Sierra Leone confirms its first case of coronavirus

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 31 March 2020:

President Julius Maada Bio has in the last few minutes announced in a national broadcast that the coronavirus has breached the borders of Sierra Leone. The president said that  the carrier of the virus – a 37 year old male,  arrived in the country from France on the 16th of March 2020 on a Brussels airline arriving at the Lungi international airport.  He was placed into quarantine immediately upon arrival.

All primary and secondary contacts are being traced, said the president.

We will bring you more on this story as the president is still on his feet, addressing the country and taking questions from journalists.


  1. Lord in the mighty name of Jesus christ I commit my country and people into your hands. Please heal and cleanse our land and all Sierra Leoneans all over the world. Forgive us for our past mistakes and whatever that we are doing that is not of the all mighty. No evil shall befall my beloved Sierra Leone and in Jesus christ name. Amen.

  2. My nightly prayers are for Sierra Leone. Governor Clarkson’s prayers will always bless and protect the country. Sierra Leonean people are one of the best and during our troubled times, they never failed to look after me. And I still look after them which is to show my gratefulness for their services. God bless S.L.

  3. Our worst fears stand confirmed. Let us all pray the best way we know. Our country has been through many tragedies in the last few years that no one should blame us for hoping that this time around we would be spared.

    I urge all Sierra Leoneans all over the world to please refrain from politicizing the disaster we face. It’s not the making of any of us. The whole thing started in far away China – certainly not in Africa, which our enemies and haters always want to blame for the outbreak of any disease.

    May the Almighty Allah/God help us in this our dire need of His omnipresence.

  4. OMG. My worst fears have been realized. This guy should be isolated and contact tracing must done with vehemence. If the United States is being battered by this virus, there is no country on earth that could not be brought to its heels by this deadly pandemic. Our leaders should go to work to ensure that this virus does not spread in the name of God.

    • Oh. The truth is near. What should have been done to prepare and protect our country and people from the deadly Coronavirus TYPHOON, was discussed and suggested months ago on this glorious platform. But nobody listened. Now, the few of us who were right in suggesting what the government needs to do, with our God given watertight memory, have been proven right. Everyone is now preaching the race against time prophecy.

      If America and its mighty economy can be dented by this invincible and dangerous Coronavirus, what about Sierra Leone and its “hand to mot” economy? Now comes the most important question – When is the LOCK DOWN? Are there enough food – rice in particular, clean water and medical supplies etc available to our receiving end population? God help our people at these difficult times. We will hold them accountable and responsible if our people die and our country becomes a Coronavirus breeding nest. They have been warned and given advice long time ago, but they never listened. We shall see. Again, mass Coronavirus testing must be carried out throughout the country. Oh…oh, no more delays.

  5. Cannot understand – 15 days ago? Why was he not tested immediatly. Also I believe all the staff at the airport – bus drivers, police and other passengers were in scuffles and had no PPE to protect themselves. What about the hotel staff? Were they isolated? Apparently you can go and come as you please in quarantine.

    So we need to wait another 14 days to see if this person passed on the virus to others. This means everybody that was in quarantine at the time must be isolated for another 14days?

  6. This was what I was concerned about all along. Carriers of Coronavirus who can’t be diagnosed within the quarantined PERIOD. Most recently, I even suggested to the President, that a massive countrywide Coronavirus Test must be carried out. Will that be done now? The only question I have for the President is this – How did they track down this individual and why did it take so long to track him down? God help protect Sierra Leone from Coronavirus.

  7. This is the news we did not want to hear. Lockdown must be stepped up as European cities are doing and even more. Sensitization of the masses has to continue, mainly frequent handwashing especially every sneeze or cough even when at home. They must cover their face if they want to sneeze or cough. Most importantly: STAY AT HOME.

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