Sierra Leone Attorney General is recovering well after road accident

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 July 2016

Joseph Kamara 2016 4

Three days ago, Sierra Leone’s attorney general and minister of justice – Joseph Kamara was involved in a serious road accident on the Masiaka-Lunsar Highway, in the north of the country.

The vehicle in which he was driving from the capital Freetown to Makeni, collided head on with a commercial mini-van.

Joseph Kamara, his driver and bodyguard sustained minor injuries. They are now making a speedy recovery in hospital in Freetown.

This afternoon, Joseph Kamara made this personal statement from his bedside, thanking and paying tribute to his family, friends, colleagues and well wishers for their prayers and best wishes.

This is what he said.

Joseph Kamara recovering well in hospital“Fellow Sierra Leoneans and friends all. Let me on behalf of my wife and family express my profound thanks and appreciation for the out pouring commiserations in respect of the road accident encountered on Sunday. The experience was harrowing but the hand of God was at work. (Photo: Vice president Foh – far left, visiting the attorney general in hospital today).

“I wish to thank His Excellency and family, the Vice President, Cabinet Colleagues, Members of the APC Family, Leaders of the Opposition and all who took time and made efforts to visit and empathize with me at the hospital.

joseph kamara acc2“Friends, join me to celebrate the saving grace of God and His goodness. And to the unfortunate ones who suffered injuries, I wish them speedy recovery.

“The lessons learnt nevertheless is the need to continue to build and strengthen our health care delivery systems. As new evidence has shown a close relationship in health and positive growth in other development indicia.

“What a coincidence. A few days back the theme of my keynote speech for the Liberian Independence Awards (Golden Image Award) was on health delivery systems in the sub region.

“I am pleased to report that I am well and fully recovered and the victory is ours. God bless us all. God bless Sierra Leone.”

There have been no reports of fatalities among the passengers travelling on the mini bus, though at least five are said to be critically ill in hospital.

The circumstances and causes of the accident are still unknown, but there is little doubt driver error may have played a significant role.

The Masiaka-Lunsar Highway is notorious for accidents, mainly due to reckless driving and speeding, especially by commercial vehicle drivers.

The editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph would like to extend his hearty good wishes to Joseph Kamara, hoping he continues to make a speedy recovery.


  1. I pray that the poor humble gentle soul may rest in perfect peace, and that such an horrific accident never to happen again. I do not believe it is a good idea for the people of Sierra Leone to set a example with the death of a brother, as l believe he was a father and that no one will like to sign his or her own dead warrant.

    However, I would like to advise all my Sierra Leonean brothers and sisters to take precaution and follow rule, in whatever they are doing, as it is in the best interest for all not only drivers. Bearing in mind that life is something that you have and can only come once, therefore whatever profession you are in, your main duty is to protect your safety and that of your colleagues. God bless Sierra Leone.

  2. I have just seen the article that our Attorney General was involved in a car crash. I hope he has recovered well and has gone home fighting fit.

    Do we have any information about the people in the other vehicle who were also injured and taken to hospital? They are no politicians but their lives are no less important.

    Which brings me to the reasons for so many accidents on our roads: Speeding, lack of proper understanding of the driving code and poor roads in some areas are just some of the reasons for these accidents.

    Many of the drivers have not been to a driving school to learn the rules of driving. They learn driving by default and then say: ‘r sabi drive’.

    They overtake on a curve or bend. And also overtake when there is another vehicle coming ahead. Many a time they escape by a whisker and other times are catastrophic.

    In fact when you tell them to slow down, they give you ‘back talk’ or just ignore you. Madness!
    Tailgating the vehicle in front is another big problem. It is so unnecessary.

    I hope that now that the A.G. has had personal experience of the horrible situation on the roads, he will insist that something is done about it

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