IG Sovula accused of leaking recording of conversation with former president Koroma

IG Sovula accused of leaking recording of conversation with former president Koroma


  1. As I said earlier, the IG is the biggest loser on this matter. Having said that, this is a game by some Bio SLPP kakistocracy operatives to put the IG in a funny position, to cover up the mess created by the ACC boss according to my sources. Frankly speaking, IG Sovula will never do anything to make him the biggest loser in a mess created by the reckless actions of the ACC boss. This is all a strategy to distract us from asking the ACC what next after that failed disastrous interview “play cook”. The ACC is now embroiled in a crisis of its own making.

    What will the ACC do in the future if people accused of corruption don’t cooperate because of this mess? Instead of making our IG Sovula look weak, funny and untrustworthy in our eyes by leaking the audio, the Bio SLPP kakistocracy must sack the ACC boss. So, until proven otherwise, I will give IG Sovula the benefit of the doubt on this matter. Nobody is perfect as the saying goes. I salute you IG Sovula. Continue your good work, but be mindful of those Bio SLPP kakistocracy operatives trying to destroy your good record. God bless IG Sovula.

  2. Should we continue to trust our IG? Has he betrayed the Peoples confidence and trust? Was he responsible for the damming leak that is now hanging as a cloud over his credibility? Was this one of those instances where someone as determined and serious as IG Sovula can be bamboozled from the New Direction to the point of No Direction? Let’s wait till the s*** starts hitting the fan. God help IG Sovula.

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