President Ernest Koroma of Sierra Leone at crossroads

Or-man from Bombali

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 September 2017

I was just thinking today that this 2018 election cycle is much different from the Tejan Kabbah-led SLPP election cycle of 2007. Two years to the elections in 2005, the SLPP held their convention and elected their flag bearer – a clear manifestation that the Fountain of Honour was overflowing.

Two years to the 2007 election was a long enough time to accord the disgruntled elements within the SLPP a chance to form the PMDC, led by Lawyer Charles Francis Margai.

But this time around, the sitting APC  government which is among the portfolio of assets bought by President Dr. Ernest Buy-bye Koroma is taking its time (all the time in the world) to call up a national convention.

With less than six months left to the voting day – 7th March 2018, and no sign of an APC national convention? Unbelievable.

This in itself has a couple of narratives. The APC is at crossroads. Should the new ownership be documented that Koroma now owns the APC party in its entirety? Should he demonstrate his ownership of a democratic organization by staying on in power? If so how?

News from the rumour mill is that he is planning on stage-managing a military take-over so as to then declare a State of Emergency and postpone the election.

Yes, that is what the newly processed mill has delivered to my grapevine. I hate the rumour mill. Most of their produce is true; sometimes overblown – but true all the same.

If this stage-managed coup d’état is to happen, which soldier will be stupid to fall for a trap like that; to be promised or even given a million dollars to perpetrate a treasonous offense… then be arrested? And what if they are killed to keep them silent? Fools don’t come in their packages anymore you know…

President Dr. Ernest Buy-Bye Koroma is planning hard and entertaining his Maker. God has reason to laugh – hard too.

And what if the “fools” agree to play-act that coup d’état? And what if, as they come to the part where they pull the trigger the plans turn real, and it no longer becomes a play-acting but real heroism to rid Sierra Leone of a despot? Will it not be better for the Pa to leave in peace and not in pieces?

APC is at crossroads indeed. What if they eventually play the girls’ game – _”Ar paas yaa? No wae, no wae” – and they hold their convention; and then what’s-his-name is ‘selected’ as the presidential candidate? Will there not be a Tsunami?

There are the Coalition for Change (C4C) people who are doing their best to effect what they call a Tsunami. Watch out Salone people, President Dr. Ernest Buy-Bye Koroma has ruined your nation – I agree; but mark my words, in so doing, he has ruined his future, and most probably, his life after the presidency.


  1. I believe that Sierra Leone has been unfortunate for decades to have been ruled by the APC government who always elected their leaders (Late Siaka Stevens,Joseph Saidu Momoh and now President Earnest Koroma ) based on looks and how comical they can be, that’s why I always refer to them as clowns.

    APC leaders always lack common sense as was recently proven when President Koroma rewarded the people that stole the Ebola relief fund by just uttering a statement in Krio ” God go pay dem wan dem way tiff Ebola money. And recently he made this statement at State House to the victims of the hajj scandal: “As long as the APC retains power next year they will definitely make their trip,” Which means you have to vote APC if you want scholarship that was awarded by foreign governments for the poor people who cannot afford the money to make a holy pilgrimage to hajj.

    Lastly, how can a leader with common sense levy taxes (TOLL) on citizens for the only main road that leads to the provinces which was constructed during colonialism and rehabilitated by successive leaders by various companies (Wamman Abu, Salcost, J Miatta and many more).

    Any leader with common sense should have asked the Chinese to construct an alternative and sophisticated super highway and leave us with our poor road which we have been content with for decades instead of humiliating us.

    Based on what I heard, the citizens are now paying the Chinese to finish the ongoing construction which means “They are using our oil to fry us”.

    My advice to the President is to leave peacefully instead of begging or provoking the people to force you out as they did with your Makeni brother late Foday Sankoh, because after the war the youths that have experienced near death situations are not afraid to die for democracy for which some of their compatriots have sacrificed their sweat, blood and lives.

  2. President Koroma must go in peace after giving back all the money that has disappeared and the country ruined. I am quite sure the soldiers are not that naive to enter into a trap set by him. They must follow rule of law..

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