President Bio is surrounded by bad people 

Mahmud Tim Kargbo: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 16 August 2020:

The Koroma administration failed to deliver its manifesto. It completely failed in creating a conducive environment for its successor to flourish – whether APC or SLPP.

I encourage you to fact check to ascertain the reality behind the massive propaganda the Koroma administration engaged in, instead of concentrating on delivering their manifesto. Check the former prresident’s Attitudinal and Behavioural Change Agenda, as well as his Agenda for Prosperity and make your judgement.

Also include in your fact checking, the handing-over statement of his predecessor, who mentioned in his handing-over statement the many roads the APC was to later claim they constructed.

Whilst Bio should not use this as an excuse because he was well aware of the problems he was to inherit before aspiring for the presidency and promised to fix them, Bio never inherited the good achievements Koroma inherited from his predecessor.

Tejan Kabbah worked for his successor, but Koroma (Photo) never did, especially if one is to take into consideration the increased prices of raw materials in the world market when he took power in 2007.

Bio inherited so many wrongs in the public institutions that were meant to assist him with a timely delivery of his manifesto. And this is what he should have told the people rather than making the many promises he knew he will not succeed in delivering.

Well, some say its politics, but academics call it perjury. This is because academics speak truth to power and believe spinning cannot just work in a situation where the majority of your people are living in abject poverty.

As a matter of particularly importance, “Bio once said the economy is not lying, if it’s good the majority feel the positive impact of the economy in their pockets”.

This and many more from his manifesto are testaments supporting the argument that Bio knew about the state of the country he was to govern when he asked the people to vote for him two years ago.  So, Bio has no excuse – he must deliver.

Sadly enough, Bio has fallen for the ‘bait and switch’ strategy employed by the APC and forgotten about his manifesto, only to focus on proving that he is a ‘strong man’ rather than a leader that believes in democratic reforms, based on established principles for the good of all.

The reality is that when you inherit a very weak economy, poor democratic institutions coupled with massive corruption in all fronts, the first thing to do is, with the help of your like-minded people is to sell your ideas and win minds before declaring war on corruption.

Remember, corruption is a criminal offence that has no expiry date, but Bio’s presidency is time bound. The corrupt few and very powerful in society are inter-connected. They can be in your party or the opposition, but they are always very willing to form the axis of evil to resist call for change irrespective of the cost. This is what Bio is facing currently.

His failure to rally like-minded people all over the country behind him regardless of their political affiliation, region, and tribe to fight against corruption without fear or favour is costing his government dearly. And to make matters worse, to believe his team in opposition was tough and upright to resist corruption temptation is also wrong.

That is why gains made by the ACC in fighting corruption are not reflected across various Ministries, Departments and Agencies. This is so because heads of these institutions are playing tribal cards, nepotism, and regionalism in hiring people for top positions. (Photo below: ACC boss Kaifala handing over cheque to Bio).

It must also be mentioned that Koroma used the same strategy of hiring people in key positions that served his personal interest instead of the general good.  The ACC also need to up its game in fighting corruption within the ruling SLPP.  They seem not to be catching the ACC’s interest.

It is important to underscore the point that in a BBC interview, Bio once stated his reason for the massive sacking of top civil servants was his fear of sabotage.  I must respectfully state that the prevailing reality is different from what the President said in that interview.

Those sackings should have been done within the ambit of the law rather than outside the law, especially as the President repeatedly talked about lawlessness in the country. In maintaining law and order, respect for the law is what counts.

The networks formed by the corrupt and immensely powerful are always ready to fight back when they feel threatened by any President.  Mark my words, they may be serving Bio’s government, but that does not necessarily mean they are sincerely committed to his cause. People that have nothing positive to offer the government have surrounded the president.

And since they have nothing positive to offer, they are busy offering mixed colours of troubles. These can be in the form of praise singing, bootlicking, black magic voodoo, and corruption.  They have succeeded in surrounding Bio with their evil tricks to an extent he now finds it very difficult to move out of their dangerous trap.


  1. After reading some of these articles I would advice the author or rather the writer of this article to make CONCERTED effort to have an appointment to see the president IN PERSON as a CONCERNED citizen,so you can talk to President Bio.Talk to him about some of these issues you pointed out here and even more.I want to say and I hope I am right that you CARE MORE for mama SALONE even more than some of of those in positions; and I hope you can get the ear of the president and talk to him as a GENUINE CONCERNED HELPFUL CITIZEN.

    Sometimes criticizing alone is not enough, even with a constructive one like yours.But offering result – proven ideas,tips,solutions, and strategies in meeting the challenges of an ever rapidly changing society can HELP significantly in guiding and guarding the ideals of a growing and better nation. The leaders in this century NEED help from ALL AVENUES in solving the growing challenges of these times. Sometimes they have to go outside of the box and listen to the ordinary man. I pray President Bio gives you audience and listens. AMEN!

  2. I do not understand if Mr. Gaza is from Palastine or some where around Mexico, welcome to the jungle. Bio is not a bad man. Every president or leader of a free world must be surrounded with friends and some foes. Too many APC members are surviving steadily right now in this SLPP gov’t, and we knew that there are some secret spies as well.

    I am glad you made the remarks of swearing the past leaders for what they have done to this rich country of all mineral deposits, including the previous regime APC. If God answers your prayer its gonna be a disaster.

  3. Bio himself is a bad Man. These are the people who stole our country in the name of power. God will never forgive all presidents of Sierra Leone who have hands in disturbing that country.

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