President Bio is in the United Arab Emirates

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 March 2019:

President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone is in the United Arab Emirates on a state visit and attending the Annual Global Education and Skills Forum.

Arriving in Abu Dhabi yesterday, 21st March 2019, president Bio and his wife Mrs Fatima Bio and entourage were warmly received by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan – the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates.

President Bio will today meet with Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum – Prime Minister and Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai.

According to State House in Freetown, his visit “will create the opportunity to strength economic and technical cooperation between Sierra Leone and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), focusing on energy, education, health, science and technology, and agriculture”.

The president will also participate in the Global Education and Skills Forum which starts today, where he will address leaders from both public and private sectors about his government’s human resource development agenda and quality, free education programme.

This year’s Global Education and Skills Forum will focus on subject of: ‘who is changing the world?’; and the title of president Bio’s speech is: “President Julius Maada Bio: Change-maker for Sierra Leone”.

The Global Education and Skills Forum is an initiative of the Varkey Foundation which addresses the challenges of education, equity and employment for all. With a unique audience of top leaders from the public, private and social sectors, the forum is an essential platform for collaboration and problem solving.

President Bio inherited a country that was on the brink of economic collapse and an international image battered by corruption, war and natural disasters.

But since taking office almost a year ago, the president has embarked on numerous overseas travels to engage development partners, donor and friendly countries as well as strengthening bilateral relationship.

His overseas visits are also aimed at rebranding Sierra Leone and promote the country’s investment opportunities.


  1. Can our travel president travel to Wuhan in China to make a speech on the security threat posed by the corona virus? While there he can rebrand the country’s image to investors. This time nobody would raise eyebrows as to who is on his delegation. Yours truly would suggest that he goes with his wife and his finance minister.

  2. Thanks to President Bio for going the extra miles in rebranding our nation. What our country was suffering from was low self esteem because we use to walk around the world with our heads down begging shamelessly. But now with the new direction our heads are right up and sharing the world stage as partners in development; and our President has been recognized as a visionary and respected leader around the world.

    Let’s continue to pray for him, his wife and cabinet ministers for God’s wisdom and understanding so our nation will continue to get the recognition and respect we deserve.

  3. Oh, Mr. Matturi,
    Either you are a big comedian or you are employed in this company which produces this gulf stream…?
    I have another idea. Maybe president Maada bio should ask Mr. Trump to donate his old Airforce 1 plane to him.
    Have a nice day.

    • Thanks Reinhardt for your comment. I have no problem with that. I thought you will criticise me by giving solutions or siding with me on my view. But that did not happen.

      The point I wanted to make was to reduce the cost of the president’s trip over time. I know very well that people will not agree with me because of the economy etc. But reasons should be given.

      It is always good to give one’s idea on any issue. I always welcome anyone criticising me on anything. It makes me correct my mistakes and learn. I think everyone would like to do the same.

      So, I would welcome any suggestions from you to say why you think having a presidential jet is a good idea or not. May be I will agree with you if it makes sense.
      Have a lovely evening.

  4. Is it time for our country to own a flying STATE HOUSE? This president is always on the go and I think the country needs a presidential JET. I recommend the government orders one GULFSTREAM G650ER JET to be flying this president on his official trips. The G650ER costs a little under $70 Million dollars. Don’t say that is expensive. It’s a necessity the country can’t afford to lose.

    President Bio is travelling all around the globe to help bring investments in the country. The government and the country should think of his comfort and safety whilst he is on the go. Also, by having our own flying STATE HOUSE will reduce the cost of presidential travels over time. Future presidents will also benefit from it.

    Some will argue that this is not the time. But what they also forget is that the price of these JETS continue to rise. The government continues to spend thousands of dollars each year on presidential trips to private JET companies. That is unacceptable in my view.

    The Ministry of Finance must find the money as soon as possible to order one GULFSTTEAM G650ER JET for the president. The GULFSTREAM G650ER is the perfect choice. Just with two ROLLS ROYCE engines and many more, the President will be fit and sound on the GO. I hope the government and the minister of finance listen.

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