Philip Neville was no Saint! But give him his due

Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 December 2022:

When you die, the good is oft interred with the bones. So said Shakespeare in Julius Caesar.

The comments over the death of Veteran Journalist Phillip Neville, have reached a new level of political diatribe and hate.

Some misguided members of the Ruling class who suffered the brunt of his piercing pen, accuse him of blackmail and victimization of the innocent.

We have forgotten so soon, Neville the daredevil’s exposures of corruption, extrajudicial killings, and siphoning of millions in the guise of Per Diem allowances. Even the APC were never spared his lambasts.

Yes! In the field of journalism, you’re loved to be hated, even by your peers.

In today’s Sierra Leone, you’re demeaned because of your success. Neville built a Media empire through hard work and dedication. Give the devil his due.

Neville was never perfect, so are we all! Why smear his reputation in death? Why did you not challenge him with the facts while he was alive?

Shame unto you! Wait until your deaths and hear what your compatriots will say about you. Sure, you already know the gist.

Bury your hate in your hearts, because that is where it belongs. Let’s respect the dead, if you will.

I know my eulogy already! How I wish I could hear the hypocrisy.



  1. He was no saint nor was he a valiant warrior of a good journalist practice.

    His publication of Sylvia Blyden in (2011) could be sighted as one of the most repugnant against her person. Which landed him a defeated court case.

    May his soul rest in perfect peace!

  2. Politics is on its own in Salone. Even after death, your opponents wont cease fire. This is not what is happening in countries where the so-called democracy came from. they realise that differences in opinion doesn’t amount to being enemies for life. Please respect the dead. Thanks JFK

  3. Philip was a professional journalist per excellence. History can attest to the facts. He was not a flip floppy type of an an investigative journalist. At least, he wasn’t like the current ACC Commissioner. He built his media empire out of the pure excellent reporting, meeting the people’s hungry need for information and current affairs. Those who hate him are the very same looters of the country’s resources. Those are the Shameless class of citizens that say “nae” when the mean “yes”. Phillip,, during his practice, was the hero to the people for his calling out the truths and published the blunt news that others of his profession wouldn’t. Let those that hate him go and burn in he’ll.

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