Racist Chinese worker in Sierra Leone violently attacks a local Sierra Leonean employee

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 June 2021:

A disgraceful video showing a Racist Chinese worker in Sierra Leone, West Africa, violently attacking a Sierra Leonean employee has not only gone viral but has attracted massive condemnation and calls for the Chinese worker to be arrested, charged to court, imprisoned, and then kicked out of Sierra Leone after serving his prison term.

Although the employers of the Chinese worker (Photo) – CRSG say they have dismissed him with immediate effect, it is not clear whether the police will take any action to prosecute.

The Sierra Leone Telegraph sent the video to a senior police officer in the force for comment and to confirm whether they will be taking action, but there has been no comment, suggesting that the government and the police have decided to turn a blind eye and allow the company to deal with the matter as they see fit.

Violence and abusive behaviour by Chinese nationals working and living in Africa is an all too familiar occurrence in many countries around the continent, especially in Zambia and Angola.

But Sierra Leoneans are saying loud and clear that they will not tolerate such behaviour, even though their government officials may keep quiet because of the huge personal financial gain they are amassing from their Chinese guests in the country.

It is not clear what caused the violent attack on the Sierra Leonean employee but yesterday both the Chinese Railway Company on whose site the violent attack took place, and the company employing the racist and barbaric Chinese worker, issued statements condemning the violent attack and racist behaviour of the Chinese worker.

[videopress tANsoL90]


  1. Yes the very violent Chinese man needs to be prosecuted and expelled from the country. When a Chinese man called the President of Kenya a monkey, next morning he was deported back to China. Chinese have no respect for Africans – they hate black people. In Africa they should be thrown out when they treat Africans as second class citizens. There are too many Chinese in Africa already and their plan is to take over Africa financially and then take over of Africa this time to be owned and ruled by the Chinese.

    In China they have assaulted, abused Africans and run them out of their houses and forced them to sleep in the Street. What they have done in China they are planning to do in Africa. They are a clear and present danger to the development of African people and will pull back into another 200 years of slavery and subjection.

  2. Thanks Mr Randall Graham for taking an interest on this issue about China’s encroachment to the African continent. For far too long, African Americans have played a vital role in helping shape policy in the African continent. Malcom x, Mohamed Ali, professor Cornel West, WE Dubios, Edward Blyden and many more before and after them. Apartheid South Africa and Zimbabwe fight for racial equality and Independence for the later would not have been possible without the Active support of our African Americans brothers, and sisters both Congressional leaders and ordinary folks. We are one peoples separated by four hundred years of the history of the slave trade, but that doesn’t dilute the shared values, both politically, economically, social and culturally to lift up our sprites of togetherness as one large African family .

    The Congressional black caucus, has always stood up for the rights of African citizens. And for many African Americans, like justice clerance Thomas of the United States, Cory Booker, Isiah Washington, Michelle Obama father’s side can traced their origin in Sierra Leone. So it is encouraging to see, despite our history and the lack of apology by any African leaders to apologise to you and millions of descendants of the slave trade, you have never forgotten your roots.I think is high time President Bio apologises on behalf of Africa. He can do that in the annual gathering of the United Nations. At the end of the day, we need to keep an eye on China. They are not your average international investors. Yes they have invested hugely in the African Continent,and helped in construction projects, building amongst other things factories and investing in technology. Which is what Africa needs to stand any chance of development.

    But their is an other side of the Chinese investments, that is pitting locals against Chinese citizens that are arriving in Africa in huge numbers. This is were we need clarification of policy agreements, transparency and above all eles,African governments going to this negotiations with china, with their eyes wide open. When you think the Zambian and Zimbabwean governments are mulling over to hold their foreign reserve on the Yaun, the Chinese currency, then you might be forgiven this two countries have gone too down the road with China.

  3. I’m a black American and it saddens me to see that our motherland allows this to persist on it’s own black soil. Knowing the past history of hundreds of years of brutal exploitation of the African Continent, we as blacks would regress and allow history to repeat itself. It bewildered me to see other African brothers stand around and not unite as a cohesive unit to correct such contempt of African soil.

    The Chinese man, as one reader wrote earlier literally spit on the ground. This behavior everyone should note is a symbolic gesture of hate, disrespect, and dismissal of the African soil and it’s people. The great people of Sierre Leone and all of their rich qualities should not allow the Chinese or any other foreigners to disrespect their soil, or citizens at all. If this is not corrected and not corrected soon, the Chinese will eventually have their way and the culture of Sierre Leone and it’s soil will be destroyed.

    Do not for one moment believe that it could not happen because it has already happened in the past under colonialism, only now the threat has resurfaced with new players in the game of destruction of black civilization.

    • If this is your ‘motherland’ then return home to your wakanda. Remember what Mohammed Ali said when he went to fight in Zaire, “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat”

  4. We could be a poor country, but we are a proud country. These Chinnamen can not violate our human dignity like this. Enough is enough we are not going to tolerate Chinese high handedness. They should be dealt with immediately. china is the worst country for racism is already known. but bringing it to our land is not acceptable. We will throw them out. Stop chinese exploitation in Sierra Leone in particular and Africa in general.

  5. This Chinese man is not a valued individual. He could have been freed from prison and they gave him a second chance by shipping him to Sierra Leone. Look at him! Let’s see how the authorities are going to handle this issue. Most of the workers you guys seeing here from China, are Ex- inmates. That is why Chinese gov’t is spreading it’s citizens all over the world, just imagine the population over 3 billion. The nonsense these guys are performing here in Africa no other country can practice that kind of attitude in China, you would be dead. Can this man go back and continue his prison term? yes of course. Later….

  6. This Chinaman wouldn’t have dared to try and pull such a stunt in Nigeria – he would been grinded to powder before the Police could get there; And he would’ve endangered the lives of the rest of his countrymen because none of them would have been allowed to escape alive and unscathed. The audacity of this Chinese worker speaks loud volumes; It highlights how foolish and stupid they are to ignore the risks involved in trampling on the rights of citizens in the country of their birth. They forgot they are on a distant foreign soil where they could be lynched by an angry mob and then buried alive with no one to come to their rescue.

    Not so very long ago, I asked a question on this glorious forum; Who are we dealing with? Has poverty forced us to become the strangest bedfellows with the Chinese Mafia known as the Triad or were we still bosom friends with the government of the Peoples Republic of China? The criminal behavior of the China man on foreign soil brandishing a weapon have clarified to me that we are dealing with thugs, hoodlums and degenerate individuals that are suffering from acute mental decline.

    But in all fairness the China man could not have acted the way he did if he had gone through some form of behavioural orientation before he was granted full permission to start work. There are no two ways about it – this incompetent SLPP government has failed not only the Chinese but our brothers also by not setting standards, and putting measures in place to ensure that such incidents never happen and peace and quiet always prevail. This SLPP government is incompetent, deny it all you want but its true.

  7. Wake up Africa and Sierra Leone in particular. The Chinese are on a mission and we won’t be able to stop them. They have the military capacities and large population to accomplish their mission. Mission to take over the continent Africa economically and geographically. The physical and verbal attack from a Chinese man on two Sierra Leoneans that went viral on social meadia was just the smoke coming out of a barrel of a gun. Imagine to see Sierra Leone full of Chinese in their hundreds and thousands and fighting Sierra Leoneans fiercely with modern weapons. Do we stand a chance of winning the fight? No. Then that will be the bullet coming out of the barrel of a gun. Only history books will narrate the originality/natives inhabitants of Sierra Leone. What do I mean, I meant we the current Sierra Leoneans becoming foreigners or displaced nationals with no true identity.
    Government ministers, members of parliament, human right activists and opposition parties, were are you to speak up against such incident and to reassure the Sierra Leonean populace that you won’t sit aside to see Sierra Leoneans be treated in such manner from any foreign nationals in and out of Sierra Leone. You should always also do the right thing by speaking out on issues out of politics. Being a patriot of our country means devoting and defending Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans rights at all times within and out of Sierra Leone. If you are scared to stand up and speak mainly about the influx of Chinese nationals in Sierra Leone, then ask the populace through surveying and ask of their feelings and thoughts about the present growing numbers of Chinese nationals in Sierra Leone. Let the people speak this time on this issue. ( CASE CUT).

  8. Lookin at the video, I feel embarrassed to be a Sierra Leonean. The others stood around with sheepish grins on their faces, while their compatriot was attacked. On your own soil, you are treated like a slave. There was no outrage, except from the fellow, who recorded it. The expression on the Chinaman’s face was one of pure contempt. Yea, how the mighty have fallen, whisper it not in Ashkelon nor tell it in Gath, lest the daughters of the uncircumcised rejoice.

  9. What does China wants from Africa, and whats does Africa wants from China? To me this is a one sided relationship, that only China stands to gain more out of. This is not a two way traffic, but a one way traffic. More like an accident waiting to happen. If you want the clue to all this, read the article written by Chinese economics representatives at the embassy few weeks ago. My take away from that article denying Bio’s under the table agreement with the fish reprocessing factory at Black Johnson Beach was loud and clear. Effectively, the underling tone there was, we nible and out of touch reality Sierra Leoneans, should be greatful that China is investing in our country. So this Chinese man that assaulted this Sierra Leonean, is classic, shutup and just get on with the job. You should be greatful we are here. To me watching that harrowing video, is the body language been expressed there. China and the communist party , under President Xi, have been ramping up their presence across the globe.

    Over the past two decades, as China expand its presence across the African continent, with it comes huge investments, and exports of it large populations. Like many foreigners that came before them to exploit our human, and natural resources, they have taken advantage of the African sprites of welcoming foreigners, to the detriment of our own people. In other words African suffer in the hands of foreigners, because we are open and welcoming. As we travel across the Globe, no other African country can compete with our welcoming, and generous sprite we expressed towards foreigners. To the point many Sierra Leonean businesses have gone under, because we Sierra Leoneans, prefer to support a foreign owned business than our own countrymans. And this is the paradox of this case, where a Chinese national feels at home in Sierra Leone, that he thinks he can get away with murder quite literally. In a way he is right. Sierra Leoneans are feeble, and they have sold their birth rights long before this assault on a Sierra Leonean took place.

    The problem with us, we shuck up to foreigners, but our outrage and sense of one people one country, can only last until the next 24 hours breaking cycle. Then we are back to our usual self, at each others throat, with our tribal and regional differences. I suppose Sierra-leoneans are more outraged by former President EBK,misrepresented statements, comparing Fulanis than this Chinese Guy. At least President Koroma is right in making such comparison. Fulanis look like Somalian and Ethiopians. But his greatest crime is, he is a Sierra Leonean not a foreigner. If foreigners are the ambassadors at large for their countries, this Chinese national has demonstrated he haven’t read, and understood the script about how to behave in Sierra Leone. where people are mostly laid back and welcoming. We might be Africas renowned welcoming people, but don’t push your luck with us.

  10. APOLOGIES not accepted. This is not an isolated incident or case. A COMMON practice for these ugly people that have no respect for humanity more so Africans. They believe they are superior to Africans. Did any of you notice he spit on the ground shortly before the attack? well, there is a meaning to that spiting. This not a small case, don’t try to trivialize it.

  11. Would this have happened in China? No. If this had happened in China – a blackman attacking a Chinese. The blackman will be killed by Chinese mobs even before the police arrives to arrest his dead body. Go on youtube you will find videos of black people being beaten up badly in China because they are not wanted there. I saw one video of a nigerian who was alleged to have stolen something from a shop in China. He was set upon by crowds of Chinese people and was almost killed. This is China. A very proud and racist people.

  12. Violence is not acceptable. Fighting and conflict can not solve problems. As the company’s statement states, the Chinese guy’s behavior is wrong, no matter what the reason is. Nevertheless, will someone be sent to prison just because they are fighting with each other? Do we need to provoke this small case to a racial issue?

    • CCP is alive and well. We all know that foreigners are not welcome in China. It is also known that the Chinese treat locals very badly and has been that way for a long time, nothing new. As mentioned before, try doing that in China to a local and see if the person survives while the police turn a blind eye. China might be an economic powerhouse but the people have not evolved mentally to embrace globalisation. I’ve yet to see a foreigner with a Chinese passport and we all know that will never happen. Third world country indeed.

  13. Mr man from China, this is Sierra Leone for you – a small but proud country and people. You have had a rude awakening, a good hiding, much more than you bargained for, haven’t you? That should teach you a lesson: respect your host country and its people, young and old, men and women, and all will be well. Being rude and violent towards them can only result in one thing: utter humiliation – an ignominious tumble and roll at the hands of one of its children on its ochre-coloured earth. This is traditionally a very hospitable place but the slightest faux pas such as yours is bound to generate in its children indocility, hostility and, ultimately, pugnacity, with of course dire consequences. As a people, we are possessed of an indomitable spirit, our current greedy, corrupt and buyable governing elite notwithstanding.

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