President Bio launches social investment fund – 31 July 2020

President Bio launches social investment fund – 31 July 2020

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  1. I was praying for our President, the moment it was rumored that he has COVID-19. Serious stuff. This was my prayer for President Bio “May you be wrapped up in God’s love. Found deep in his everlasting wings. Carried and kept, safe and cherished. May the healing power of Christ breath across your being now and forevermore.” Amen and Amen, Father God. I don’t want this President to leave office by sickness, military coup etc. I want this President to have more than the “seven lives” of a cat as the saying goes, so that he will face men in the debate stands to prove his failed policies and leadership.

    This President must leave office only through the ballot box. PERIOD!. COVID-19 was not the only rumor that was heard about this President whilst he was in Lebanon. What about the construction of a plant by NESTLE and CADBURY in Kailahun District, to produce high grade Nescafe and mouth watering Chocolates, which they say was pushed aside by the Bio SLPP kakistocracy? From Nissan BO, now we have Nestle and Cadbury in the rumour world. Can you imagine? My investigation into this matter has already begun.

    But for now, I am busy praying for the progressive recovery of President Bio – “May Allah grant every sick complete shifts, expiate their sins for every moment of suffering and grant them a quick recovery. Ameen. God grant President Bio a very speedy recovery and see him back to work, to allow me continue talking about the wrong policies and failures of the Bio SLPP kakistocracy. God bless President Bio.

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