Panama corruption Papers – president Koroma must be impeached immediately

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 16 April 2016

Mamba TV

President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone may not have been personally named in the Panama Corruption papers, but corporate information believed to have been published by Bloomberg on its website is shocking. (Photo: Details of president Koroma’s involvement in the running of Koidu Holdings – courtesy of Mamba TV).

It reveals that president Koroma is not only serving as the president of Sierra Leone, but also and contrary to the country’s Constitution is registered and acting as the President of Koidu Holdings – the largest diamond mining company in Sierra Leone.

President Koroma at malabo ebola conferenceKoidu Holdings is one of the companies listed in the Panama corruption papers, involved in dodgy offshore investment dealings.

Corporate information showing Koroma’s direct involvement with Koidu Holdings, now appears to have been redacted by Bloomberg on their website. See photo below.

But the poor people of Sierra Leone will continue to hold president Koroma to account, and demand that he be impeached by parliament with immediate effect, if this story is true.

The Sierra Leone Telegraph will bring you more on this story later today.  


Koidu Holdings - Bloomberg deleted info


  1. If this is true, why is it that most of the youths in Sierra Leone are asking for more time for the president, killing for the president and his APC party? Is it because most of them cannot read, or is it mere poverty? Is it because of the money they receive from the APC government to support their wrong doings?

    My second question is is this: Does the Sierra Leone constitution has rules and regulations of impeachment for corrupt presidents like other countries?

  2. The prayers of the saints in this country will not go in vain. This land is subject to God and His people and so shall it be. watch this space

  3. I have no doubt about the authenticity of this revelation. This information had been out in the public domain long ago before now, with clear evidence to support the rumor.

    In fact it is well known that Ernest Koroma is involved in every business entity operating in this country as a shareholder and in many cases as the owner.

    Some of the Nigerian banks operating here today have Ernest Bai Koroma as undercover shareholder. Counting my fingers, it is on record that Ernest Koroma presently owns many properties/houses in this country, than any Sierra Leonean ever in the history of this country.

    So also there is credible information about his investment and other business activities in many countries outside this country, which runs into billions of US Dollars, managed on his behalf by both his brothers and foreign agents.

    Sierra Leoneans are quite aware and convinced that Ernest Bai Koroma is engaged and believed in fetish activities to cover and protect his dubious activities. This fetish work has made the people of this country completely dumb and incapable of challenging him to account for his deeds.

    I want to assure President Koroma that his fetish work will serve him for now but he will sure face the worst disgrace within the shortest from today.

    I am speaking not as prophet or a saint, but as a sinner who believes in Allah and prays to Allah fervently to bring Ernest Bai Koroma to book on or before his term of office come to an end. With that belief I have in Allah and pray to him to give the people of this country the justice that we deserve, I believe this Allah will not let us down.

    He is a patient God, he sees everything that we don’t see, and knows everything that we know not. But his messages often come to us in parables. It is us that should be prepared to understand those parables and act accordingly.

    I therefore want to appeal to my compatriots to exercise patient, and surely justice will prevail someday. He is laughing now, but we will sure laugh last and loud when the time comes.

    My appeal does not suggest that if and when we have evidence against him, and can take him to task such as impeachment proceedings through the legal means, we must fold our hands and wait for Allah to deal with him…NO. We must take the necessary means to bring him to book.

    I thank the editor for posting this revelation for us to debate on.

  4. We should not be surprised at this revelation. During his inauguration, he pledged to transform this nation into a business entity.

    This is just one revelation – there are many construction companies, businesses in Sierra Leone, top fuel business outside sierra Leone etc that he has stake in.

    Let us brace ourselves and be ready to face the gun when one day we see Sierra Leone advertised through international competitive bidding to be sold to those interested. Mark this and note this very well – nothing will come out of this.

    All our MPs both APC, SLPP, PMDC etc are money hungry, greedy, corrupt and selfish and none will raise his or her voice for the impeachment of President Ernest Bai Koroma.

    Those who may dare will find the case thrown out of court as the judiciary too is in his pocket and many of the senior staff were appointed by him.

    • Well, mr MOMOH,, of course this storm will blow over! Read CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HITMAN by John Perkins. Classic NEO-COLONIALISM! Hmm?

      This issue is not just local to so called SIERRA LEONE and its current elites. Its a global phenomena found in all lands that aren’t allowed to print money and cannot defend their sovereignty.

      Of course, Bai Koroma is a patriot and a nationalist but limited to his understanding of what so called SIERRA LEONE is all about. Dare I state, that is, from a LIMBA/LOGO perspective. Hmm?

      Bai Koroma and his acolytes have joined a card poker game in which they had no say devising the rules and therefore will always lose!

      That’s it. Simple!

  5. If found guilty, EBK must be shown the red card by parliament. But knowing this parliament for its recklessness and corrupt attitude, it will be a difficult task.

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