President Bio receives big welcome in Massachusetts

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 March 2019:

President Julius Maada Bio was today welcomed in Boston by the State Representative – Shawn C Dooley of the House of Representatives of The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, where he was praised for his impressive leadership in transforming Sierra Leone.

The State Representative congratulated president Bio for fostering a great friendship between Sierra Leone and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts through his historic visit.

Receiving an award from the State Representative at a town hall meeting with Sierra Leoneans, the citation to president Julius Maada Bio reads: “The entire membership extends its very best wishes and expresses the hope for future good fortune and continued success in all endeavours.”

Speaking to Sierra Leoneans attending the town hall meeting, president Bio highlighted his  government’s achievements since taking up office about a year ago.

He spoke about his commitment to human capital development through his Free Quality Education Programme, the fight against corruption, and the ongoing commissions of inquiry.

The president told the audience that his government has launched the Medium-Term National Development Plan, which was produced after nationwide consultation, so at to address the serious development challenges facing Sierra Leone.

The meeting was chaired by Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the United States of America – Sidique Abu Bakarr Wai and attended  by the Chairman of SLPP North America – Mohamed Bah.

Later today president Bio will commence his formal engagement with a visit to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he will be received by Cindy Barnhart, Chancellor.

And tomorrow Friday 8th March 2019, he will visit Harvard University.


  1. International corporations to develop our country should be the bottom line – not who is paying for the trip

  2. Leaders of our Beloved Nation of Sierra Leone (PAST and PRESENT) should remember, Allah (God) will hold you ACCOUNTABLE and you’ll answer Him directly, without any intermediary of how you governed or ruled your PEOPLE.

  3. Reference to the question,”WHO IS PAYING FOR THE TRIP” when President Bio travels?. This is a question which should not have been even asked when a president of a country travels on a presidential trip abroad. If I am to go down the same root to ask you this question, who do you think pays President Trump’s official trips, even though he is a billionaire and uses the USA presidential plane i.e Airforce One for his travelling?

    Remember this, TAX PAYERS foot the bill of the office of the President as long it is of the interest of the country and her people. Sierra Leone may one day reap the benefit of President Bio’s trip abroad in spreading the good image of our beloved Mama Sierra Leone (minus de beggar beggar way de international countries be know about Sierra Leone befoe).

  4. Thank you very much Anthony for mentioning the NRM in your comment. What the NRM is doing is very good for the APC. They are trying to save the APC by pin pointing the reasons that lead to their defeat and suggesting reforms. The NRM is right in every respect.

    The sacking of VP Sam Sumana, the removal of Emmerson Sahr Lamina, the mistreatment of some party stalwarts and outdated party rules sent the APC into the opposition wilderness. To be honest, most Konos saw the dramatic sacking of VP Chief Sam Sumana as robbing their son the presidency. That is a fact whether you like it or not.

    However, all is not yet lost. The APC can still reconcile with the chief through the C4C if they want to win the presidency in the next elections. If the APC decides to reform and rally behind the Chief as leader and presidential candidate of the APC for the next election, I am confident that Chief will get the keys to State House.

    The APC will have all the progressive forces both inside and outside Sierra Leone behind them. Believe me. Everyone will be surprised how different political machines and movements both inside and outside Sierra Leone will be mobilised. But if they fail to reconcile with chief, then I am afraid, they will have to stall in the political wilderness forever.

    Chief Sam Sumana as I have always said and believe could be president of Sierra Leone. It’s better for the APC to have someone help them win than to loose forever. Can the APC do their homework before 2023? For now, let us focus on president Bio and help him succeed. LOG LIVE JUSTICE AND PROSPERITY IN SIERRA LEONE.

  5. Has THIS LOVELY TRIP become a point of contention? Everybody is right in my opinion.

    Those who are asking who is paying for THIS LOVELY TRIP are right. We heard that the president travelled with a lot of government officials which will cost a lot of government money. So they want to know why the government is paying plenty of money for this large number of government officials I will assume.

    Secondly, those who support the gains THIS LOVELY TRIP will bring to the country are also right. Student exchange schemes are also good for deserving students.

    So, let’s congratulate each other and move on. We are all for the same goal.
    I hope THIS LOVELY TRIP affair will be welcomed by all irrespective of one’s view. Because, it keeps popping.

  6. Let the Sierra Leonean tax payers worry about that! What’s wrong with you people? Shouldn’t he travel?

    • I simply cannot comprehend the plethora of criticisms being directed at our present president who has done more than any of his predecessors. Free tuition for primary and secondary schools, a Commission of inquiry into the reckless, despicable and criminal financial behaviour of previous governments is something to be greatly commended.

      Throughout the history of Sierra Leone, nobody could have imagined that such a thing would happen in our lifetime. I went back to Sierra Leone in the late eighties to do business only to discover that the country was being robbed blind by politicians who were just lining their pockets.

      As an example I had to take a carton of thousands of leones to the house of two ministers for something I didn’t even have to pay anything for in the first place. I was just a small businessman. Can you imagine what went on behind closed doors when they were dealing with big businessmen let alone big corporations! APC, unfortunately has been a curse on Sierra Leone since we got independence. It is about time we got a breath of fresh air in politics in the country.

  7. Who cares who is paying for the trip. I am not affiliated with any political party in Sierra Leone, but as a concerned citizen, the man has done more than the previous government; from what I read.

  8. Hopefully Dr. Dennis Sandy will face the commission of enquiry – another corrupt minister of SLPP

    • Mr. Afriju, your comment is the stereotype between SLPP and APC, but fortunately SLPP has restructured itself while you continue to follow the tolongbo APC.

      Restructure your party and let them come up with brilliant ideas how to move the country forward. If APC would have done their homework after 34 years in power, life would have been easier for us all.

      Join NRM or the Kolokoh Movement, these are structures within the APC Party wanting to build a new and dynamic APC. Sierra Leone more than ever must have good political leadership irrespective from which party. NGC with KKY and co are just a very good example!

      The present government is doing a good job by laying a good foundation for our future development and we all know, development is a process. Please let us put at last our Salone Fos!!

  9. It is great to get an award. But if I may ask, what can that do for the poor African country Sierra Leone. There is total hunger, high prices of basic life sustaining goods and false promises. We are tired of words and trips, we need actions. Sierra Leone deserves better.

  10. reinhard wiecha asks: Who is paying for this lovely trip?

    The gains/rewards accrued from this lovely trip more than pays for the trip. For example, the mighty Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has agreed to provide fellowships for Njala University graduates to pursue Masters and Ph.D degrees at MIT. Also, president Bio’s free quality education program has become popular globally.

    Don’t you agree that a president who is “always on the road” is better than a president that sits in State House and chops Ebola money?

  11. Thank you Mr. President for taking Sierra Leone from hopelessness to hope. We pray that God almighty gives you the strength and wisdom to build an egalitarian society where the strong are preserved and weak protected.

    • Hopelessness? Yeah, SLPP hopelessness, I agree with you my friend. During the past government, there was no suffering like what the people are facing now. Please travel to Sierra Leone and see for yourself, then you will actually see the deplorable situation with your crazy new tribalistic direction.

    • This question is not necessary for the discourse of national development. Do you expect citizens of other countries to pay for the traveling expense of the President and his delegation? You got to think beyond this kind of primary level criticism.

      Globalization and international corporation demand that our leaders get out of their comfort zones to outsource development initiatives for the progress of their nations.

  12. He has to travel to make things work. Phone calls do not work in such situations. So it does not matter who is paying if it will help the country. Let the people in Sierra Leone who are paying taxes ask the question. I bet you are in the diaspora.

    Let us pray for our Country for development, progress, God’s blessing and for God to direct the new man in charge so we can stand out in terms of development,trade, good education and medical facilities and eradicate corruption.

  13. Lovely to see your president looking GOOD, SMART and in FORM. Giving him an AWARD is exceptional. What a lovely trip. YEH…….EEH.

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