Say what you will, the protests in Sierra Leone are  harming commerce,  investments and the  economy

Kabs Kanu: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 September 2023:

Whether massive, widespread or contained, the frequent shutdowns and protests in Sierra Leone are harming the economy and  should stop being played down by ruling party bloggers and sycophants.

A country that should have a strong economy and progress should be stable and  peaceful , which Sierra Leone has not been able to achieve under President Maada Bio.

These frequent shutdowns and protests are seriously destroying the economy. Any government worth its salt will look at the economic consequences of these  frequent chaos.

What is happening in Sierra Leone is that a state of chaos and an atmosphere of instability and insecurity  have been created in the country. Nobody knows with uncertainty what might happen next. This status quo is driving away potential investors.

Who would want to invest in a country that is unstable, insecure  and prone to frequent disruptions of civil life?

Because investors are not sure about Sierra Leone and many are not coming  as a result of instability and uncertainties, the economy is seriously regressing.

Commercial activities are also being adversely disrupted and affected and importers are reluctant to commit their precious resources to bring in goods,  commodities and services. This is responsible for the shortages of basic commodities, apart from the collapse of the Leone and the foreign exchange crunch.

The instability and insecurity  in the country have also put a big dent on the Government’s aspirations to attract and develop tourism — a major source of raw cash into the economy. Tourists have long stopped coming and this is also destroying the economy, irreparably.

To be successful, a demonstration or lockdown need not be massive and widespread. All they need to do is create fear, uncertainty, insecurity,  and a state of instability to citizens, the business community and international investors and tourists and cause them to rethink about investing or operating in the country.  Once organizers  acquire a modicum of success in creating these situations of uncertainty, instability and insecurity, they have won. They have succeeded in hurting the government.

The people in the government know the consequences of these shutdowns and demonstrations and the harm being caused by Adebayor, contrary to the false and deceitful hopes being promoted by bloggers and sycophants.

Adebayor knows that he is hurting the SLPP  government and he relishes it when they play down his impact and effects. Adebayor knows that if he had not been hurting the SLPP, they would not have been expending all those energies to have him arrested and deported .

The SLPP must stop living in a fool’s paradise and do what the people want so that peace, stability and security would return to the country. This is the only way out if this unpleasant quagmire. Playing down things is only worsening the Government’s unpopularity and the country’s problems.


  1. Since 2018, some members and sympathizers of the APC party have been trying to make our country “Mama Salone” ungovernable. Throughout this EVIL process of the APC party, our Commander In Chief Of the Armed Forces and Fountain of Honor, Retired Brigadier President Dr. Julius Maada Wonnie Bio has been appointed as the “2022 African Of Year”, Chairman of the African Union (APRM), and has Cochaired several Educational Summits in Great Britain, France , Middle East and the United Nations. He is also the Coordinator of the African Union Committee of 10 African Heads of State on the Reform of the United Nations Security Council (C10), and our nation is currently a non- permanent member of the United Nations Security Council .
    These trials and tribulations from the APC party have eventually made “Mama Salone” as the third most Peaceful Country in Africa, the fourth Safest Country in Africa and the most Peaceful in West Africa.

  2. Kabs Kanu has written nothing that is wrong or contravene his position as a member of the Christian clergy. Those inclined to critisise him should ask themselves a couple or questions in the dead of night and attempt to answer them: was the June 24th 2023 general elections allowed to run their laid down course? If they were investors, would they commit funds to a country in which the majority of the people are angry,restless and resentful,vis – a-vis government activities? Would they invest in a country where there was no demarcation line between the three arms of government? How about soldiers not knowing what their role in society is, that is to defend the nation in a war? The questions are infinite.

    Yes protests and demonstrations come with responsibilities.Principal among these is lack of violence. The responsibility of the police is to arrest anyone who causes violence, prosecute, and lock them up. There should be no such thing as preemptive measures by police and soldiers to attack and kill any would be protester, or go from house to house to kill people in cold blood who do not support the government ; this can only heightened rage and form the base for further instability. Bio has unleashed forces which have become increasingly uncontrollable and may spell his demise.

    The Almighty has given us all the tools, free of charge, to fight for mother Sierra Leone and that’s what Kabs Kanu is doing here. I have disagreed with him in the past and may do so again in the future, but I am on his side on this one. He doesn’t sit there and repeatedly say God “go fhet for we”. He starts swinging while reciting the Lord’s Prayer for Devine intervention where his capacity and ability are nearing their limit.

  3. One thing i know for sure is that the status quo is not sustainable. Something will have to give eventually. It is either we have the playbook of Gambia’s former President Yaya Jammeh or that of former rebel leader Foday Sankoh. There is a temptation from the First Lady, Fatima Bio, once an associate of Yaya Jammeh in Banjul, sweetly whispering in her husband’s ears about Jammehrising the people of Sierra Leone-striking fear of violence and intimidation to silence and cow the populace and give themselves carte blanche to do whatever they want to do with themselves, the country and the long-suffering people of Sierra Leone. By the same token, those who believe strongly Bio stole the June elections and is up to no good are hell-bent to force the impostor out of Office. They will never come to terms with the stark reality that someone whose reign has been characterized in the main by appalling and egregious human rights violations since his NPRC days and whose economic ineptitude is on target to tank the economy and make Sierra Leone the 2nd poorest country in the world by end of 2023 (IMF Projection not me) and the poorest by 2024 as all financial flows in the country dry up and is using the country’s meagre resources to live a jetset life.

    Who will stop Bio from setting a record of making Sierra Leone the poorest country in the world during peace time then? Who will stop Bio from setting another record of having the highest number of military checkpoints ever in Sierra Leone- more than during his wartime NPRC days.

    You do not need to be a sage or have a crystall ball at hand to be aware that this will not end well.The Bios need to reckon with the zeitgeist in West Africa – a subregion which presently sits right on top of shifting tectonic plates of political instabilty, jihadist violence, freelance loose fighters awash with weapons and power-hungry khaki boys raring to have a fair share of the national cake or loot.

  4. Kabs, Concerning “the President” and “his government”, I am NOT WEEPING anymore because My GOD Has Heard My Cries And Has Given Me A Song:
    O, WOMAN,
    O, WOMAN,

  5. Emma Scott, what about the President who stole an election in broad daylight and has jeopardized our economy and our relations with the international community and our traditional partners-in-progress? Is HE a source of good? Is his government a source of good?
    Some of you have brains but your capacity to use your brains right is deficient. When did demonstrations become evil in Sierra Leone?

    Did not the SLPP mount demonstrations when APC were in power? Staging a demonstration is the constitutional right of the people.It is not unlawful. I have said over and over and over that I do not support Adebayor’s profanities but I will never question his constitutional right to stage demonstrations. If your government is doing the right thing and is not shedding innocent blood needlessly or stealing elections in broad daylight, nobody will demonstrate against it. It is two-way, sister ! ! ! You cannot have it only one way.

    And please do not bring your SLPP brainless jazz about minister of the gospel. That is our job. It is our job to denounce injustice, criminality, human rights abuses and the subversion of the people’s rights by the high and mighty. We are the salt of the earth. We will not be fulfilling our commission if we go quiet in the face of injustice, inequalities, exclusion, abuse of power and other evil acts. If you are not allergic to the Bible, I would advice you to read it very closely. Read the prophets and the Book of Amos, especially.

    You cannot be a genuine man of God and you have a very evil president like Maada Bio and all the atrocities being committed by the SLPP and you do not speak out. Any man of God worth his salt will condemn evil and atrocities.I know what I am doing. Jesus Christ denounced injustice and evil government from the rooftops. And by the way, you people are so undemocratic and so out of sync with civility that it is a problem even for a media man to report the news. I am reporting that the frequent protests and lockdowns are harming the economy? What did I do wrong? Is it not the truth? So, to please your SLPP, we should bury our heads in the sand like an ostrich and not report what is happening because we have an uncivilized government in power that believes that everything must be downplayed or covered up for their own narcissistic interests and even reporting the news is enemy action? Well, madam, this is a new dispensation.

    SLPP cannot gag us. We will say it as it is. We will say it as we see it. We will say it as we want the powers-to-be to see it. The responsibility to make Sierra Leone a better and peaceful country does not rest on the shoulders of citizens like Adebayor alone. The government too has a role to play. The government too must stop sacking the national treasury. The government too must stop stealing elections. The government too must stop killing people who demonstrate against it. Demonstrations are legal and a constitutional rights. Maada Bio is not a sacred cow. He must do the right thing or the people have a right to demonstrate against him.

    We can advice young people from now to Methuselah. Young people will not listen to anybody who tries to dissuade them from listening to Adebayor when they see a totalitarian, tyrannical, hopelessly corrupt and a worthless president who does not care for the welfare of the people and only knows how to steal and kill waxing worse in their country. Unruly youths and people like Adebayor are creations of the wicked, heartless, callous, selfish, uncaring and inefficient government. We all renounce and denounce violence but how can we stem these evils if the very government in power is the one provoking them? Anyway, why should I expect you to understand? You are SLPP.

    • “Did not the SLPP mount demonstration when the APC was in power? “-Kabs Kanu.

      While demonstration is a Constitutional right, it comes with responsibility on both sides. The constitution states that the police is obligated to police riots and demonstration. To do that effectively, the police Act requires for those organising demonstration to seek clearance. I believe that the problem of recent is that those calling for demonstration do not want to comply to these obligation.

      Kabs Kanu when did the SLPP as a political party mount a demonstration when the APC was in power?
      Concerning not granting permit for demonstration it started especially when IGP Munu was head of police. It has become worst of late however.

      Supporting Adebayor’s right to mount illegal demonstration that is not seeking permit and not presenting himself physically in Sierra Leone to lead the demonstration he calls for, and urging his supporters to resist police control and to attack the police and police infrastructure when police is a bit of misnomer on your side as an elderly person, a professed Man of God and maybe a grand patron of one of the largest political party in Sierra Leone.

      I will leave you with a quote from ROMANS 13:1(Everyone must submit to the governing authorities, for their is no authority except that which God has established)

  6. I think it is evil for any church minister with a platform as the author of this article has but is not using it to advise the young people to Refrain from following ADEBAYOR’S Orders.
    Is it possible that Kabs Kanu just cannot discern that THE SOURCE OF ADEBAYOR’S INSPIRATION IS EVIL…NOT GOOD?

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