Sierra Leone election runoff – If I was Kandeh Yumkella

Franklyn Davies: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 16 March 2018:

If I was Kandeh Yumkella, and I was being asked by Samura Kamara or Julius Maada Bio for my party’s endorsement, I will ask both men to do the following things by 22nd March 2018:

1. Provide full declaration of all assets and liabilities, so the public will know what they currently own. This will include shareholdings in businesses in Sierra Leone and internationally, as well as property and cash assets. They should also commit to annual and public disclosure of their assets and liabilities.

2. Appraise me of the vetting process that they would put in place for the appointment of Ministers, including compliance with constitutional requirements barring dual nationals from ministerial appointments, public declaration of assets and liabilities for all cabinet ministers and deputies, and enhanced vetting into financial dealings, criminal records and other relevant issues of public interest, such as qualifications held and work experience gained.

3. Appraise me of their plan to renegotiate the release of further tranches of IMF Loan and provide full assurance that fuel and rice subsidies will not be removed, when agreeing new conditions with the IMF.

Additionally, I will ask Samura Kamara to account for the APC Government’s spending of the first tranche of $54m.

4. Assure me that all three mining contracts awarded in December 2017, will be reviewed to ensure that the contractual arrangements are transparent; government receives a significant share of the proceeds of the extraction of our mineral resources and that action is taken to ensure that mining companies fulfil their responsibilities to the local communities affected by their extraction activities.

5. Assure me that the decision to construct an airport at Mamamah will be reversed.

6. Assure me that the Wellington Toll Road charges will be reviewed, including limiting toll charges between 07:00 to 22:00 hours, so that commuters will have an option to travel during hours when the tolls are not operational, as a short-term measure, until an alternative route is constructed.

7. Assure me of the measures they would put in place to ensure inflation and government debt are reduced and exchange rate stabilised.

8. Assure me of their plans to address NGC policy priorities in reducing poverty and increasing employment for women and youths; ensuring equal opportunities for disabled groups; immediately declaring emergencies on our education and health sectors: providing speedy and timely access to justice and actions to end graft and corruption.

9. Demonstrate their plans and commitment to govern in the interest of all Sierra Leone by ensuring a broad-based cabinet and policy priorities to address the concerns of all communities, as well as the arrangements that they will put in place to ensure local communities are able to influence and shape policy, as well as programme delivery.

10. Demonstrate their commitment to addressing the issues raised in the Citizen’s Manifesto.


  1. All what Franklin Davies said is in place. If they want KKY, they should accept all the 10 points that the author of this article highlighted. It is for the betterment of the country and they are all in place but they will not agree to that, just because of self interest they will not do that. God will punish them for us.

  2. True Robert, you are right what you are saying. They need to change their attitude towards change. The north voted for change but the South-East did not vote for change.

  3. Well said all the writers and I agree with them 100%. To add to what’s been said, Sierra Leone desperately needs to recover from the worst treatment levied by Ernest Koroma and his APC kabal. The Ebola saga and its imagination that can never be forgotten and never be wished for anymore, provided we don’t even think of bringing APC back to power. Try to persuade me, but one thing I know is that the Ebola virus was not natural and Ernest Bai Koroma murdered our people for no just reason but one, the greed for money.

    My people, think of the following bullet points Ernest Koroma and the APC subjected us Sierra Leoneans to: battered economy by Ernest Koroma and APC kabal. They sucked all the wealth of Sierra Leone and threatened the lives of every Sierra Leoneans if you dare oppose them. There is hunger as a bag of rice goes for Le 250,000.

    No jobs for our youths, and many decent qualified Sierra Leoneans cannot gain employment because they do not belong to APC. No roads in many parts of the country and many more reasons.

    Our constitution was tampered with by the disgraceful sacking the lawful VP and they threatened to kill him. But I know VP Alhaji Abubakar Sidiki Sam Sumana and the Kono people know the devil and not to trust APC with their VOTES. As for Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, SLPP is the only way to go in order to protect your parliamentary seat and strengthen the life of NGC. Mr. Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray don’t worry, we will replace your house with one or two of Ernest Koroma’s houses.

    Sierra Leone needs massive developments, and with the help of all the 15 parties to form a grand coalition with Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio, so that the SLPP can kick out APC for good. Lonta!! I greet and salute all of you for your contributions to make Sierra Leone a better country to live. May Allah bless you all and bless Sierra Leone. Ameen.

  4. With all the development that we are currently seeing in the country, some of you are still talking unnecessary things just because of your own selfish desires. Most of you are not supporting SLPP because of Bio whom you all know is not capable and cannot even fix to rule our lovely Mama Salone again.

    But you are supporting SLPP because of the party itself. We as Sierra Leoneans should put Sierra Leone first and not any political party. Some of you are out there waiting for Ministerial positions because you have already failed aboard.
    Let us as Sierra Leoneans think of Sierra Leone. Let us see things in reality. Some even have the heart to say that the current government did nothing, which is totally a big lie and is wrong.

    Let give praise to those who deserve it and put the right man at the right place for our children and children yet unborn. Let us think about the Land that we love and not the party that we love. I believe that Dr Samura can take Mama Sierra Leone forward where President Koroma failed or stopped.

  5. The 2018 elections were not credible in Sierra Leone.
    There was no transparency in the process of the results. The picture shows it clearly – too many irregular voting malpractices on social media, right in front of our authorities.

    The people that we rely on to save our nation from corrupt practice and lawlessness, they are the ones that anticipated in the worst interference in election that I have ever seen to my experience.
    So tell me, is this a true democracy the people of Sierra Leone are practising, in a decade in a post-war nation?

    What can we be proud of as Sierra Leoneans when our best known culture is corruption?
    In my opinion I request that the election results be nullified.
    With exception Dr. KANDEH YUMKELLA the remaining presidential candidates are reciprocal.
    They are a cancer for our nation. Mark my word.

  6. If you are a true Sierra Leonean that love the country, please educate us of the things that will build the nation. You and the others may not like to hear this, but it is the hard truth. Tribalism should have no place in our country. We saw how the elections went, how people voted. And I can assure you that, considering the geo-politics of the country, if you and the pothers don’t change your personal ideologies, trust me SLPP will never rule that country.

    KKY left SLPP because of how he was treated (I saw the video). He formed his party. And where did he get his votes from? 99.2% came from the North-West, because people needed a change from. But the Southeast is not ready for a change. That I can tell you from all honesty.

    SLPP has people with great potential, but because Bio is very controlling and very intimidating, the party ignored the best people. Trust my noble words, if SLPP think it can win an election on tribal base, it will never be possible. Please educate the others.

  7. I advise Kandeh to join SLPP in order to remove the APC currently in government. The educational system in this country has diminished rapidly under the APC regime.

    • But why the SLPP did not accept him before? Secondly, if they want him back, they should do what Frankly Davies wrote. Just read what he said and it is a good thought for the betterment of our country. It is only Mohammed Kamaramba who declared his assets.

  8. To all those Sierra Leoneans with dual citizenship who want to serve as ministers in the Sierra Leone government, if they have citizenship in the US or UK and many other places, they don’t need to worry.

    They can have their dual citizenship and still be Ministers in those other countries. They don’t need to serve humanity in Sierra Leone. Good luck to you.

  9. While the endorsements of Dr. Kandeh Yumkella and Mr. Samuel Samsumana are important, both men do not bring much leverage to the negotiating table. They had a combined 10% of the presidential votes, which means that even with their endorsements, Samura Kamara and Maada Bio would still have to work very hard to achieve a victory. Therefore, I don’t think Kamara or Bio will yield to excessive demands for the endorsements of Yumkella and Samsumana.

    • Mr. Maxwell Kamara, I salute you 100% for your well firm experience and in fact, why do these two gentlemen have to negotiate with APC?

      Dr. Kandeh Yumkella of all the ill treatment against you? Chief Sam Sumana, of all the humiliation, disgrace and life threatening incident against you? We are your brothers – go SLPP and teach the APC an everlasting lesson. They have taught you lessons that you would never forget in your lifetime; so what do you want from APC? No negotiation. Thanks

  10. Well, today I am excited to say that we are not Chinese, and I personally believe that after the forthcoming election result, when Brig. Retired Julius Maada Bio acquires the power, E.B.K. and his team will emigrate to China.

    Mr. Xi J has undermined his CCP, but we are not Chinese. Let the whole world watch carefully and see China’s attitudes towards our political process.
    Bio is a military man and will kick them out. No wonder that’s why Koroma is seeking to remain the party’s chairman for life, and some Sierra Leoneans supported. You will never smell State House again.

  11. NGC, C4C and the only party headed by a woman, the UNITY party should all join SLPP to give APC a break.
    APC has been working ‘too hard. Mek dem go blow

    • Sorry Patricia the Unity party is not the only party headed by a woman. The RUFP is also headed by a woman and did quite well occupying sixth position!

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