of parliament, their unprecedented loss in the just concluded COI, their failed attempts to ferment lawlessness in different parts of the country, by spreading hate messages and “mammy curse” through negative propaganda. These resulted in loss of lives and recently the humiliation of their lifetime leader and chairman who is currently facing money laundering and corruption allegations, but used primitive and barbaric tactics, using women, children and members of secret societies as human shields to avoid accountability.

    The reality is the SLPP still has the Speaker of parliament and are still the majority based on the fact that they used their brains rather than their muscles during the 2018 opening of parliament. May the Almighty continue to bless our Speaker Of Parliament Dr. Chernoh Abass Bundu.

  2. After three rolls of the dice, the outcome was unchanged – three craps for the paopa SLPP. The cool and beautiful Kadie Davies of the Opposition APC party retained the parliamentary seat she won in the 2018 elections. This took place at the backdrop of an unequal skirmish against the ruling party opponent Josephine Jackson, who had all the political support and financial enticements on her side, amid what appeared to be the third and final round. Though, as the dust settled, it was the glittering red trunks of the resilient and skillful Kadie Davies that gleamed across the now impatient and agitated spectators, as Josephine Jackson laid on the floor grunting and her green trunks covered in debris.

    In the midst of the premeditated bribes for the anticipated victory of the new darling of the SLPP were: the rehabilitation of a 1 km strip of road within the battleground constituency; the transformation of MMCET college into a technical university status; the increase by 20 beds in a hospital in the constituency; and a promise of financial aid to small businesses in the region. Notwithstanding, all these efforts were to no avail. Even the razzmatzz and seductive dancing of the First Lady did not help the SLPP candidate. The people of constituency 110 knew it was just a ploy from an administration that is notorious for not fulfilling their ludicrous promises.

    The paopa SLPP is a bunch of power-hungry criminals that believe they can change the odds in their favour through thuggery and unconstitutional practices. Somehow, this PAOPA SYNDROME or outright hooliganism is gaining momentum in certain quarters of the society; as when it was all clear that Josephine Jackson had been knocked out, some people with twisted minds were still praying and willing for an almighty demigod to descend on earth and overturn the result in her favour. Thanks to the international community that had threatened to withhold aid if the paopa SLPP did not conform to democratic and human rights practices. What a reckless waste of time and resources.

  3. In event like the peaceful outcome of the re-run election in the constituency 110 parliamentary seat, between the APC candidate, Kadie Davies versus SLPP candidate, Josephine Jackson, there is logically speaking no individual winner or loser in the contest. I think overall, the result is a win for the country that every well meaning Sierra Leonean should like to see more of and continued into the future. Sierra Leone wins. Congratulations!

  4. Gentlemen – After careful, insightful and thorough consideration, I have finally reached a definitive conclusion that totally convinces me that life and the world we are living in can be likened to a field of battle, built by the hands of Omnipotent heaven exclusively for the purpose of promoting grueling competition in which the most intense rivalries are measured, assessed and duly rewarded through the efforts, sacrifices and hard work of the contestants involved.

    Sometimes defeat like the one Madam Davies has handed the Criminal SLPP Cabal, comes with heartbreaking humiliation and disgrace that
    clings onto the loser like a bad smell from a sewer no one has ever experienced before. Serves them right for trying to promote thievery by using shady underhanded tactics that only the dumbest blockheads among us would gullibly believe would certainly give them the political advantage they so desperately needed.

    Mr Leema should crawl back under his tenebrous, shadowy rock and shed copious tears over their pathetic demoralizing loss, instead of trying to put a positive spin on such a crushing mortifying defeat.(lol) Lahai Leema the loser – who in their right minds would decide to put such an arrogant, tribalistic numskull as spokesperson in charge of anything of substance and great worth? Bwahahaha, let these underperforming losers and their clueless, shifty supporters now go directly to their homes and blow out their running noses in sadness and utter regret; and let them now feel at ease to inebriate and wash away their sorrows with Appeteshie and Fresh Palm wine.(lol)What good is it then – having a First Lady with no amount of clout whatsoever?(lol)Hey!

    I sincerely hope it is now clear to the Southern minds in theinept criminal SLPP that delirious wild dancing doesn’t win elections – careful and strategic planning does. Ya heard!(lmao)

  5. All praise goes to Mr. Mohamed Konneh,the chief electoral commissioner,and his team, for the speed, and due diligence applied, in announcing the results of this hotly contested election in constituency 110. The way this election was conducted, and the manner, and timing was crucial for all the right reasons. And it has shone a bright light for what is possible in a young democracy like ours. Long may it continue. Any delay of the outcome of this results, would have left the vacuum to be filled with conspiracy theorists and tribalistic elements which is not good for a healthy democracy. All credit goes to the candidates and their supporters for the maturity they conduct themselves. It shows we can be on the opposite side of the political spectrum, but it doesn’t necessarily translate that we are mortal enemies. We can agree to disagree.

    After all we are all Sierra Leoneans breathing tbe same air, sharing the same land in the greatest country on earth. This is what democracy is all about. The will of the people is exercised transparently, with a wide open tent that can accommodate every shred of opinion, and most importantly, people can exercise their right freely. Now the hard work of delivering the promises made begins. otherwise Mrs Davies will be voted out next time around. Politicians should be made aware, we can’t settle for empty promises anymore. You have to deliver the GOODS. What tbis election has demonstrated is that people’s power is alive and kicking. Although one can’t help but notice with curiosity, there were little sprinkles of mini Trumps that wanted the NEC to nudge things their own way.

    So tbose politicians like Bio and some of his ministers that promise us land of honey and milk, they better start delivering, or next in the chopping block will be Bio’s government. The good thing about the information age, people can see how their lives have been ruined by Bio and his misguided policies, and compare that to our closest neighbours like Liberia, then you start to scratch your head and ask what in the world is Bio and his government up to. I certainly don’t get it.

  6. It’s official that Hon Kadie Davies has mercilessly defeated the SLPP candidate in constituency 110. I was not surprised at all. It’s time to start healing the divide in constituency 110 masterminded by those chanting bullish slogans shamelessly. Who cares about the support for the SLPP candidate by Mrs Fatima Bio? There is no doubt in my mind that Hon Kadie Davies will be a leader for all the inhabitants of constituency 110. This defeat by the APC candidate is a catalyst and springboard to kick the Bio SLPP kakistocracy and their cohorts out of power in 2023. Finally, it’s time for the courts to reconsider their decision on crediting the SLPP party with 10 annulled seats. Elections must be held in those constituencies. Have to. God bless Hon Kadie Davies.

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