Professor Lumumba joins Sierra Leone to take anti-corruption crusade to global level

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 November 2018:

For the first time since Sierra Leone gained independence in 1961, the country is now beginning to turn the corner in its fight against rampant corruption, which is estimated to be losing the government hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

In the last seven months, since winning presidential elections in March 2018, the SLPP government led by president Julius Maada Bio is doggedly fighting to end corruption in high places and change the culture of impunity, that has seen Sierra Leone reduced to a banana republic.

The previous government had canonised corruption and graft.

The Bio-led government’s disciplined approach to public finance management is aimed at tackling waste and closing leakages in public spending; and when coupled with the fight against corruption by the head of the country’s Anti-Corruption Commission – Francis Ben Kaifala, there is hope of a better future for Sierra Leone.

Twenty-seven percent of women die every year during childbirth or simply trying to cope with pregnancy.

Two out of every five children under 5 years old, will not live to see their fifth birthday – all because of poverty and lack of proper healthcare.

On Saturday 8th December 2018, world renowned ‘good governance and anti-corruption crusader’ – Professor Lumumba, will be in Sierra Leone to take the fight against poor public sector governance and corruption to a global level.

The Anti-Corruption Commission of Sierra Leone will play host to the Kenyan Professor Lumumba as part of worldwide events to commemorate this year’s International Anti-Corruption Day.

Professor Lumumba will deliver a lecture at the Adjai Crowther Amphitheatre at Fourah Bay College, Freetown.

He will speak about “Retracing the `Athens of Africa’: The centrality of the fight against corruption in achieving President Julius Maada Bio’s vision of a reborn prosperous Sierra Leone”.

Thousands are expected to make their way to Fourah Bay College to hear Professor Lumumba speak.

Speaking to the Sierra Leone Telegraph, the head of the country’s Anti-Corruption Commission – Francis Ben Kaifala, said: “The event will raise the profile of Sierra Leone’s efforts in the fight against corruption and close a very successful year on the war against corruption declared by the President.”

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  1. God bless the savior! Blessed is he that love mama Salone and permanently try to end this cancer that has plagued our motherland for far too long. Please do not just narrow your fight to recent years, go way back to soon after independence. Confiscate all their loothes, jail them, trace their overseas accounts and end this menace

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