Sierra Leone government officials jailed for corruption

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 February 2019:

Two senior officials in the Bio led government working in the ministry of information, were yesterday sentenced to three years imprisonment each, after a High court hearing found them guilty of misappropriation of public funds.

Both president Bio and the Anti-Corruption Czar – Francis Ben Kaifala have vowed to weed out corrupt officials wherever they are found, to face justice. There will be no sacred cows in my government says president Bio.

Yesterday, Ministry of Information accountant – Sorieba Kamara, and the Director of Communications – Mr. King, pleaded guilty to charges brought by the Anti-Corruption Commission.  They were each sentenced to three years imprisonment.

The ACC investigations found that both men abused their office and plotted to steal hundreds of millions of Leones, meant for publicising the work of the Commissions of Inquiry into alleged abuse of office and corruption by officials and ministers of the former APC government.

In another development in court yesterday, a senior Barrister of the judiciary – Emmanuel Shears Moses was found guilty on both counts of abuse of office by Judge Miatta Samba, after evidence presented in court by the ACC, found massive evidence of academic fraud and abuse of office.

Shears Moses was former Acting Head of the Law Department at Fourah Bay College.


According to ACC investigations, Shears Moses gave unfair advantage to a female student by helping her pass her Law Degree, despite the student failing to submit her dissertation for the examination.

Evidence also shows that Shears Moses inflated the examination mark of another female student to enable the student pass her law exam.

Justice Miatta Samba, ruled that Emmanuel Shears Moses must be jailed, if he fails to pay a fine of Le60,000,000. This is what the ACC said yesterday:


  1. Thank you very much for your action Mr. Thomas. A friend of mine just called me to say that there is a comment that his son can’t understand. I then checked and saw and read the comment he was talking about. He then told me that he was happy with the way the matter was handled. First of all by allowing the comment to be published and secondly the warning.

    He further said that his son and his friends love to read the comments on this forum because it helps them with their essays. So, it is vital that all of us on this forum try not to be discourteous with one another because; it is not only adults reading what we write, but children also. We must try very hard to write as simple as possible for them to understand. I never knew that our comments are helping children with their school work.

    I then replied to him jokingly, that may be Aya is using pre-historic English. I further said that if you have a lot of children, there are chances that you get some mad ones. I hope Aya will not think I am referring to him. It was just a joke I was making with my friend.

    Again, thank you very much Mr. Thomas for your action.

  2. Re without prejudice or malicious intentions adhere to strict constitutional legislative mandatory duties incoherent to transparency accountability abhor to responsibilities levied upon an executive within the confinement of a self determination sovereign state enacted as Sierra Leone.

    Adhere to the named alleged sacrosanct but for head of The post School of Law in Sierra Leone, I/we plea a pivotal investigation leverage in the accreditation grades achieved by each student in his era as the head of Law in the Athens of West Africa Sierra Leone.

    Thus a prudent non arbitrary responsibility levied in a good faith intention upholding upon reasonableness.

    I/we employ herein applicable to all reasonable patriotic hands on deck forbearance to innovation in our new era direction Sierra Leone.

    Trespassers liability.

  3. Good one. Heat the metal whilst it is hot. Don’t wait till the government changes to start another COI. Amazing that our women in power and positions are showing that they are capable of doing anything just like their male counterparts. They say that women are soft hearted. But that is not the case with Justice Miatta Samba. If you go against the law and come in front of her in her court, be sure you will have no mercy.

    Well done Justice Miatta Samba. We love seeing our women display such responsibility and dedication to duty. Unfortunately, Justice Miatta Samba’s picture was not shown. No problem, may be in the future.

    It was Mayor AKI SAWYER and now Justice Miatta Samba. I hope many other women will follow.

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