Sierra Leone iron ore mining is boosted by Sierra Leone Mining Company

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 February 2019:

Sierra Leone Mining Company Ltd., is taking the lead in a new phase of mining explosion in Sierra Leone at the Marampa iron ore mines, where the country’s speaker of parliament – Dr Abass Bundu, paid a visit to gain first-hand experience of the company’s activities.

Dr Abass Bundu praised Sierra Leone Mining Company for their huge investment in resuming mining operations at the Marampa iron ore site.

He said that the resumption of iron ore mining at the site will boost the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), government revenue and employment opportunities.

You can watch the Speaker of parliament speaking here:


  1. How about attracting investors to build a steel manufacturing enterprise in Sierra Leone using this existing Iron Ore? They will come if “AGENTS” cease firstly demanding bribes before contracts are concluded; and secondly, percentages of mined in agreed foreign currencies – these are some of the deniable facts which deter investors, and need to be aired.

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