Sierra Leone is eligible for $38 Million Global Partnership for Education Fund

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 September 2021:

President Julius Maada Bio was yesterday informed by Executive Director Alice Albright and senior leadership team of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) that Sierra Leone is now eligible to receive over $38 Million funding in support of the government’s education promotion agenda.

“It is my pleasure to inform you, Mr. President, that Sierra Leone is now eligible for a $22.47 million System Transformation Grant, up to $15 million Multiplier Grant, and a $2.6 million System Capacity Grant,” Ms. Albright told the president.

She thanked the President for his speech at the United Nations General Assembly that extensively advocated for the rights of sexual violence survivors and formally disclosed Sierra Leone’s eligibility for the GPE System Transformation Grant.

Sierra Leone’s leadership in increasing domestic financing for education, using data and evidence for decision making with a gender responsive planning and sector coordination were highlighted by the GPE Executive Director as some of the factors that made the country stand out among others.

President Bio thanked the GPE for an excellent partnership with Sierra Leone through the existing Education Sector Implementation Grant, the Education Sector Plan Development Grant and the COVID-19 Emergency Response Grant.

Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, Dr Moinina David Sengeh, who also serves as a member on the board of GPE, expressed the commitment of his ministry to work in partnership with GPE to implement the projects and improve learning outcomes for children in Sierra Leone.

GPE is the largest global fund solely dedicated to transforming education in lower-income countries, and a unique, multi-stakeholder partnership that work to deliver quality education so that every girl and boy can have hope, opportunity and agency.


  1. We thank you Mr. President at least your administration trying and taking all efforts to kill illiteracy in our beloved country. If you travel around the other west African states, Nigeria, Ghana etc, you will find the country’s level of education, the perfection is right there. I have been observing the past decade experience of the years and previous administrations, from primary schools on to the sec. schools. We, our kids used to sent home for the late payment of our school fees, but this President H.E. Rtd, Brig, Dr. J.M.B. has created something different for us in the country called Free Quality Education” FQE”. Now the schools principals receiving all fees from the gov’t, without penny coming out of our pockets, we grateful for that and thank you Mr. President.
    I believed before the end of your second term in 2028, we will almost get rid of more percentages % of illiteracy. May protects my country.

  2. Wow Bio Government you get another Good luck you confused the west with your big lies I am really sorry for our beloved Sierra Leonean populations with useless government,

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