Sam Sumana meets Koroma June 2019 1

Sam Sumana meets Koroma June 2019 1

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  1. Sam Sumana is a senseless politician with no moral values. His ineptitude and lack of character has disrobed him of any political chances of even contesting a parliamentary seat not to talk of becoming a flag bearer of the opposition APC party. He must be living in a dunces world of alternate realities.

    APC will NEVER EVER make him flag bearer of their party. That will only happen in space or in Venus where the party henchmen are terrestrial creatures with little or no ability of rationalizing events on planet earth.

    Sam sumana is never a force to reckon with. He misused his opportunity while in office. He did nothing absolutely good for the people of Kono during his tenure as vice president. He disrespected the local chiefs of Kono and engaged in corrupt practices [Timbergate] illegally engaging in timber logging to benefit only himself and not his people.

    Sam Sumana has been less impressive and attractive to the people of Kono. Yes he can join the APC but that will not scare us in Kono. I think we have better known him now and our judgement of him has been less impressive amist his ineptitude to stand up for basic moral values. He has joined the ranks of Charles Margai as political prodigals that are yet to revive their morals before they become amoral.

    Sam is a shame and disgrace to Kono. His deficiency in handling his self esteem just for power and recognition is in essence driving him to the cheapest of popularity.
    Strong and astute politicians always carry self esteem and control.

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