Opposition CoPPP embarks on a nationwide tour of Sierra Leone

CoPPP Media Team: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 May 2022:

Key members of the Consortium of Progressive Political Parties (CoPPP) last week embarked on a nationwide tour of Sierra Leone, starting in the South East of the country in Kailahun.

On route to Kailahun, the CoPPP delegation led by the Chair, Madam Femi Claudius Cole, stopped at the PMDC office in Kenema, where they were warmly received.

In Kailuhun, the CoPPP Executive held a meeting at the APC Party office, where they met with party members from across the political spectrum who are members of the consortium.

Reflecting on the meeting in Kailahun, Madam Femi Claudius Cole stated that the purpose of the meeting was to make party members understand the concept of CoPPP, and how the parties in the consortium are working to form a coalition.

She explained that through CoPPP, the parties want to ensure that the aspirations of every single tribe and region are represented. Through the mechanism of CoPPP, Sierra Leone has the opportunity to put do mi, ar do yu politics, behind us.

Sierra Leoneans can come together as one nation, working for the development of our country, and looking at how we can support each other, as brothers and sisters, rather than as enemies.

Wadi Williams of NPD said the reception towards CoPPP by the PMDC and APC party in Kenema and Kailahun was extraordinary. Mr Williams said that for the first time, we are putting together the structure and organisation, which was inclusive of all tribes and regions.

Mr Williams noted that CoPPP members have committed themselves to pursue Sierra Leone’s development and progress in a peaceful manner, and to repair the damage inflicted on our country by the government. He observed that those who attended are acknowledging that they must own the need for change. All man don accept say, di future of Sa Lone nar CoPPP ihn han, e dae. Everyone at the meeting recognised that the power of the people, is greater than the people in power.

The PMDC Chairman, Tony Songa said that he would stop at nothing, to see that Sierra Leone gets back on track, on the path of national development and progress, which was why we demanded independence from the colonisers.

C4C Maria Bangura, Women’s Leader, weighed in, saying that under CoPPP, every tribe from every part of the country, are represented. This is what a country which is cohesive and at ease with itself, will look like. Every voice will count. Every concern will be acknowledged.

NGC Party Chairman, assured the audience in Kailahun, that CoPPP presents Sierra Leone, with an opportunity for rebirth and renewal. Everywhere across the African continent, people are coming together under their national identity, to develop and advance their countries. We must do so too in Sierra Leone.

The Tour will continue to other towns and cities as CoPPP aims to reach each and every member in the country.


  1. A disclaimer folks, this is a case of stolen identity. This africanus fellow is not Leo Africanus. Wow the Media machine in state House must be desperate.

  2. COPP can be best described as “Coalition Of Political Prostitutes”. I personally believe that they have been bought from the Brown Envelopes from the lifetime leader of the APC party.
    Now they are forming this illegal group which is not even recognized by the PPRC, for propaganda purposes against the rapid development around the country , and inciting our teachers who are the backbone of the success of the Free quality education program.
    They are only desperate for power with the mindset of “Who want to be a president?”.
    Just in case they are trying to copycat from The Gambia, where political parties came together to remove former President Yayah Jammeh in 2016 who was a dictator for 23 years. The irony is President Bio is the “Father Of Our DEMOCRACY “, who ruled for ONLY 3 MONTHS and handed over power to a democratically elected President Kabba. In 2018 he defeated the APC party candidate Drunkard Samura Kamara twice and now has the mandate of voters.
    In 2023, it’s now a DONE DEAL that the people will extend his mandate for another 5 years, after most of the country will be having consistent electricity supply, with the exception of Freetown where they are using destructive tactics with transformers ,cables and stealing electricity to gain political advantage during elections campaign. Hopefully, the law enforcement officers and community leaders will put a stop to these criminal practices.

  3. Totally agree with the sentiments expressed by Dr Femi Claudius Cole , about the need to bring our country under the banner of unity , peace and justice and working together as one people for the common good to develop our tiny little country with a population that can be compared to one city in the United States run effectively by a Mayor , with all the basic human amenities that we aspire to and being denied by our corrupt African slave masters but in Americas case being met .If a Mayor or a Governor of a Nigerian state can deliver for their people and meet their basic needs what is stopping a president with international goodwill financial support ?This opposition coppp members have started the political consultation road show in the right place and the right area of our country.We talked a lot about the North as the block vote for aspiring presidential candidates , the most visit area for any would be candidates that throw their hat in the ring . In the United States is Ohio State one of the swing states or better still the state of Pennsylvania.The SLPP strangled hold of the South might just turn out the way the Democratic party in the United States or the Labour party in the United Kingdom take the black vote and other ethinc minorities for granted .This time Bio and his people might just be in for a rude awakening.Even the Bio supporters are fed up and sick to the teeth about his lack of performance in changing the direction of travel in our country’s fortunes .With the impact of COVID19 and the economic meltdown facing our country , with depreciatiing wages due to high level of inflation eating away the buying power of house holds around the country, and an outrageous cost of living crisis ,the South of Sierra Leone , Pujehun , Kailahun , right up Koidu Nogowa , Kenema , have seen people’s living standard in that part of Sierra Leone just like the rest of us disappear in a rabbit hole .The South has one of the worst road networks in the country. With little health facilities and limited education services, even with Bio at State House , a man from the South haven’t managed to tip the scales in their favour.That is why it is important to educate our voting public to vote for politicians that can deliver the goods not just empty promises that is common with some of our politicians .Change will only happen when we the ordinary people come to our senses and start to vote for real changes and demand action,transparency and accountability.By any stretch of the imagination, Bio have not live up to expectations.If the South was a solid SLPP stronghold , four years of inaction have finally taken of the mask of Bio’s lies .People believed in him and voted for him hoping against hope he will change things around .Today they feel abandoned by this jet setting life style.And no one knows this better than the people of the South .They can read the mood of Sierra Leoneans better than any consistency in the country .Right now is everything to play for.

  4. This is looking more and more like an APC COPP. I urge people to be very careful and not fall for it. What we need is real change and this COPP is not designed to achieve that.

  5. It will be good to see our political parties comprising of all tribes with no dominance of any one tribe in any political party. Parliament needs to table this proposal in order for it to become law in our constitution. This will help to calm down tensions between tribes in our beloved country and for us to live in peace and harmony without fear of tribal intimidation.
    Sierra Leoneans are so much now engaged into political affairs which in itself is a good thing but most are solely in it based on tribal sentiments. A political party won’t bring back Sierra Leone to her past glories.Only if we, true patriots of Sierra Leone stand against any political party that practices or engages in tribal activities that marginalises poeple of other tribes, then Sierra Leone will be a plain and transparent field for all of us and this will bring prosperity to Mama Sierra Leone. Follow a political party that stands for the entire people of Sierra Lone, one that treats all Sierra Leoneans fairly regardless of ones tribe or which part of the country you are from.

  6. Astonishing movement. May Allah bless you for your tremendous support. Sierra Leone is a small country with a tiny population. Together we have achieved sustainability. We must stand firm and bring the country to its original status of athems of West Africa. Together we can thrive.

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