President Bio promises to take development to northern Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 16 December 2019: 2019:

Speaking in Kabala during his a two-day working visit to Koinadugu and Falaba districts – in the far north of Sierra Leone last weekend, President Dr Julius Maada Bio assured some of the poorest communities in the country of his government’s commitment to develop those districts.

In his welcoming address, Paramount Chief Alie Balamansa Marah III, said that he and his people are pleased to receive the President, and commended the president for the numerous jobs given to sons and daughters of his chiefdom, and assured him of his communities’ support for the government.

Koinadugu District Council Chairman – Mr Alex Conteh, said that people in the district are pleased with the government’s free quality education programme, adding that they are also appreciative of the President’s inclusive governance policy that could ensure community cohesion.

Speaking at the Kabala Town Field, President Bio said that Koinadugu is a vital part of Sierra Leone and deserves to be part of the government’s development process.

He said that since his election last year, his government has worked very hard on a lot of initiatives aimed at improving the lives of citizens. In Sierra Leone

“We have done quite a lot within this short period. We have taken education as a priority programme because we care about the future of this country. Investing in our kids is the best way of laying a solid foundation for sustainable development,” he said.

President Bio also said that he is particularly concerned about the welfare of women and girls, and spoke of the government’s commitment to empower women. He said he will be offering a new micro-credit financing scheme to help women become self-reliant and independent.

The president also condemned early marriage, rape and all forms of violence against women and girls.

He said that women constitute a major part of the country’s population and must be allowed to realise their fullest potential, adding that if women are educated, they will contribute greatly to the development of the nation.


  1. Alhamdulilah for hearing that, because I will be so much happy if such promises will came to pass. God bless Koinadugu. Aameen

  2. I gotta admit, the good people of Sierra Leone are the nicest and most welcoming human beings upon the face of our beautiful earth. True. A warm reception? For this tribalistic President? Bravo! I take my hat off to the people of northern Sierra Leone. Despite all of the devious, spurious, incessant lies and endless calculated, fake promises, being hurled consistently at them, nothing could deter a single person from breaking out in smiles and happiness in an admirable support and display of unflinching patriotism and devotion, to our beloved nation.

    Strange indeed,is it not? That this ineffective President that is anxious to build a needless, expensive billion dollar bridge is not ashamed to even visit the poorest places in our nation and brazenly lie and deceive people languishing in poverty and complete despair? How many fake, flimsy promises has this lawless, pretentious, corrupt minded President made that has gone unfulfilled since he took over the reins of power?

    Countess as grains of sand on the shores of Lumley beach.(lol) The year 2019, was a nail biting, depressing, shockingly disgraceful one for fraudsters in the notorious SLPP.(lol)
    They stupidly chased credible Investors away, increased an already bloated government budget borrowed shiploads of high interest loans from the IMF and World Bank, miserably failed in the MCC score card, trampled on and decimated the rule law, promoted tribalism as has never been done ever before, poorly implemented a failed Free Quality Education program, connived, corrupted and defrauded the system, discreetly and illicitly, accepted bribes to the more than the tune of 1.5 million dollars.

    Ugh, why bother Saidu, the list of their failures and shortcomings is truly quite shameful, totally disturbing, confounding and endless…..Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

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