Sierra Leone presidential aspirant – Jonathan Tengbe storms America

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 26 July 2016

Dr Tengbe in USA 2016 3Dr. Jonathan Bonopha Tengbe, one of Sierra Leone’s main opposition SLPP’s aspiring candidates for the presidency at the 2018 elections, took America by storm after landing in New York on Friday, 15th July, 2016, from Qatar where he currently works. (Photo: Grey suited Dr. Tengbe among supporters in Atlanta). 

Tengbe was in the USA to meet his supporters and the general membership of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) in North America, whom according to his spokesman – “were yearning to meet and interact with the dynamic and astute civil engineer, who wants to lead the SLPP to the 2018 general and presidential elections, if elected as the party’s presidential candidate”.

On arrival at JFK Airport in New York, Dr. Tengbe travelled immediately to Virginia where he was greeted by members of the ‘North America Team Tengbe Campaign Committee’, including the chairman – Dr. Ambrose Jusu, his deputy – Madam Sarah Amara, the Team Tengbe global adviser – Dominic Poawui and his committee members, Musa Sesay, Madam Jestina Musa, and a host of other high profile dignitaries of the Team Tengbe campaign in North America.

Dr Tengbe in USA 2016 2Whilst in Virginia, on Saturday 16th, during a reception that was organized in his honor, which attracted SLPP members from New York, Washington and Maryland, the Team Tengbe North America Campaign Chairman Dr. Ambrose Jusu in his welcome address, described Dr. Tengbe as resourceful.

He said that Tengbe holds Sierra Leone very close to his heart where ever he goes, and that as a renowned Sierra Leonean, Dr. Tengbe has on numerous occasions, at the request of successive governments in the country assisted in developmental planning and implementation, including the survey, designing and construction of the Masiaka to Bo Highway and Freetown to Conakry (Pamlap) Highway respectively, funded by the European Union.

Dr. Jusu noted that Dr. Tengbe intends to continue to give to the country, but on a broader scale which is why he is running for the flagbearership of his party. He called on all Sierra Leoneans, SLPP members in particular to throw their weight behind Dr. Tengbe in support of his bid to become the party’s candidate and president of Sierra Leone.

Addressing SLPP members and Sierra Leoneans present at the social event, Dr. Tengbe spoke eloquently about his plans for the SLPP and the country as a whole. He noted that the current state of the country is very discouraging and embarrassing worldwide, and urged Sierra Leoneans to act fast in order to save the country from total socio-economic collapse, as was the case under the late Presidents Stevens and J.S. Momoh, which led to eleven years of senseless war.

He stressed that if the country is to start constructive recovery programs after the 2018 general elections, then Sierra Leoneans must reject regional, tribal and partisan sentiments.

In 2018, the people must vote out the APC party that only focuses on individual enrichment at the detriment of the entire nation, Dr. Tengbe told the audience.

Also, Dr. Tengbe said that comparing the national performance records of both the APC and SLPP, there should be no doubt in the minds of Sierra Leoneans as to what the goal is – to vote out the APC.

salone poverty1“We know how the APC mismanaged our country under Presidents Siaka Stevens and Joseph Saidu Momoh, and how the current APC under President Ernest Koroma continues to ravage the economy. So we really do not need any supernatural power to advise us on what to do about the APC. Let us overwhelmingly vote them out in 2018 in order to witness realistic national development in all spheres”, said Dr. Tengbe.

He called on all Sierra Leoneans, particularly SLPP members in North America, to support his bid to lead the party and the country for better development in all areas.

He told his audience that he has what it takes to transform Sierra Leone for the better, as he is no stranger to the development of a nation, since as a renowned civil engineer he has worked with several governments in different countries on various projects that are geared towards development.

After warmly welcoming Dr. Tengbe to America, the SLPP Washington Chapter Chairman – Jusu Aruna, spoke about the need for peace and unity in the SLPP, noting that “what the party needs at this moment is absolute peace in order to win the 2018 general elections.”

Chairman Jusu thanked Dr. Tengbe for his efforts in trying to unite the party and encouraged him not to relent on the push for peace.

Dr Tengbe in USA 2016 1From Washington, Dr. Tengbe visited Atlanta, Georgia where he received a warm welcome from a cross section of Sierra Leoneans.

The welcoming reception held on 22nd July in Atlanta was organized by Team Tengbe Campaign Members, led by Mr John Kangoma (TTC Global Publicity Secretary) and his brother Mr. Emmanuel Kangoma (TTC Coordinator for Georgia).

Other local SLPP party dignitaries present at the welcoming event included Dr Augustine Smith, Mr. Sahr Fillie – SLPP Georgia Interim Secretary General, President of Tegloma Georgia Chapter – Mr. George.

In his keynote speech, Dr. Tengbe highlighted the problems facing SLPP and Sierra Leone, and outlined his vision for the delivery of the people of Sierra Leone from the bondage of poverty and deprivation.

Dr Tengbe’s USA tour ended on the 23rd July and he returned to Qatar via United Kingdom.

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