U.S. Military Advisors train with RSLAF on development in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 September 2023:

On September 12, 2023, new U.S. Ambassador Bryan Hunt congratulated the 40 hand-selected Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) soldiers for completing their training with the United States Army Security Force Assistance Brigade. The RSLAF officers, ranging in rank from Private to Warrant Officer 1, have completed training with the United States Army as part of the United States’ commitment to train with military partners, and to gain a shared understanding of best practices and sustainable operations.

Throughout the 6-week training, U.S. military advisors covered professional education programming, career management best practices, and a foundational understanding of the current battle courses. This effort is preparing RSLAF Soldiers for future missions across the priorities of the RSLAF leadership, specifically on developing non-commissioned officers.

Writing on Twitter, Ambassador Hunt said: “The people of the United States and Salone share a common commitment not only to the preservation of international peace and security but also to the expansion of democratic values, the assurance of fundamental freedoms, and the protection of human rights. It is my hope that professional exchanges at all levels of our society, including among members of our armed forces, can help to reinforce these shared values and ensure the sustained vibrancy of our respective democracies.”

The U.S. Army Security force assistance brigade that facilitated the training is part of a worldwide program that focuses on tactical, operational, and strategic training with global military partners.

Since July 2023, the 2nd SFAB’s Maneuver Company Advisor Team 2120 has been employed in Sierra Leone. Using United States Army current doctrinal practices to compliment RSLAF doctrinal ways as a common framework, advisors and partners recognize the overlap and differences in doctrine and tactics, techniques, and procedures across the management of training and building of an NCO.

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