Polling station ransacked by thugs – NEC cancels election results at Constituency 110

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 25 August 2019:

The National Electoral Commission (NEC) has  cancelled the results of the re-run elections in constituency 110 in Freetown. Votes cast at all polling centres have been tallied by NEC, with the exception of one centre where all ballot papers and equipment were destroyed yesterday by thugs.

It is not certain which group of political party supporters destroyed the polling materials and drove away voters, but tonight questions are being asked as to whether the police simply turned a blind eye, or were unable to provide security at the polling station.

But should NEC have cancelled all of the results they have so far counted and tallied? Should they not have simply set a date for fresh election at the destroyed polling station?

One eye witness who was at the NEC Tally Centre at Wellington said: “I was in the NEC Tally Centre yesterday at Wellington. All the RR Forms entered where without any problems. The Table displayed on the wall  before us shows APC winning the Election with 43% and SLPP 40%.

“The decision to announce the results is the responsibility of the Commission as they were to take a decision on the Angola Town saga in which the SLPP  thugs disrupted the entire centre. To me, 93% of centers entered is a solid reason for the Commission to announce the results, since the remaining 7% is not materially important.

“But NEC by their press statement released this morning, they’re looking at the number of voters which is about 2000 in a mist of 38% Turnout.

“Angola Town  is the stronghold of the Opposition APC Party, the home of Hon. Kadie Davies (APC candidate). It was deliberately destroyed by SLPP Arata because of the expected victory for the APC”.

There are mixed reactions to today’s decision by NEC to cancel all the results of the by-election at Constituency 110 that have so far been counted and tallied. Many ruling SLPP party supporters say that NEC is justified in cancelling the results.

The opposition APC strongwoman – Dr Sylvia Olayinka Blyden said: “There is absolutely no legal basis for NEC’s decision to cancel those results. The only legal step that is correct is to re-run the election in the single polling centre affected. That’s all. That is what the Law allows for. Cancellation of the entire results lacks a legal justification”.

This is the Chief Electoral Commissioner – Mohamed Nfa Alie Conteh speaking on AYV TV today:

This is NEC’s statement:



  1. The people of consistency 110 in Hamilton cannot be intimidated by the paopa thuggery that has been sown by the ‘new direction’ Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) since coming into power through a controversial result in the 2018 parliamentary and presidential elections. They clearly made their choice on these elections, in Hon. Kadijatu Davies of the All Peoples Congress (APC) party, and were not unnerved to endorse that fact in what many would see as a bogus exercise to instil a regime, that is constantly losing public appeal and credibility, by the minute.

    Other things equal: no rigging; no intimidation of the electorate by the use of any apparatus; no bribery or political corruption; no bullying; and amongst other deceitful and dangerous tactics associated by this ‘new direction’ government – it is now evident that the people of constituency 110 would come back any other day, to register the love and tust of their choice.

    The SLPP had been a violent and rogue party from time immemorial. The problem is, they are also sly characters; as they have been blackmailing the APC all along. Now, their violent nature has intensified since the paopa mentality was introduced into the party.

    The APC are not angels either; and the SLPP are quite aware of what they are capable of. However, to the eyes of many, a new trend is developing in the political landscape of Sierra Leone. Since the 2018 elections, the SLPP has been on the OFFENSIVE – the exclusive commission of inquiry (COI); non payment of gratuities and other benefits to officials of the past APC administration; the harasssmrnt, detention, maiming and killing of opposition APC members or supporters; the degradation of the constitution; the firing of tear gas canisters at APC supporters on their premises; the desperate intent to rig elections – in what amounts to a pre-emptive strategy, in an attempt to introduce an unrealistic paopa ideology that can only be compared to despotism.

    The APC on the other hand, since they are still sweating in the dock, have no choice but to take a defensive stance. An appropriate strategy taken by the main opposition, some will agree, that would restore the status quo in terms of peace and security in the country. Notwithstanding, this fragile situation is not going to last forever, irrespective of the outcome of the COI. And sooner than later, the country will be echoing louder than ever, for their disappointment on the failure of the ‘new direction’ SLPP to deliver their promises.

    What would be the political climate in the country with regards to the new relationship that would evolve leading to the next elections, in 2023? Will the populace be allowed to exercise their right to self determination on their preferences to political parties or dogmas, or forcibly disenfranchised in what is already looking like a false democracy?

  2. Why insulted Trump for calling African countries shit holes. You have just seen the evidence. Why can’t the loser ask for a recount or accept the results? Wasting time and money. Poor countries, everybody is hungry.

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