Sierra Leone Inspector General of Police must step down

Umaru Koroma – SLPP National Secretary General

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 November 2017

The SLPP is profoundly astounded by statements made by the Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) Mr. Francis Munu, on the “Gud Mornin Salone” programme aired on Radio Democracy 98.1 FM, Monday, November 13, 2017, in which he referred to the leadership and general membership of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) as “idlers”.

The description by the Inspector General of Police of the decision by the SLPP to accompany our National Publicity Secretary to the Criminal Investigation Department  (CID) as “idle activity” was not only extremely discourteous but it also put the office of the Inspector General of Police into disrepute.

The office of the Inspector General of Police ought to be apolitical and any public statement by the holder of that office should be responsibly devoid of demeaning the leadership and general membership of any political party.

We need not remind the Inspector General of Police that it is the duty of a responsible Political Party to accord solidarity to its National Officer especially in a circumstance where the allegations levied against him are politically motivated.

Therefore, the repeated disparaging comments by the Inspector General of Police referring to such show of solidarity as “idle activity” was reckless and impetuous.

If the Inspector General, Mr Francis Munu can call our leadership and general membership as “idlers” on national radio, what is stopping him from giving private instructions to his officers to run riot on our members at the slightest impulse?

Also, with the current police investigation into the recent attacks on our Party headquarters and members by OSD officers, we do not have confidence in the leadership of Mr Francis Munu that the investigation will hold to account all those OSD officers who fired tear gas canisters at our party headquarters resulting in damage to our building and severe injuries of our members.

We have always insisted that as the Political Party which has invested more than any other to bring peace and stability to this nation, we can settle for nothing less than an independent, impartial and professional Police Force that will command the respect and support of all the players as we approach the March 2018 elections.

The reckless outburst of I.G. Munu does not repose much confidence in the SLPP that the Sierra Leone Police under his leadership can be independent, impartial or professional in this election climate.

We therefore call on Mr. Francis Munu to step down from the position of Inspector General effective immediately.

The decision by the SLPP calling for the Inspector General to step down is to give the Sierra Leone Police the opportunity to regain public trust and confidence in the discharge of their responsibility with a new leadership.

The general public and the international community should be in no doubt that as the main opposition party our resolve is unwavering until Mr Francis Munu steps down from the position of Inspector General of Police.

About the author

Umaru Koroma is the National Secretary General of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s party (SLPP)


  1. The Inspector-General’s use of the word “idlers” in that context was flippant. I think the British Government, through DFID, should organise a refresher course in English for the Inspector General and some of his assistants. Actually DFID does run an English course for police personnel through the British Council in Sierra Leone, but only for junior officers. I would suggest that DFID up the level of the beneficiaries for the course.

  2. I believe he must be held accountable for the lives that have been lost during the youths demonstration in Kabala and the students demonstration at the Njala University College.

    The international community must make sure that no leader gets away with murder. He reminds me of the late Bambay kamara who was also an instrument of the Momoh government; and both of them used as weapons of mass destruction by the APC government.

  3. The Inspector General’s statement was a deliberate disregard of the rule of law. The call for his dimission is justifiable. Moreover, as civil servant he should remain nutral to party politics and not to take sides with one party.


    Where is Munu fit to serve if he steps down? Have you had time to find out how he runs his very home, if ever he has one?

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