Sierra Leone Attorney General and presidential hopeful Joseph Kamara in a serious road accident

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 24 July 2016

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A serious road accident occurred this afternoon on the Masiaka-Lunsar Highway in the north of Sierra Leone, involving the vehicle in which the country’s attorney general and minister of justice – Joseph Kamara was travelling.

It is understood that his vehicle collided head on with a commercial mini-van that was full of passengers.

Joseph Kamara, his driver and bodyguard, are reported to have sustained minor injuries and are receiving treatment in hospital in the capital Freetown.

But unconfirmed reports say that several of the passengers travelling on the mini bus are critically ill in hospital.

Joseph kamara in Liberia3Just two days ago, Attorney General Kamara – the ruling APC party’s most likely candidate for the presidential election in 2018, told the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph – Abdul Rashid Thomas, that he was on an official visit to Liberia, where he has been crowned as Chief Wenlah of Suakoko, Bongo County, by Liberia’s National Council of Chiefs and Elders.

Joseph Kamara in Liberia1During the chieftaincy ceremony, Joseph Kamara received a certificate of confirmation, a robe and a crown as symbols of his new status in Sierra Leone’s neighbouring Liberia.

Joseph Kamara arrived in Freetown from Liberia on Friday night, and was this afternoon travelling from Makeni, when his vehicle collided with the passenger van.

The circumstances and causes of the accident are unknown, but official sources informed the Sierra Leone Telegraph that the Masiaka-Lunsar Highway is notorious for accidents, mainly through reckless driving and speeding by commercial vehicle drivers.

An unconfirmed source reported that the accident took place at about “3pm today, 5km from the Magbelay bridge, towards Rogbere, involving government vehicle carrying the Attorney  General and Minister of Justice Mr.Joseph F. Kamara, who was travelling from Makeni. His car collided with a transport vehicle heading for Freetown.”

“Five people were wounded and some critically, and they were rushed to Lunsar for medical attention. The vehicle of the Attorney General was seriously damaged at the front. ”

Joseph Kamara in road accident - 24 July 20162Another unconfirmed source told Cocorioko news that:  “Though the impact on the car is serious, Mr. Kamara, his driver and bodyguard are said to have come out of the vehicle with only minor injuries.

“Joseph Kamara and the two men have been rushed to hospital in Freetown, after receiving emergency treatment at the Lunsar government hospital.

“The five passengers and driver of the commercial vehicle were said to be critically injured and may not even survive. (Photo: The badly damaged vehicle in which the attorney general was travelling).

“They were said to be in a state of coma whilst bleeding profusely, up to the time they were being rushed to the Lunsar Government hospital.

“Joseph Kamara was reportedly coming from Makeni en route to Freetown, when the commercial vehicle crashed into his car whilst trying to overtake another vehicle.”

Joseph Kamara in a road accident - 24 July 2016

Photo: The passenger vehicle involved in the crash. 

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