Samura died an unnatural death – says pathologist Owizz Koroma

Dauda Koroma: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 November 2020:

Pathologist Simeon Owizz Koroma last Thursday testified in the ongoing murder trial of journalist Ibrahim Samura that the deceased sustained a fracture to his skull and backbones. He said the fracture resulted from a blunt force to the head, and the cause of death was unnatural.

He said during the post-mortem examination, he discovered that the deceased also sustained external injuries to his body and huge hematoma (that is swelling filled with blood) on the head and neck.

Led in evidence by the State Prosecutor Umu Sumaray, Dr Koroma tendered the death certificate of Ibrahim Samura to form part of the court records. He told the presiding judge that he is the government pathologist that performs all autopsy in the country.

He remembered performing an autopsy on the corpse of 47-year-old Ibrahim Samura on June 12 2018. He also recalled giving the original death certificate to the relatives of the deceased and a photocopy of same to the Investigating Officer.

After Dr Owizz completed his testimony, he was cross-examined by defense counsels Melron Nicol Wilson Esq. and Lansana Dumbuya Esq. respectively, representing the two accused persons, Abubakarr Daramy and former mayor Herbert George Williams.

After the cross-examination of Dr Owizz Koroma, the State Prosecutor presented Supt. Mohamed Kugba Allieu to take the witness stand. M.K Allieu told Justice Augustine K. Musa that he recognised both accused persons and recalled interviewing them on 28 August 2019.

He said the interview was done according to the Judges’ Rules and thereafter the statements were read to them and they admitted it to be true and correct by affixing their right-hand thumbprint.

After testifying, he was also cross-examined by the defense counsels and further re-examined by the State Prosecutor to clarify certain issues.

A civil rights activist named Abubakarr Suliaman Tarawallie also testified in the trial and was cross-examined by the defense team. The matter was then adjourned to 19 November 2020. Both accused persons remain on bail.

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