President Bio and Mrs Bio in Gambia 4

President Bio and Mrs Bio in Gambia 4


  1. He is certainly showing that he has a big heart for the country and is determined to leave an enviable legacy. God bless him.

  2. Well done. The best ever. I am your ambassador of peace in the beautiful Kingdom of Eswatinis. Please visit His Majesty, my King and 2nd nation. Your humble servant. Maurice Modupe Taylor.

  3. Those who understand the history of Sierra Leone, more especially what she has gone through in terms of Civil War,Ebola, and above all high level corruption which left her empty like an empty bag, can appreciate the efforts you’re applying to refill some of those gaps instead of declining it.

    I personally recognize and appreciate Your good works for this country, as You once said, “the only place we call Our Home”. Even your second term which is obvious, is not enough to recover the problems of Sierra Leone. We therefore pray for you to stay as long as you could to make sure Sierra Leone regains it’s glory before leaving her. Thank you Sir for your good works.

    • Well yeah… Generally, our presidents have been a bunch of…I mean to say it’s not very difficult to be the “best” in Sierra Leone.

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