President Bio speaks about court’s decision to allow former President Koroma to leave the country

President Bio's Sierra Leone has one of the highetst inflation rates in West Africa at over 54%

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 18 January 2024:

President Bio has tonight addressed the people of Sierra Leone, calling for national unity and continuing dialogue towards peace and national cohesion. His address comes following the decision of the High Court yesterday to grant former President Koroma’s request to leave the country for medical treatment in Nigeria.

There have been mixed emotions and reactions to the court’s decision from ruling SLPP party supporters, who are accusing President Bio of selling out and betrayal.

Opposition APC supporters on the other hand are ecstatic over the court’s decision and say that ECOWAS had left President Bio with no choice, other than to allow the former president who has been charged with treason to travel to Nigeria from house arrest.

In an effort to assure his supporters and critics alike of his determination to bring to justice all those alleged to have taken part in what the government says was a failed coup of November 26, 2023, President Bio tonight said that former President Koroma (Photo above) has been granted bail to leave the country against his government’s wishes, but will return to face justice.

“The Attorney General vehemently opposed the application,” President Bio said, whilst conceding that “on the principle of separation of powers enshrined in our Constitution, it is a matter entirely for the courts to determine.”

The court’s decision he said, “reinforces our position that the trial is not a political witch- hunt, but one aimed at unravelling the truth behind the events of November 26th, 2023.”

You can watch the full broadcast here:

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  1. Maada Bio will be taking a great leap forward the day he stops playing us for fools. Separation of powers? Because he hasn’t been the one that has called for going after EBK, or put another way, would our other “powers” do anything that Bio would not approve of? Just because we were not there when Bio was telling his little servants to go charge EBK with treason, no less, simply because his security, that was provided for by the current government, is implicated in the supposed coup, doesn’t mean we will believe Bio doesn’t have hand in all this.

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