President Bio and former president Ernest Bai Koroma in Ivory Coast

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 December 2020:

Sierra Leone’s president Julius Maada Bio and his wife – Mrs Fatima Bio, today arrived in Abidjan to attend the inauguration of president Ouattara who is starting his third term in office after winning Ivory Coast’s presidential election.

Also, in Abidjan to attend today’s inauguration ceremony is Sierra Leone’s former president Koroma.

Writing on Twitter this afternoon, Koroma said, he is “In Abidjan, Côte D’Ivoire to personally congratulate President Ouattara on his re-election, and the people of Côte D’Ivoire for peacefully going through this cycle of electing their leaders. My best wishes for the prosperity of your beautiful country”.

President Bio will fly to Guinea, Conakry to attend the inauguration of president Alpha Conde who also won presidential election for his third term in office. This is what State House press statement said:



  1. It’s rather unfortunate that the former president and lifetime leader of destructive APC party is now a fugitive, so President Bio must try to distance himself from this thief. Under normal circumstances, they should have used the same flight to grace these occasions.
    Based on the fact that President Bio is focused on the development and transformation of our country, there is a possibility that the people of Sierra Leone will decide to give President Bio a third term after 2023 just like the people of Ivory Coast and Guinea.

  2. Out of the three amigos Ouattara, Conde and Bio, they might be leaders of different countries in the Western African sub – region, but the one thing they share in common and remains an irrefutable fact, is their dictatorial tendencies, or impulses that run through their veins. Their intolerance of cristism is only matched by their desire to stamp on anyone, and everyone, especially the youths that lately, Bio and Ouattara, have recognised as the future of their respective countries.
    So far despite all the noise they are sputtering that their governments will invest in helping out the youths, their actions have contradicted that hogwash.

    Time, and time again we have witnessed without any justification, anyone who dares to raise their voice against their economic and political misguided policies, which have brought untold suffering, especially to the youths of these three countries, their governments have responded with heavy-handedness without even acknowledging that a crime took place in the first place. Families are left to bury their sons and daughters killed by security forces, that are meant to protect them.A To add insult to injury parents are traumatised to ask their governments why? These three individuals, if international justice is fairer, would by now have them standing in the international court of justice in the Hague, for gross abuse of human rights and crimes committed by their trigger happy security forces.

    These three are drowning in the blood of their unemployed youth. Their only crime was to ask their governments to create the economic environment, so they can make their way in this world. When it comes to the respect of the rule of law, a vibrant Free press, individual citizens’ rights, I would not know where to place Sierra Leone in that league table of intolerant dictators.

  3. Amazing and interesting stuff. This was what the most successful President in the history of our country and of course the Former Commander in Chief of the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces said via his Twitter account – Koroma said, he is “In Abidjan, Côte D’Ivoire to personally congratulate President Ouattara on his re-election, and the people of Côte D’Ivoire for peacefully going through this cycle of electing their leaders. My best wishes for the prosperity of your beautiful country”.
    Thank you very much our beloved former President for that great news. No one on earth has the right to encroach on your freedom and civil liberties. I am not surprised on how brave you are. God bless you Sir and with “NORF RESPECT”. Yeah.

  4. There was once an insect that became addicted to the sweetness of honey so very much that he eventually helplessly became dependent on its delightful taste for his survival; It spent many hours everyday flying here and there,to and fro,all over the globe in search of the sweetest honey his anxious eyes could ever find. (lol) And then someone said to him; “There is fresh honey in Gabon,you should try to visit there,” Away away he flew in the morning dew, his longings and cravings driving him insane like an Operator of a train.

    Again,an old lady passing by whispered to him; “why waste your hours in Lebreville where the honey has already become stale and old,arise and get thee quickly to Abidjan and it is there that you will find raw and pure Tupelo honey,the best there is in the whole wide world;” And again, away with zeal and joy he flew to the Ivory Coast,his insatiable appetites for something very sweet directing and charting his course like a magnetic compass a ship.(lol) Hey! It must be really nice to have unlimited access to the governments cookie jar and treasure chests,and travel the world wasting and flushing away money like a faulty ceaselessly running faucet left unattended.

    Must be nice to drink and eat expensive 5 star hotel extravagant meals together with your freeloading cronies and not having to worry if a beggar is in need of a bowl of soup because such matters are quite unimportant to you – The fittest of the fittest must thrive and survive under my watch – I am here not to save all men but only those very closest to me – that is your daily mantra Mr President,that is what is chanted tirelessly for hours and hours each day by the notorious SLPP – nothing new,nothing to be surprised about,we already know!(lol)

  5. Congratulations to African democracy; I hope Sierra Leone would respect the true democracy. Two terms in office; not three terms. However every nation has its own ways to preserve her democracy; so respect to our neighbour’s Guinea and Ivory Coast, especially Guinea who played a vital role during the civil war and helped tofight against those barbarians.

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