Salone professional footballer in Canada shown a yellow card for ‘rudeness’

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 December 2016

When Roger Milla of Cameroon danced the samba at the 1991 FIFA World Cup matches after scoring delightful goals, the whole world cheered – even the referees tolerated his shenanigans. (Photo: The twerking dance that got the Sierra Leonean footballer in trouble with the referee).

Equally, when other African international footballers display their joy of scoring on the pitch with multiple back-flips, they are judged to be athletic. Such celebrations have become acceptable as part of the beautiful game of football.

But not so for Sierra Leone’s international football star – Kei Kamara. He has made a name for himself in Canada, for all the wrong reasons.

According to Canadian newspapers, Kei Kamara was shown the yellow card by the referee, after gyrating his behind in what the referee had judged to be inappropriate or sexually suggestive manner. The hip swinging action which is not an illegal offence is called ‘twerking’. Was the referee fair in showing Kamara the yellow card?

The Sierra Leone international Kei Kamara scored New England’s third goal against the Montreal Impact. So of course, in true Kei Kamara fashion – some would say African style – he twerked in celebration. But is this behaviour acceptable on the football pitch?

Kamara scored in New England’s 3-0 win over Montreal Impact in the final round of the regular season – dubbed ‘Decision Day’ – but was penalized for his typical twerking celebration.

The enigmatic striker completed the scoring in the 71st minute, prompting a twerk.

For the uninitiated, twerking is a popular dance move, involving thrusting hip movements and a low squatting stance.

But the referee was not impressed. He gave the 32 year old Sierra Leonean international footballer a yellow card.

One wonders what Sierra Leoneans would make of this. Twerking in Africa is more common and acceptable among women, showing off their sexy dancing moves.

Was the Canadian referee too harsh on Kei Kamara by showing him the yellow card for twerking? Was Kei Kamara’s twerking on the football pitch inappropriate?

Sierra Leone does not very often make the global news. But it seems whenever it does, it’s for all the wrong reasons. This is Roger Milla doing the samba in 1991:


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