Juldeh Jalloh speaking about devolution

Juldeh Jalloh speaking about devolution


  1. Abraham Amadu Jolloh, I respect you because you are the most opinionated forumite. Please read your above comment before pointing your finger at me because the rest of your 4 fingers are pointing towards you. Except the most corrupt Mayor in the history of Freetown (Siaka Stevens), who laid the foundation for the destruction of our City which was the envy in our region, all the Mayors were Krios including the current. That’s not tribalism but the FACT.

  2. The Creoles are a race with survival genes. They can take all of Freetown, however, the Creole spirit shall still live on. Its a pity that we have such vast lands in the whole country, however, we have leaders devoid of innovation and initiative. The realisation that building cities and civilizations are inherent to Creoles. In 40 plus years of Independence, there is still no town in the provinces, merely villages masquerading as such.

  3. What on earth do we need a resident minister for the Freetown metropolis? What will be his role? Who will he be accountable to? what are his powers going to encompass? Will there be a change of the law by an Act of Parliament to create this new role, or as this Bio dictatorship have shown time and time again, they can pass decrees when it suits their agenda? Since the Mayor of Freetown is directly elected by the people, is the new resident minister the boss of the Mayor? Look, lets stop this charade of power grabbing hungry president.

    If this is not consolidation of absolute power by this dictatorship, I don’t know what to call it. It is the final nail to the coffin for the office of the Mayor of Freetown. So far Yvonne Aki-Swayerr, the Mayor of Freetown is doing a fantastic JOB under difficult circumstances. We know every turn she takes, someone from the Bio dictatorship is waiting in the corner to strike at her. Right now to be a Mayor of Freetown is the most difficult job in the world. You really have to have eyes at the back of your head or you are a walking dead. With the appointment of resident minister, it will hasten the land grab policy that this corrupt government is engaged in.

    This is another assault on the Krio community. Why can’t the government support the initiative put forward by the Mayor to transform Freetown, rather than engage her in a battle of wills. This is surely Bio and his enforcers way of saying who blinks first. May God bless Sierra Leone.

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