president Bio’s Christmas dinner with 800 disadvantaged children

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 21 December 2018:

Yesterday, 20th December 2018, president Julius Maada Bio had Christmas dinner at State House with 800 disadvantaged kids from various communities across the capital Freetown.

The president said he was pleased to have so many children from disadvantaged backgrounds celebrating Christmas with him.

Children he said, are his priority and this is why he has chosen to invest in developing the country’s human capital, especially the education of every child in Sierra Leone.

President Bio commended parents and teachers for supporting his flagship free quality education programme.

He noted that the programme would need the collective effort of everyone in the country, if it is to succeed.

Recognising the tremendous job being done by teachers, the president said that teachers are very important people, carrying out a very difficult but noble job, for which no amount of money could adequately compensate.

President Bio acknowledged that those in government today are the products of teachers. He said that his determination is to make every Sierra Leonean child achieve his/her God given potential.

Speaking to the children, president Bio said: “Christmas is a moment of joy, and I thought I should share it with you to show that we care about you all. As a government, we attach a lot of importance to you and it is our duty to make you the best kids on earth.”

“Today you are pupils, and tomorrow you can be any one of us here with your education. So, I challenge you all to be good children. The moment shared with you today is the greatest pleasure for me. I thank you all for coming,” the president told the 800 very happy children.

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