Presidential hopeful Jonathan Tengbe endorses outcome of SLPP constitutional petition

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 April 2016

Dr Jonathan Tengbe 1One of the aspirants for the presidential flagbearership of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) Dr. Jonathan BonophaTengbe (Photo), last weekend expressed his satisfaction over the peaceful settlement of the long drawn petition case between the National Executive of the party and some aggrieved members, who objected to the newly drafted by-laws that the National Executive Council approved some months ago.

Dr. Tengbe who is currently in Qatar, said that he was happy with the level of democratic practice within the SLPP.

But he stressed that members must not allow the true democratic spirit within the party to sway them away from the core values, ideologies and key agenda.

He thanked the petitioners and the current National Executive of the party, for finding a common ground in the interest of national unity and lasting peace.

Dr. Tengbe also thanked the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) for its relentless effort, in helping the SLPP find a lasting solution to the internal problems that have for so long plagued the party.

The engineer and politician, noted that the SLPP has been in the cold far too long as a result of individual differences. He said that this has not impacted well on the democratic process in the country, as it continues to create a platform for the ruling APC to run the country the way they want.

Tengbe peace mission1He therefore called on the entire membership of the SLPP to put aside their individual differences and embrace the new found peace. (Photo: A cross-section of SLPP leaders meeting at a peace conference held recently).

In addition, Dr. Tengbe expressed his dissatisfaction over the 2015 census provisional results, noting that it is a deliberate attempt by the APC led government to misinform not only the nation, but also donor partners.

This he said is not good for the development of the country, as census is not only about adding or deducting constituencies for political gains, but rather for planning the development of the whole nation.

President Koroma launches 2015 census reportHe condemned the entire process, calling it a grand plan aimed at keeping the APC in power and re-establishing a one party state in the country. (Photo: President Koroma launching the 2015 Provisional census report).

Dr. Tengbe said he stands with the SLPP in rejecting the 2015 provisional census result, and called on the international and donor partners to reject the result, stating that it misrepresents good governance and democracy in the country.

“If accepted to remain as it is, it would justify the APC party’s claim that democracy is not the best governance option for Sierra Leone. I therefore, want to urge all international partners and donor agencies to reject these results in the interest of lasting peace and development, and also for best democratic practice in the country,” Dr. Tengbe concluded.

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