Pressure mounts on APC to end boycott  but the party remains steadfast

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 July 2023:

US Ambassador to Sierra Leone – David Reimer today called on Sierra Leone’s main opposition APC party not to boycott government,  following the Party executives’ resolution at a meeting held two days ago in Freetown with their elected MPs, Councillors and Mayors not to engage with the ruling SLPP party and its government.

Writing on Twitter,  US Ambassador Reimer said: “I urge the APC not to boycott government. A vibrant democracy needs a strong opposition; those who voted for the opposition need to have their voices heard.”

Yesterday, the APC party leader – Dr Samura Kamara published a congratulatory message to Nigerian President Bola Tinubu – not for his controversial winning of the presidential election in Nigeria, which is being contested in court, but for his appointment as Chairman of ECOWAS. Samura has not extended congratulation to Julius Maada Bio.

“Congratulations to Your Excellency President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on being elected as Chairman of ECOWAS. Your leadership, vision, and commitment to regional integration will undoubtedly propel West Africa towards greater peace, stability, and prosperity. Wishing you a successful tenure as Chairman,” Samura Kamara wrote on Twitter.

Response to US Ambassador Reimer’s call for APC not to boycott government has been mixed. Most party members and supporters are believed to be in support of the decision of the party bosses not to engage with President Bio and his ruling SLPP, until all disaggregated polling station results have been verified and published by the National Electoral Commission.

“It was us who stood out in the hot burning sun queuing up to vote that demanded our politicians not to take part in this illegitimate government. The will of the people was denied. Why can’t we confirm our votes with the disaggregated results for all polling stations as demanded by all observers,” was one reaction from a party supporter.

Today, as all of the elected APC MPs stayed away from the opening of parliament, a key voice among the party’s parliamentary caucus – elected MP Osman Timbo (Photo) published this statement defending the action of his fellow APC parliamentary colleagues:

“Since I officially joined politics in 2013, I have always maintained that I want to represent people, hence my choice to be a parliamentarian, and nothing else. In the June 24th General Election, I again asked the people to repose their confidence in me and allow me serve them as their parliamentarian. With a score of over 65%, the people in the locality of the district where I ran, gave me their votes.

“I take those votes very seriously. People’s votes are not just numbers or figures that can be played with anyhow. They represent their sweat, blood, voice and desire, and that must be respected. Our national constitution (1991) in section 5 (2) (a) provides that  ‘sovereignty belongs to the people of SL from whom Government through this Constitution derives all its powers, authority and legitimacy’. It is all about the people we seek to represent.

“I take their votes as their signature in a social contract entered into with me. Since after the announcement of the results, I have received barrage of calls, messages, voice notes and visits from the same people, all saying the same thing – don’t go to Parliament, just yet. In fact, as I type I continue to receive persistent calls and messages.

“Today, as the 6th Parliament commences and the Oath of Office administered, I WILL NOT be attending in line with the voice of the people. ‘Vox Populi, Voi Dei’ – the voice of the people, is the voice of God.

“I wholeheartedly, without any form of compulsion, endorse my party’s (APC) decision, informed by its supporters and members, to stay away from participating in governance until certain demands are met, primary amongst them (in my view) is the publication of the disaggregated polling station results to corroborate the flamboyant results read out by the ECSL – remember, this ECSL and other state institutions and CSOs have many a time reminded us that it is the ECSL that has the sole mandate to publish results.

“Final results MUST accurately represent the total tally of those votes validly cast at every polling station. It should not take more than a day after the announcement of the final results for that to be published (for the sake of transparent and ‘saful’ elections)  as even an uneducated man would expect that it is a simple addition of the 1 + 1 votes from the polling stations that should equal to the total final figures announced.

“I also note US Embassy Freetown post urging the opposition not to boycott Parliament for the sake of democracy, stating that ‘those who voted for the opposition need to have their voices heard’. Well, those who voted for us have asked us not to participate. Isn’t our silence loud enough? Remember how much we spoke and did in the last 5 years? Well, now we’ve chosen to keep quiet and mind our business. In this case, our silence does not mean consent. Silence here, is golden.”

The editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph contacted Sylvanus Koroma of the APC to comment on the US Ambassador’s call for APC not to boycott democracy. This is what he said: “Someone asked me to double check how credible was the purported tweet of the outgoing US Ambassador. I simply told the person that credible or not (authentic or otherwise), the said tweet didn’t mention who the current opposition in Sierra Leone is. Its only urging the APC NOT to boycott government.

“And the reason for urging the APC not to boycott government was stated in the first bit of second sentence of the tweet — ‘A vibrant democracy needs a strong opposition.’ The operative phrase on the first bit (limb) of the second sentence is VIBRANT DEMOCRACY and the watchword is DEMOCRACY. Democracy itself has core policies and guidance which must be adhered to. And failing which, there cannot be said to be democracy and not to even mention the adjective ‘vibrant’ to it.

“In Sierra Leone the ECSL has policies to follow and to produce the results. This includes the disaggregated results which can then be verified with the political parties or candidates Results Reconciliation Forms (RRF) per polling station. Each polling station has a limit of 300 voters. But up to date the ECSL has not been able to provide the disaggregated results even though contestants and as well as observers have demanded that severally.

“Because of the blatant refusal to provide the results for almost 3 weeks now by ECSL, it is now a public knowledge that the assertion by the political parties especially the APC that the results are fraudulent has hold sway! Therefore, it is politically correct for the APC NOT to partake in any form of undemocratic government. This is what the American Ambassador and his government stand for!

“So, APC is not boycotting a government but has the right to boycott an undemocratic government, and certainly the American government will not support undemocratic government as per its principles.

“In essence the tweet is an irony of undemocratic government. One must have that ability to unravel the diplomatic loaded vibes. But in this case, it is not rocket science, you only need to have followed the position of the great American Ambassador to Sierra Leone in terms of the June elections to understand the drift.

“At any rate, the second limb of the second sentence provides for everyone’s participation. Fair enough, when the APC takes its rightful place, the opposition will have a voice and will be heard.

“In a nutshell, the outgoing US Ambassador’s tweet is clear to those with clear minds. Without vibrant democracy, democracy will be usurped and killed, or die in the hands of elections PhD coupists.”

Commenting on today’s opening of parliament, Dr Samura Kamara said:


  1. Diplomacy is a whole PROFESSION . Unfortunately, some delusional APC members and sympathizers will continue to misconstrue some of the statements issued by diplomats.
    Sierra Leone just practiced a Free,Fair and Transparent elections based on our constitution. We are still in our INFANCY stage of only SIX elections as compared to the United States that has conducted FIFTY NINE presidential elections. Still there is also some doubt about how they elect the president through the constitutional system of Electoral College instead of Majority Carries the vote. The ECSL Chief Returning Officer has announced the final results and based on our constitution, the results will be GAZETTED shortly.

  2. Diplomacy is a whole PROFESSION . Unfortunately, some delusional APC members and sympathizers will continue to misconstrue some of the statements issued by diplomats.
    Sierra Leone just practiced a Free,Fair and Transparent elections based on our constitution. We are still in our INFANCY stage of only SIX elections as compared to the United States that has conducted FIFTY NINE presidential elections. Still there is also some doubt about how they elect the president through the constitutional system of Electoral College instead of Majority Carries the vote. The ECSL Chief Returning Officer has announced the final results and based on our constitution, the results will be GAZETTED shortly.
    The link below will show that even the USA is still struggling with their own democracy:

  3. Interesting that some followers here prefer insults and attacking others as a way of proving their point. This place is becoming increasingly emotionally charged and reflective of the modus operandi, especially aroubnd the Freetown enclave. Is it true that insults is the last refuge of the incompetent? People can’t agree and disagree on issues without making personal attacks because of differences in opinions or otherwise? Ironically, some of these same people preach democracy, selectively ignoring the freedom side of things, including that of thought, speech, association etc.I hope this medium is not transformed into something else. Please send us advance notice when it’s time.

  4. Yes we are not astonished by the hypocrisy, outburst, or unfortunate statement made by the outgoing US Ambassador to Sierra Leone. That true democracy needs a powerful opposition, yes true, but wait a minute mr. Ambassador, is there any semblance of democracy in Sierra Leone today?. no not at all.

    Mr. Ambassador, as rational human beings, we have past & present reasons to believe that your country have persistently supported past crazy and non functional dictatorships & tyrants in Africa. So is your country continuing the trend in Sierra Leone.

    Is it really true that the out going American ambassador to Sierra Leone made this unfortunate statement. But the ambassador is indeed not a lunatic, nor is he suffering from any unknown mental health related disorder.

    Mr. So-called ambassador, just wanted to know whether your home town or country would allow this type of democracy and leadership, dictatorship& tyrant?.

    Your hypocrisy can not be qualified or quantified in monetary value, you live and witness all the brutality, innocent killings, the lawlessness, epidemic corruption, and the elections, so as a true human being mr. Ambassador, is the elections in Sierra Leone really democratic elections?. Would the Ambassador accept these kind of elections in his your own home country or back yard??

    And if these rigged elections results outcome happen to have been in your own home country of birth or back yard, do you honestly think Mr. Ambassador, you would accepted such nonsense?. So if you can not proffer solutions then why make such an unfortunate statement.

    Be mindful of your hypocrisy. That’s what I said earlier that the people of Sierra Leone should never and ever put their hopes uppon the so-called international community, see now.

    Mr. Ambassador the people of Sierra Leone shall surely resist, to restitute back true democracy in the country.

    I rest my case.

  5. Sierra Leone is a now disaster story…a crooked ship at sea that has lost sight of the glorious, enchanting shore; She sails day and night, aimlessly, and its crew is an odd assessment of heartless criminals…”YES MEN” that are completely loyal to the khaki wearing, grimacing, Captain of the crooked ship; The delusional, amoral Captain of the “LEONAS OF THE HIGH SEAS” and his insouciant crew are totally drunk…but not with delicious wine, but by their unquenchable thirsts for money and power; Bastardy, they were born yesterday in utter gloomy darkness; and yes, you guessed it, Dastardly they have become today, deviously thriving in a nation in the grips of abject poverty and sadness, that their tribalistic hands have created in utter bewildering madness; The legendary APC should not stand aloof and let the ‘LEONAS OF THE HIGH SEAS” sail out of sight towards it destruction into total oblivion. They should boldly rescue the ship from Maada Bio and his gang of pirates,…and remember to rescue a hijacked ship already in the firm grips of bandits…you must unsheathed your patriotic swords, sharpen them, and prepare them for an all out war in the interests of God and country – Folks of the APC…Wake up…playtime is over. Our Sierra Leone needs you rescue her from the unforgiving grips of tyranny now.

  6. APC should not flinch or budge until their demands, particularly that dealing with the real results of the elections, are met. The people know how they voted and are not about to be fooled and disenfranchised insidiously; those days are over and dead – a significant number of us helped to bury them.

    The United States Ambassador apparently expressed a personal preference or opinion. Whether he is allowed to do that by his bosses in Washington I don’t know, what I do know is that The State Department (effectively the American government ) has some serious doubts about the elections of 24th June, evidenced by latest pronouncements, thanks to remarkable efforts by Sierra Leoneans living in the United States. Something similar is the works in Britain, it won’t surprise me if it crawls over to Brussels – The European Parliament. International institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund are not happy with Bio either.

    The world is closing in on Bio, the omens are not good. Besides China, where else can he turn? The sooner Bio realises that even the Chinese and wealthy Arab nations tend to direct their capital where it is safe with a promise of good returns. Sierra Leone hardly offers such an environment as of now. The country is in for an unending darkness, not the one caused by lack of electricity, but by the one inflicted by economic woes. If Bio is a real patriot, he should get his electoral commissioner (Mohammed Konneh) to either plan for new elections or release the authentic results of the elections of the 24th of June 2023.

  7. It’s just a simple request that the APC PARTY is asking for
    We all know that the election is fair one then let the ECSL do the needful it’s has been done before
    And is it a crime for someone to congratulate another president no matter what is the issue

  8. The SL constitution stipulates that the Speaker should be elected by a two thirds majority of the house. If, after three votes, the two thirds majority is not secured, then the Speaker can be elected by a simple majority. The constitution further stipulates that Parliament cannot function without a Speaker, therefore, how was Abass Bundu elected as Speaker? The SLPP and Chiefs, who I think are feudal relics and have no place in a democracy, do not constitute a two thirds majority.
    This is another example of the lacklustre performance of the APC.
    Let us not forget that in 5 years of opposition, all bills tabled to Parliament were passed unanimously, which would indicate that brown envelopes were tacitly condoned by the APC.
    I’m sorry, this situation is compounded by the corruption of the APC, therefore, who can blame Mr Bio for thinking its business as usual.A bit late to play the moral and ethics card.

    • Leo Africans,i want you to know that all our politicians have corrupted minds and they do commit corruption in our country
      so just forget about that CORRUPTION THING
      and talk about something else

      • Santigie Santos. There is no need to shout. Your request to forget about corruption is received and my answer is a resounding .
        The ability to reflect is important in understanding, where mistakes have been made. Corruption is a cancer that is killing our nation, therefore, I wonder why you have made such a request?
        I am not obligated to anyone and I don’t support corruption in any party. I am more APC than you, in fact my family are founding members of the APC. I will call out wrong where I see it and I shall not be silenced by threats or strawman arguments.

  9. “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light”. Sierra Leoneans why are we so aggrieved of everything about our country, our society, our leadership, our forces, our traders, the least to note – our personal livelihoods? Let’s try and control our anger and seek the solution.

    Our country is still growing so therefore, it is high time for us all to accept our faults and move on. We have failed to invest out time in productive activities. Some of us still have a poor mindset about real life issues.

    Politics is developing to a level that very few people nowadays chooses to engage in productive activities. Let us ask ourselves this question: Of all the parliamentarians in the past and present, how many of them have created jobs for his/her electorate? Non. How many of them have a single pineapple or mango or orange factory in this country where citizens can be employed? Non. Instead it is the indians, or Lebanese. How many of them have even constructed a single bread factory in his/her constituents? Non. How many of them have rice farms that can create food production in the country and create job opportunities? Non.How many of them have ever built a low rate housing facility in our cities for low income earners ? Non. Say the least being a pure water factory.

    Contrary to what we perceive of the Western culture, that is where you can come across politicians with factories and farms that creates job opportunities for lots of people. Where do you think most of the migrants gain job opportunities from when they arrive in Europe or America? Private companies ofcourse.

    Sometimes I wonder what politicians call the voice of the people. How do they respond to the voice of the people they represent is also parallel to what the voice truly ask for. If you move right across Sierra Leone today from APC strongholds to SLPP strongholds and the rest of the other parties, what you will hear is hunger. This has been the cry of our communities since independence. Who among our members of parliament has ever taught of building a bread factory in our cities? Who among our members of parliament have taught of solving this problem? Non. Let there be act of parliament that state that every district headquarter town must have a state own bread factory that creates job opportunities for its citizens. Bread is a very good subsidy to rice. Bread is simple to eat. Bread is food. Bread can be eaten with so many ingredients depending on the earnings of the individual. Bread is even cheaper for meal than rice.

    As we choose to move on in our darkest moments, let’s try to consider seeking relevant solutions to our societal problems. The real voice of the people that vote our politicians into offices is about addressing the basic needs of life (food, shelter and clothing). All other things may follow later.

  10. The majority of Sierra Leoneans that voted for President Bio are rejoicing that their prayers has been heard for the APC not attending to the opening of Parliament. The APC’s boycott of Parliament and not to partake in the government will bring relief and breath of peace in Sierra Leone. Been in opposition in the last Parliament with hardly any positive contributions to help Sierra Leone become a better country will be of no difference with their stance to boycott this Parliament. This is blessings in disguise
    for level headed Sierra Leoneans. APC is not good for themselves and for Mama Sierra Leone. APC som of u nar get sweh. Shame on Samura to congratulate Nigeria President whose Presidency is in court by an opposition party regarding election malpractices. You Samura did not go to court to voice your concerns about the election results what a double standard you are. You know our election was free, fair and transparent. So what is your problem. Just accept the defeat.

    • It is a shame that you would call yourself a Sierra Leonean and knowing fully well that Sierra Leone has be govern by both SLPP and APC and military juntas over it’s 62 years after independence and would only cast APC as bad for Sierra Leone and not the SLPP as well. This kind of thinking is destructive for nationhood. If APC is bad for Sierra Leone like you claim, then is SLPP that steal elections (among the many destructive policies and tactics it has used to prolong its stay in power) not bad for Sierra Leone too?

      I would argue that both APC and SLPP are not living entities, rather, they are led by individuals. If the individuals running those parties have good visions, good intentions, integrity and the will to do what is right, then Sierra Leone as a nation will benefit. How can you defend the act of stealing an election? And because you don’t have any defense for that, you are castigating the APC. That is outright wrong and foolish.

      What you are failing to realize (because you are more partisan than patriotic), is that all the hard work and sacrifices made by the late president Ahmad Tejan Kabba and followed by Ernest Koroma has been set back and we are now effectively a one party state. I don’t see how you can claim that to be beneficial for Sierra Leone.

    • Carlos kamara,i bet you that in this country your voice can never be heard because your opinion does not exist in your own country, let’s stop using bad words on people
      You are a prisoner in your own country

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