Professor Kelfala Kallon – 13 Feb 2020

Professor Kelfala Kallon – 13 Feb 2020

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  1. U know,we are suffering an economic blow in this country simplelly because the Government is lackadisical on investment.The Government only rely on these foreign investors who come and squander our economy in the name of investment.Why the Government of itself does not invest on factories where they can employ thousands of sierra Leoneans.From the factories,the government can raise a good revenue for this country.But from time immemorial,Sierra Leone Government had had no large investment that is own and control by the government.That is why when the foreign investors comes,they make a lot of leones in such a way that the bank governor and his comraids had to bribe these investors with dollars,inorder to give us back our money.Hence we cannot properly make use of our leones, the so called investors normally does.And inturn,exchange our leones for dollars,because dollars are general currency all over the world.So please SL government should have the sense of investing on it own for the development of this cohuntry.BY J C TANGA.

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