Samura Kamara received by US State officials as President Bio is snubbed by Vice President Kamala Harris  

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 March 2023:

United States Vice President Kamala Harris is this week visiting Africa, as part of President Joe Biden’s strategy to rebuild US economic and political relationships with the continent, and Sierra Leone – a country whose brutal and corrupt image President Bio said he has changed is not included in Harris’ itinerary.

Ex-Brigadier President Bio’s (Photo) appalling human rights record and naked, militarised brutality, coupled with his serial abuse of the country’s Constitution and renting of key state institutions – such as the police force and Judiciary, have not only placed Sierra Leone on the list of one of the most unhappy countries in the world, but also on the US’s CIA watch list.

The people of Sierra Leone are calling for change at the polls on June 24, as the economy continues to decline; with inflation more than doubled since President Bio came to office in 2018, and the value of the country’s currency – the New Leone, plummeted by almost 200% in  just five years.

A message of hope – to “Build Back Sierra Leone”, is what the main opposition Presidential candidate Dr Samura Kamara has taken to America this week, where he meets and is welcomed by senior US government and State institutions’ officials.

Writing on his Twitter page yesterday, Dr Samura said:  “This morning I continue my engagements with key democratic institutions in Washington DC. So far, discussions have been constructive and receptive.”

Regarded by his supporters as “Sierra  Leone’s widely acclaimed technocrat”, the Leader and Presidential  Candidate of the All People’s Congress (APC) Party – Dr Samura Matthew Wilson Kamara, is having a series of strategic engagements with key democratic institutions in the US.

Seen by many Sierra Leoneans as the man likely to win Sierra Leone’s June 24th presidential election, Dr Samura was hosted on Tuesday by the US Congress, where he is said to have had fruitful discussions  with lawmakers on human rights, the upcoming June 24th general elections in Sierra Leone and the worsening political, social and economic conditions in the country.

Dr Samura Kamara was also hosted by the pro-democracy think-tank – the Carter Centre, where he spoke about the importance of the Carter Centre’s Election Observer Missions to Africa, as Sierra Leone braces itself for what is likely to be a fiery contested election on June 24.

Based in Atlanta Georgia, the Carter Centre helps to improve lives by resolving conflicts and advance democracy around the world.

Samura’s visit to the Cater Centre is part of his strategic engagement with key US State institutions to share his vision and his resolve to lead and “build back” Sierra Leone, based on sound democratic principles and respect for human rights.




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